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ReMade 1x01: Shadows And Dreams

Dive in to the first episode of ReMade, the new YA series from Serial Box Publishing.

ReMade 1x01: Shadows And Dreams

Earlier this month, I posted about serial fiction publishers Serial Box and their first foray into the YA realm with ReMade. Thanks to those of you who left comments and expressed interest in a weekly recap, we decided to give it a try! Check back Thursdays each week to discuss each new episode.

This Week on ReMade

Episode written by Matthew Cody

Holden Black, after getting in a car crash with his (unrequited) love interest Seyah Jackson on their way to a party after a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, wakes up in a strange room, seemingly alone. If that wasn’t disorientating enough, Holden soon realizes that he’s, 1. not alone—Seyah’s there, too, and a strange woman named Umta—and, 2. they’re on some sort of space station, high above Earth. Oh, and they’re being hunted by mechanical “caretakers” who see them as a threat.

When Holden, Seyah and Umta do get off the station, by way of a freaking space elevator and by the proverbial skin of their teeth, they find themselves on a changed Earth. Umta leads them to find “the others”,* and everyone’s left with more questions than answers.

*No, not those Others. At least, I think ...

Moments of WHUT

- So Holden and Seyah died?


- RIP, Thomas. We barely knew ye.

Best of the 23

I’m really liking Holden so far. Not only is he willing to dress up as a faerie to get close to a girl, but he keeps a decently cool head when faced with a whole lot of WTFfery. Of course, he might be in shock, but it comes off as pretty impressive regardless.

Burning Questions

- Exactly how much time has passed since Holden and Seyah got in that accident?

- Related: How long has Umta been on the station? And what, exactly, is she? (I’m leaning toward Neanderthal, which opens a whole other line of questions.)

- ReMade’s synopsis says that the 23 teenagers are “humanity’s last hope for survival.” How are a ragtag bunch of out-of-time kids going to save the world, especially when it seems like something drastic has already happened to the planet?

- Any predictions for what’s going to happen over the course of the whole series? (The crazier the better!)


Next on ReMade: Hungry.

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