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ReMade 1x03: Home, Perilous Home

Giant animals, poisonous plants, and teenage angst, oh my!

ReMade 1x03: Home, Perilous Home

Previously: May struggles with having life-threatening food allergies while being in an unfamiliar place; the kids snap the space elevator’s cable and decide to set up a more permanent camp.

This Week on ReMade

While the kids continue to set up a settlement and make the best of the situation, Nevaeh thinks back on her life, and the years of deterioration she was forced to endure at the hands of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She’s so glad to be alive and healthy that she doesn’t realize that she’s possibly taking on too much.

Nevaeh uses her from-life experience with foraging to teach some of the kids how to put together a decent salad. But when someone brings back something that looks a lot like poisonous Hemlock, Nevaeh realizes that it’s going to take a bit more education to avoid things that could kill them. So Nevaeh, May and Seyah go to mark any Hemlock they find. The girls’ work is cut short, however, when they hear a scream, and they race to find that Cole has fallen out of a tree and broken his leg. (Really, it was only a matter of time.) Thankfully, Nevaeh also has some nursing skills, so he’s OK … for the moment.

Moments of WHUT

- Cole has a son?

- This place has rabbits as big as medium-sized dogs?

- Phallic flowers!

Best of the 23

I love how happy Nevaeh is with just being alive; it’s refreshing when the others we’ve met so far either don’t believe they died or are too preoccupied with their current situation to realize what a gift they’ve been given. And her willingness to help—even if it’s sometimes a little too much—is something every camp full of teens and tweens who have no idea what’s going on needs. She’s definitely the mama bear of the lot.

Burning Questions

- This is the second episode in which someone’s wanted to play Ticket to Ride. Is this just a coincidence—I mean, I love the game, too—or is there something more at play (pun intended) here?

- How wonderful was Nevaeh’s dad? (Not exactly a burning question considering the answer is an obvious “so wonderful,” but …)

- We all agree that they’re in the future, right?

- Why are the animals so large?

- Nevaeh’s the camp nurse, Jing-Wei’s the “maker,” Hyrum’s the boy scout. Do you think all of the 23 have special talents?

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