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#YASummerShowdown 2016, Book 3: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

They wanna read the very best, like no one ever has...

#YASummerShowdown 2016, Book 3: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

PreviouslyHistory Has Its Eyes on YA

Geodudes and gals, the end of Showdown 2016 is nearing as I Raichu. With one last week of Chanseys remaining, which team will Raticate the competition to be this year's Staryu? (Yes, this is by far the dorkiest, punniest thing I've ever written. Can you Diglett?)

Puzzle 3: The Old School One

For Puzzle 3, teams racked their brains over old-school decryption. This one was a toughie, with the speediest -- and only --  solvers being KCFYA, LONFYA, and SFFYA. (Check here to see if you're correct!)

Artifact Hunt

This year, the artifact hunt spans the entire duration of Showdown gameplay, with new items added at the start of each Book. Here's a look at the Book 3 items and submissions!

•  Build a custom ice cream combo in honour of a YA character. (#sundae ya)



•  Catch a Pokémon on top of a YA book. Alternatively, craft a Pokémon and 'catch' it in the YA section of a local bookstore. (#pokYAmon go)



•  Craft YA-themed bookends. (#bookends ya 2016)


•  Retell a YA book as a Snapstory. (#fya snapstory)



•  Write a letter with a woke YA recommendation to your YA self. (#woke ya)

You’re going to love Bronx Masquerade because it’s going to help you see how great you have it, but also help you appreciate where other people come from.

-- From CLTFYA's recommendation of Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes

•  Create an interactive experience à la Rocky Horror Live for a YA book. (#interactive ya)


•  Record a podcast about a YA world. (#podcast ya)


OAKFYA, "Barb's Boocast"

FYAON, "Welcome to Watford"

Check out the rest of the artifact hunt submissions here!

Photo Hunt Highlights

Photo hunt bonuses were applied for submissions featuring low-key cosplay. Check out all of the Book 3 photo hunt submissions here!

PGHFYA wonders, Are You Seeing Me?

PGHFYA goes looking for The Awesome.

LONFYA's Casquette Girls: the next great British sensation?

CLTFYA, is The Devil You Know friends with Dr. Horrible?

KCFYA got ready for this photo First & Then it stopped raining. (No, really.)

AVLFYA is on the Front Lines.


LRFYA pits their Girl Against the Universe.

The Girl of Ink & Stars has been found in LONFYA.

Meet PGHFYA's Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend.

LRFYA met up for Love & Gelato.

SFFYA has Newt's Emerald.


Can LRFYA Outrun the Moon?


OAKFYA chooses a side in Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

Who knew that KCMOFYA had a Sword?

KCFYA discovers The Trouble In Me.

LONFYA is Tumbling.

FYAON learns that We Are All Made of Molecules.

FYAON measures The Weight of Feathers.

LONFYA literally and literarily interprets When We Collided.

FYAON is travelling to Worlds of Ink and Shadow.

Scoreboard Update

Entering the final week of Showdown 2016, SFFYA remains in the lead, with LRFYA and LONFYA rounding out the top three. But no lead is insurmountable with 100 #2016 ya melee bonus points (and maybe more...) yet to be awarded. Check the scoreboard for the full standings!

Epilogue Preview

Say it ain't so -- Showdown's almost over?! But fear not! As we go on, we remember all the times we had together. And as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever.

See y'all back here on Monday, August 8th to dish over the Epilogue and wrap up Showdown 2016!

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