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The SUPERNATURAL Rewatch Project: Crushes

Sam loves Amelia, Dean loves Benny. Can the Winchesters find happiness apart?

The SUPERNATURAL Rewatch Project: Crushes

The Road So Far

Welcome back to the rewatch, superfans! This week brings us a pair of Benny and Amelia-heavy episodes and all the angst you’ve come to expect from our dangerous, yet sensitive hunting duo.


Take a drink every time:

•  There’s a corpse

•  A demon possesses/de-possesses and/or makes a deal with some hapless schmuck

•  Someone on the show takes a drink

•  Dean crams his face full of junk food

•  Anyone is tied up

•  Either brother picks a lock

•  Someone employs a Titan of Classic Rock as an alias

•  The Glorious and Faithful Impala is damaged in the line of duty

8x9: Citizen Fang

Monster of the Week: Vampires and crazed hunters

Remember Crazy Martin, the ex hunter the boys helped out in Season 5? He’s out on the streets and keeping an eye on Benny at Sam’s request. When exsanguinated bodies start turning up Benny’s hometown (where he’s settled), he calls in the Winchesters. Dean insists on some time to investigate on his own, much to Martin’s annoyance.

Benny tells Dean an old acquaintance named Desmond is behind the murders, leaving bodies in an effort to force Benny to join his nest. Benny won’t leave town because he’s got a sweet job working at his great-granddaughter Elizabeth’s diner and he finally feels like he’s home.

When Dean reports back, Martin knocks him out so he and Sam can go after Benny. Betrayals continue as Sam gets a text from Amelia and runs off with the car, leaving Martin stranded in the woods. Benny and Dean team, tracking and decapitating Desmond. Dean advises his vampiric friend to blow town before Martin sends all the other hunters looking for him.

Unfortunately though Benny takes that advice, Martin holds Elizabeth hostage to get him to come back. Benny gives himself up! But as Martin comes at him with a knife, Benny uses that vampire speed to take the hunter down. Dean returns to the diner to find Elizabeth shaking and covered in blood and Martin dead. Sam only listens long enough to hear that Benny killed Martin and sets off on a revenge quest! Or he would have, except for the fact that Amelia shows up at the bar where he’s been drowning his sorrows.

The Angst of it All: Sam, miffed about Dean’s friend crush on Benny, spends the episode having more Amelia flashbacks, remembering the time when her dead husband, Don, turned out to be alive, but he asked her to give their three month relationship a shot anyways. Don approaches Sam and they make a pact that whoever Amelia picks, the other will bow out gracefully. He tells her he’s leaving first and she doesn’t really try to stop him.

This makes it all the more painful when he peeps through Amelia’s window and sees her and Don snuggled up on the couch. The text he got from Amelia was faked by Dean.

Drink Count: 11 for corpses, drinks, people tied up, and junk food.

The Quotable Winchesters: “I’ll take a raincheck on that pie.” –Dean

Most GIF-able moment:

Caught in a bad bromance.

Notable Cameos:

Paul Campbell of Battlestar Galactica plays Don.



8x10: Torn and Frayed

Monster of the Week: Demons and angels

Naomi sends Cas to rescue sweet Samandriel from Crowley’s clutches. He recruits Dean to help locate him by the trail of literal burning bushes (lit by Samandriel’s exquisite angelic suffering). They find the warehouse where the angel’s being held. Cas wants to call in Sam for backup, but Dean’s got a better idea: Kevin. He wants to know how to recreate that demon bomb.

As Cas pops off to get the esoteric ingredients, Benny calls Dean to apologize for Martin and also to say he’s having some problems not drinking human blood. Kevin’s having problems of his own, looking wan and sleepless and focusing entirely on his tablet, even going so far as to send away the fabulous Linda Tran for being too distracting. How dare you, sir?

Cas returns with the ingredients and Sam, telling the Winchesters to “stow their crap” and focus on the job. Aw, everybody wants to be Bobby. Meanwhile, the demons have drilled into Samandriel’s brain and found his “operating system.” By the time Cas the Winchesters bust their way into the hideout, Crowley’s recovered something from Samandriel’s brain—an “Angel” tablet also exists.

As the action climaxes, Cas begins to remember the operative condition Naomi’s instilled in him. He blips Samandriel out of danger and tells him he’ll take him back to Heaven. Samandriel doesn’t want to go and says Heaven will kill him for the information he’s given up. At the same time, Naomi’s ordering him to finish the other angel off. He does it without knowing why and is incredibly troubled and also, bleeding from the eyeballs. Eesh.

The Angst of it All: Sam is super pissed about the fake Amelia text thing and tells Dean that until he’s done with Benny, Sam’s done with him. Also, he’s still got to deal with Amelia, who demands answers. He gives her something else instead, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, darlings. She tells him she still loves him, but unless he’s back for good, he needs to let her be. He needs time to think, and she gives him an Affair To Remember-style appointment in two days, except instead of at the top of the Empire State Building, they will meet in a crappy motel room.

Dean tells Sam to go after Amelia or decide once and for all not to. It’s impossible to live any other way. Then he takes his own advice and calls Benny and tells him they can’t be bros anymore.

Amelia shows up to an empty motel room, hopefully putting an end to the angst for awhile.

Drink Count: 11 for drinks and corpses.

The Quotable Winchesters: “What on earth could you possibly need now, Viggo? I've given you every torture instrument known to man—short of a Neil Diamond album.” -Crowley

Most GIF-able moment:

Dean already has a vampire boyfriend, and besides, no one likes an Edward, Cas.

Notable Cameos: None

Next Week: The boys LARP with Charlie!

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