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ReMade 1x05: Umta

Listen to your Umta.

ReMade 1x05: Umta

Previously: Loki convinces the 23 to set up a trap for the tiger-like creature that caused Cole to fall out of the tree, and we learn more about what led up to Loki’s death.

This Week on ReMade

As Umta searches for prey on a lone hunt, she thinks about the last time she hunted game—a time that led to her death and the death of her two sons. A time that was very, very long ago.

When she returns to the camp with a razor moose, she’s startled by the lack of birdsong. She tries to get the kids to move camp immediately, but no one listens. It’s not until night falls and a group of caretakers attack, killing a few and wounding more, that the kids realize Umta was right.

Moments of WHUT

- Wait, Umta knows what iridium flares and satellites are?

- Oh, shoot. That metallic cry is definitely not a good thing.

- AGH. The caretakers look like freaky spiders!

- And they killed Wesley!

- And a lot more of the 23, too!!

Best of the 23

Umta’s not the only one a little star-struck by Jing-Wei. Her skills are seriously impressive, and she’s a major asset to the group. Or, at least ... she was. RIP, Jing-Wei.

Burning Questions

- Umta knows a lot more than she’s letting on, huh? What exactly did the caretakers do to her?

- Damn, so those caretakers are brutal. What caused them to go crazy? And why are they on the planet?

- Who among the 23 are still alive?

- And are the ones who died really dead (again)?

Next on ReMade: Reality No-Show.

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Cover design by Liz Casal.

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