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CW Premieres: Cliffhangers and Predictions

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CW Premieres: Cliffhangers and Predictions

It's finally October! You know what that means—CW's fall premieres!

The Flash and Arrow return this week (tonight and tomorrow night, respectively); the rest trickle out over the following two weeks. (Newcomers No Tomorrow and Frequency also premiere this week, each following the DC offering. See their pilot posts for more.)

Obviously your FYA recappers have spent all summer Beautiful Mind-bingeing our respective previous seasons: studying last year's key plot points; murder boarding the finales' cliffhangers; memorizing every curve and shadow in our favorite leads', erm, faces. That's just a given. But just in case y'all haven't been doing the same—or in case any of you are new fans to shows you binged so fast over the summer you barely remember what a Grant Gustin even is—we've put together some quick notes for each of the shows FYA covers to catch you up, along with our recappers' best predictions for what our new seasons will bring.

The Flash (Tuesday, October 4)

Recapper: Amanda R.


1.) Zoom is egotistical AF so he challenged Barry to a race to prove that he's the fastest speedster in the multiverse...which he plans on then destroying using stolen Mercury Labs tech, leaving only Earth-1 intact.

2.) Zoom murdered Barry's dad, Henry. (See above for further evidence that Zoom is The Worst.)

3.) The Multiverse Police, aka The Dementors, came after Zoom, saving Barry from having to murder him to avenge Henry.

4.) Tons of character development was swept aside when Barry, in his grief, decided to go back in time and keep Reverse Flash from killing his mother. RIPPLE EFFECT.

5.) Jessie and Harry decided to return to Earth-2.

6.) Iris told Barry that she'll wait for him. (GIRL. You might want to get a Big Book of Crosswords because you are going to be waiting a WHILE.)

7.) The Man in the Iron Mask was revealed, and it's Jay Garrick from Earth-3, who is a doppelganger of Henry Allen…!


1.) Lots of shenanigans with other heroes! Yay for crossovers! Barry and Kara are the best besties that ever did best.

2.) Barry's time travel/saving his mother is going to have a LOT of repercussions. He and Iris are probably going to go back to square one (SIGH), and he's no longer going to be a speedster.

3.) I wonder what this means for Ronnie and Caitlyn. Did Ronnie still die in the particle accelerator explosion? (Probably, but I just want something to go right for that girl!)

4.) Cisco is going to be Central City's smarter, funnier version of Trump.


5.) Wally West is going to snuggle his way in to all of our hearts.

6.) Barry and Joe West aren't going to have a father/son relationship anymore and, NO, I am not handling this well.

7.) Killer Shark gets his own spinoff. (What? Greg Berlanti doesn't sleep anyways, get that shark-man his own animated CW Seed show!)

Arrow (Wednesday, October 5)

Recapper: Kandis


By the end of the season, Team Arrow had nearly been crushed by Damien Dahrk. Laurel was murdered, Diggle was forced to kill his Ghost brother, Curtis was injured, and Felicity's awesome apartment was totaled. Also, they were on the brink of nuclear war, with a missile headed for Star City, and rioting in the streets. But Oliver finally finds the courage (courtesy of Curtis) to out himself as the Green Arrow in broad daylight, in an effort to give the city hope. It doesn't hurt that Felicity is off disarming missiles, while he incites the city into a street brawl, to defend itself against Dahrk and his Ghosts. After defeating Dahrk,and narrowly avoiding Armageddon, Team Arrow scatters to the winds. Quentin leaves town with Donna, Thea heads off for some me time, and Diggle re-enlists in the army. Oliver stays in Star City, being sworn in as interim mayor (the other ones keep dying). Felicity remains by his side, knowing he's completely helpless without her.


1.) FEWER FLASHBACKS. They bring the plot to a screeching halt, and they nearly always feature characters we don't know or care about.

2.) I realize Oliver is busy saving the city on the regular, but he needs to put some hardcore work into winning Felicity back. This nonsense has dragged on long enough. Lock it down, or perish, pretty boy.

3.) More Curtis! As big of a fan as I am of Original Team Arrow, Curtis would a fantastic official addition to the team. And considering how the rest of the team has disappeared to find themselves (or been murdered), they could use some new blood.

4.) Quentin and Donna should get married. I'm happy for Charlotte Ross to stay forever, and with Laurel gone, Quentin needs new purpose in life. At least he has experience trying to keep daughters away from Oliver Queen.

5.) All the crossovers! The Flash crossover episodes are generally pretty fun. The less said about Legends of Tomorrow the better. But I really can't wait for Team Arrow to meet Supergirl!

Supergirl (Monday, October 10)

Recapper: Kelly


The Big Bad Myriad (hey, that rhymes) was defeated, but just as Supergirl finally had a moment to breathe a sigh of relief, something mysterious fell from the sky. It looks exactly like the pod that brought Kara to Earth. What—or who—could be inside? Is it also from Krypton? And what of Alex Danvers’ mission to find out what really happened to her father?


1.) CROSSOVERS. We already know that a huge crossover between The CW’s four super shows is in the works. Any time Barry and Kara get together, I’m grabbing a carton of ice cream and settling in happily on the sofa.

2.) CLARK. KENT. Not really a prediction because Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) has been all over the Supergirl promotions, but I want to see more more more of that slightly goofy Clark Kent.

3.) Kara and James are going to take their relationship to the next level—if no more villains get in the way.

4.) We’ll be seeing less of Cat Grant. This is a bummer and happened only because of moving the crew to Vancouver from L.A., but here’s hoping that a similarly strong character fills in the gaping hole she’ll leave.

5.) Baddies that draw deeper from the wealth of DC Comics should be making an appearance. Now that the shows are all on The CW, hopefully Supergirl will face villains metahuman and mystical (not just alien) thanks to the universes of The Flash and Arrow.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Thursday, October 13)

Recapper: Christy


After a whole season of ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY (a team, that is), we were left with the Legends' decision making on whether to continue their band of misfits. Some lost all, all lost some and we were left with the White Canary, The Atom, Firestorm, Heat Wave, and Rip Hunter (*tear* we miss you already, Captain Cold!). Of course, before they could even board the Waverider, Rex Tyler (Hourman) of the Justice Society shows up to warn them of impending doom…



1.) The Justice Society and Legends will clash, and we will all roll our eyes because obviously they HAVE to work together

2.) The Legends are going to screw up something with Alfred Einstein, as they always manage to do

3.) Damian Darhk is going to get what's coming to him (RIP Laurel) in the form of a pretty PO'd Canary


5.) Journeys to Earth-2 so we can get some more steampunk Barry, mmm.

6.) Ray Palmer is going to finally find love (Felicity is available...)

7.) All these open spots on the show call for Constantine to team up. We need a magic entity!

Supernatural (Thursday, October 13)

Amanda K. is killing it over at the rewatch project (there's a drinking game!), but we figured enough of you are current with the show that Alexis is taking the silver bullet to weigh in as Season Bajillion looms…


The boys were separated in the midst of their fight to save God/stop Amara from destroying all of being itself, and surprise! They totally managed to save all of reality (again). To thank them for their trouble, Amara and God flung Mama Winchester forward in time to land at Dean's feet; Sam, meanwhile, was shot in the chest by a mysterious British Lady of Letters. Dun dun DUNNNNNN.


I have just one of each.

Wish: That literally just ONE lady would get a regular role and not just be trotted out for special occasions and/or written out of the storyline at the end of a specific arc and/or brutally killed off and not immediately saved.

Prediction: Mama Winchester will only last the season.

Jane the Virgin (Monday, October 17)

Recapper: Alexis


The one most people will remember/have been worrying about all summer is obviously whether or not Michael survived being shot in the chest on his wedding night by his ex-partner/ex-stepmother-in-disguise. BUT DO NOT FORGET that we were also left wondering what supercrime Rose is up to now that she's killed off Raf's crimelord mother; how in the world Petra will escape from the medically-induced coma her twin sister Anezka forced her into in order to take over Petra's life (and Raf's bed!); how Xiomara will handle her surprise pregnancy with Rogelio's novela-nemesis, Esteban; and, of course, whether or not the titular Jane will ever—ever—have sex.




In reverse order:

1.) Jane will definitely have sex, and soon. With whom??? Mmm, I'm historically a member of #TeamRaf (tbh, #TeamTrustJane), but I suspect it will be Michael.

2.) Xo will stand by the decision she made re: any future pregnancy with Rogelio and will terminate, which will be handled with deft, compassionate genius by the show (this is both prediction based on how she/the show works, and my own personal strong wish).

3.) It will be some subtle change in behavior towards *Jane* that gives Anezka's game away, and Jane will dive into investigating her suspicions as a way to distract from Michael's condition.

4.) Rose is definitely going to take over the world.

5.) Michael will be in a true coma, but will eventually pull through. (And he and Petra will be in the same hospital, giving Jane extra time/occasion to investigate Petra's deal).

6.) (Bonus) Rogelio's new hit telenovela Tiago Through Time will see him travel to Egypt to rescue baby Moses (played by Mateo) from his reed basket, prompting him to realize that there are more ways for him to have a baby and keep Xiomara in his life than marrying her (single parenting diva FTW!)…

The Vampire Diaries (Friday, October 21)

Recapper: Amanda R.


1.) Damon broke The Hunter's Curse, freeing Bonnie from wanting to kill vampires, including her beloved Enzo.

2.) Alaric finally accepted that Caroline is not in love with him. He was a total gentleman about it, reassuring her that the pair of them and their twin girls will always be a family regardless.

3.) Damon was dumb enough to be lured into The Vault by a voice that sounded like Elena's but was actually The Great Evil tricking him. When he didn't come out, Enzo went in to find him. Bonnie Bennett continues to have the worst luck of anyone on this show by losing her bestie AND her man AGAIN.

4.) Damon and Enzo ended up NOT in The Vault anymore. They're on the road, killing innocents and slinging them from meat hooks.


FINAL SEASON! I'm glad that this show is going out on a high note rather than try to convince us for another five years that Ian Somerhalder isn't aging.

1.) Elena will come back. (Honestly, I don't have strong feelings toward this one way or the other; this last Elena'less season was pretty great.) If this means that Bonnie has to die, I am not ok with that. We need a loophole!

2.) Tyler is coming back, hopefully to die.

3.) Bonnie will lose Enzo, because Bonnie Bennett is The Best and gets treated The Worst.

4.) Some of The Original Family will show up for cameos, PLEASE.

5.) Stefan and Caroline will officially happen.

6.) Mystic Falls: still a post-apocalyptic hell-scape thanks to Julian, or will Caroline Forbes head up the rebuilding committee?

My biggest wish for this season is that we get a sense of FINALITY. I'm ok with a body count, but those left standing need a chance to finally move forward with their lives on their own terms.


So what do YOU most want to see on your fave CW show this season? Grab a coffee from Luke's c/o Stars Hollow (srsly, this Wednesday, grab a free coffee) and hit us up in the comments!

Alexis.'s photo About the Author: Alexis grew up in Wyoming, where she did NOT ride horses to school, but did write her IB extended essay on the youth of heroism in Peter Pan and Stargirl. In spite of this, she was shocked years later to realize how seriously she loved YA lit (blame the snobbery of academia for the blindness). She now lives in Washington DC, where she reads so much YA and MG she built a whole scavenger hunt around it.