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Open Thread: September 2-5

Happy long weekend to our American readers! Let's talk about the future of YA.

Open Thread: September 2-5

We're enjoying an upswing of fantastic YA books by a variety of diverse authors these days, but will it last forever? With every pretentious piece agonizing over how YA is The Death of Literature, I do wonder if  the YA boom will continue as it has since Twilight came on the scene. Right now, it's still an extremely lucrative market; do you foresee it being less lucrative anytime soon?

Let's chat about your predictions for the market. Do you think we're going to have another massively popular franchise along the lines of Twilight and the Hunger Games? Which trends do you see dominating YA in the next few years? Which do you think will be The Next Big Movie Franchise?

As always, feel free to chat about anything else you want! 

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