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YA Onscreen: All The SDCC News You Can Use!


YA Onscreen: All The SDCC News You Can Use!

Welcome back to YA Onscreen, to where I have returned from the wilds of San Diego Comic-Con with LOTS of scoop for you. Let's hop to! 

Specifically relevant to FYA interests: 

I saw Greg Berlanti's Riverdale pilot and went BANANAS for it. Here's my review, in which I point out all of the Dawson's Creek (meets Twin Peaks) similarities and FYA commenter Nicola shared this AMAZING infographic from a 1998 TV Guide:

The Supernatural panel is always my favorite part of SDCC every year, and here are the best jokes (and a little bit of news) from this year's panel. 

We've got a Series 4 trailer and some scoopy hints from the Sherlock panel. 

Here's the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and here's the poster.

Read a wrap-up of The 100 panel, including a teaser for Season 4

Teen Wolf will end with its 100th episode this upcoming sixth season, and more from the panel

Kristen Bell's new sitcom, from the makers of Parks and Recreation, looks great

And finally, the children's book within The Dark Tower series, Charlie the Choo-Choo, was a VERY exclusive giveaway at SDCC, and I got my hands on a copy and took pictures of every page for BMD.

And a bunch of superhero stuff


Oliver's getting three new sidekicks in Arrow Season 5. See the trailer

The footage from The Flash Season 3 is aaaawesome. Get ready for Flashpoint, y'all!

Legends of Tomorrow announced which members of the Justice Society of America we're getting in Season 2, as well as a new Legion of Doom. 

Supergirl didn't give us much S2 info, but it was a sweet panel

DC Movies - 

This Lego Batman footage is hilarious.

First official look at the Justice League, and first Justice League trailer, which is pretty good!

Here's a Wonder Woman poster and a Wonder Woman trailer, and both are excellent.

The SDCC Suicide Squad footage is now online.

Marvel TV - 

Luke Cage looks fantastic. A write-up of the footage that isn't online and the brilliant and inspiring panel, and a look at the first trailer.

Here's the first Iron Fist teaser.

See the logo and teaser for The Defenders.

And Daredevil has been picked up by Netflix for Season 3. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe - 

Brie Larson is officially Captain Marvel.

Kurt Russell will play Ego, the living planet and Star Lord's dad, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and here's a look at his costume.

Looks like Lupita Nyong'o will play a villain in Black Panther.

Spider-Man: Homecoming revealed Vulture and a Freaks and Geeks-style high school scene. Into it!!!

Here's a new trailer for Doctor Strange.

Take a look at Hulk's armor in Thor: Ragnarok.

Get a load of powerful mutant Dan Stevens in the first Legion trailer.


There's even MORE over at BMD, so if you want to soak up every second of nerd kingdom that you possibly can, go HERE

That's it for this week! Give us your thoughts downstairs. 

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