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An asteroid is barrelling toward Earth, so a charming twenty-something plans to spend her remaining days doing crazy stuff with a hot guy. Cheers!


Welcome back to our TV Preview series! Emily, Kandis, Mandy and I are checking out the shows featured in our TV Preview: New Friends post, and letting you know what we think you should—and shouldn’t—be watching.

Warning! Possible spoilers ahead.

No Tomorrow

Premiered: Oct. 4 on The CW (Watch online.)

Twitter Pitch

Quirky girl meets hot boy who convinces her the #apocalypse is nigh. Epic bucket listing ensues on #TheCW.

Familiar Faces

Tori Anderson as Evie Callahan

Joshua Sasse as Xavier

Jesse Rath as Timothy

Redeeming Qualities

Kandis: Heeeey there, Joshua Stasse. I would never date someone who wears more accessories than I do, but... WHOA. Tori Anderson really grew on me throughout the episode. "I happen to love lists" is when I was truly sold. The premise is so very silly, but these two are somehow charming enough to make it work. And I really liked how assertive Evie was when Xavier overstepped in a major way.

Rosemary: I love a cute and quirky comedy, and this was definitely cute and quirky. Evie is charming, her coworkers are hilarious, her ex Timothy is a perfectly sympathetic cute nerd, and Xavier is hot but playful, which I dig.

Mandy: I'm pleasantly surprised at how cute this first episode was. Not only was Joshua Sasse absolutely adorable (even while seriously overstepping bounds), but also Evie was a delight (and I super appreciate her organizational skills). The episode soundtrack was fab, too.

It's Not Me, It's You

Kandis: I really hate the whole "holy smokes" thing. And it's a little hard to buy that Evie seems unaware of being super hot. But mostly, I can really see myself tiring of the bucket list premise, and having to see them do some silly stunt item off their list every week, as if people actually live that way. HOW DO YOU PAY RENT, XAVIER?

Rosemary: I feel like a broken record here, but once again, this premise feels more like a movie than a television show, and I'm not sure how long something like this can keep going. And while Xavier was hot, I couldn't help but think he was a *little* batshit, which meant I didn't take him totally seriously as a romantic lead. But probably the biggest turn-off for me was the amount of jewelry he wore. Just. No.

Mandy: I cringe at the eventuality of the asteroid not hitting Earth and Xavier having to find something better to do with his life. I'm also worried that his whole free-spirit, do whatever you want shtick might get old pretty quickly.

Let's Do This Again

Kandis: I'm a sucker for a frothy rom-com, so I could be okay watching this little romance play out. I'm hoping we get some character growth, and get to see Xavier interact with Evie's family and awesome co-workers. If they can sustain the level of fun and funny, then I'm in.

Rosemary: I was sort of in this for the romantic comedy aspect, but I prefer my romance drawn out a bit. When Evie and Xavier hooked up right away, I was disappointed. The rest seems pretty predictable so I probably won't be back.

Mandy: On the whole, I very much enjoyed this show—way more than I expected to. (I wasn't all that intrigued by the premise and/or the trailer.) I think/hope it'll be a good counterbalance to all the heavy shows that have premiered so far this year

Did you watch? If so, tell us what you thought in the comments!

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