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Disqus Tips & Tricks

Learn how to post a comment, use spoiler tags, see the top commenters, subscribe to comments via email, and more.

Disqus Tips & Tricks

Way back in 2012 (seriously, how was that four years ago?) Meghan wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of our commenting system, Disqus. As Disqus has gone through changes since that post was created, we thought it was time to update our tips and tricks.


Leave a comment

When you scroll down to the bottom of any post on our site, you’ll see a box that looks like this:

To leave a comment, you just need to type in the “Start the discussion” box.

If you have a Disqus account already, you can log in by clicking one of the options under “Log in with” before you leave your comment to make sure the comment gets attributed correctly.

If you want to leave a comment as a guest (i.e., without a Disqus account or without logging in), click the box under “Or sign up with Disqus.” At this point, you can sign up for a Disqus account, or click the box next to “I’d rather post as a guest,” then the arrow button, to leave a comment as a guest.

Add an image to your comment

Although you can drag and drop images into the Disqus comment box, the service actually works better if you use links to images/GIFs/video instead.

To add an image/GIF/video to your comment, just paste a link into the comment box.

After the image/GIF/video loads in the “media attachment” section at the bottom of the box, you’re safe to post. Your image/GIF/video replaces the link. (You might need to reload the page to see the image/GIF/video load.)

Reply to someone else’s comment

If you want to start a comment convo with someone, or join one that’s already in progress, click Reply under a comment and add your two cents.

Use tags in your comment

You can add HTML code to your comments to change the formatting, quote something, or even … POST A SPOILER.

After you click post, your comment looks like this:

Hover over the grey box at the bottom to show the spoiler.

Edit a comment

Click Edit under a comment that you need to add to or correct, then click Save Edit when you’re done.

Vote Up or Down

To show your support for a comment without leaving a comment of your own, you can upvote it. Click the little up arrow below the comment to “vote up.” (Alternatively, the down arrow can be used to “vote down” a comment, but we ask that you use this sparingly—it’s one of those “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all situations.)


By default, if you’re signed in with your Disqus account when you post a comment, you’ll receive an email if someone replies to you. If you want to get emails of the entire thread, click Subscribe at the bottom of the comment area to turn on emails for every subsequent comment posted.


You can share single comments or entire comment threads. To share a single comment, click Share under the comment, then choose how you want to share (on Twitter, Facebook, or via embedding).

To share an entire thread, click Share at the top of the thread, then choose how you want to share (on Twitter or Facebook).

What else can I do?

Click Recommend to show your support for a post, anonymously.

Click your name in the upper-right corner of the Disqus area for options:
- Your Profile opens a window on the right side of the screen showing your recent comments.
- Display Media shows the media in comments; Hide Media hides the media (natch).
- Edit Settings opens your account settings at the Disqus website, where you can edit your profile (change your name, add an avatar image, etc.), change your email notification settings, connect your social media accounts to your Disqus, and more.

(You likely won’t see the option to Close Thread; as a mod, I have a few more options than general commenters.)

Click “Sort by Oldest” to change the way all comments in a thread are sorted. “Best” shows you to the comments in order of most upvoted to least; “Newest” orders the comments from most recent to oldest; “Oldest” orders the comments from oldest to most recent.

Click Forever Young Adult at the top of the Disqus area to open a sidebar where you can see the FYA posts most recently commented on (Latest Discussions) and the chattiest people on the site (Top Commenters). You’ll notice that the top commenters are currently all FYA writers … we’d love to see one of you bump us off the list!

Mod Notes

We strongly believe in open and respectful conversation in the comments, but do reserve the right to delete and/or edit comments if anyone goes over the line. Going over the line includes, but is not limited to, attacking an author of a post or a fellow commenter, leaving an inappropriately rude or violent comment, and generally being an asshole just for fun. We also delete spammy comments (when they get through the spam filters).

Have any questions about using Disqus or commenting on FYA that isn’t covered above? Leave a comment (heh) and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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