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Superhero Sundays: October 17-21

Everyone on Gotham is double crossing while teams are forming across all our other super-shows. Come see who's joining forces, plus all your comic recaps and super news from last week! 

Superhero Sundays: October 17-21

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There's so much excitement this week so let's get this show on the road!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Gotham 3x05: Mad City: Anything for You

Penguin celebrates his win and new career as Mayor of Gotham, but his promise to keep the city safe is quickly undermined by an attack by the Red Hood Gang. Nygma heads to the GCPD to liase—and laugh in the faces of the men and women who sent him to Arkham—and Penguin sends some of Gotham's criminal element after the gang. BUT, it looks like Butch is the actual mastermind.

Bruce goes to visit Jim and asks him to investigate Ivy's disappearance. When they turn to Harvey, he shows them Ivy's ratty sweater and tells them about a construction worker who swears he got rolled by a redhead in her 20s. Ivy later makes contact with Selina, but doesn't reveal herself ... yet.

Barbara and Tabitha track the Red Hood Gang back to their hideout and find Butch leading them. The women threaten to turn him in, but Butch talks them into letting him play hero at the Mayor's victory party. Penguin and Nygma figure out where the gang's hiding and almost ruin Butch's plan, but he makes it there ahead of them and takes them all out before they can reveal Butch's secrets.

At Penguin's party, Nygma reveals to Butch that he knows what Butch was up to; Nygma then tells Butch to kill Penguin or he'll tell him everything (and have Zsasz kill Tabitha). Of course, it's all a ruse. Butch gets arrested (but Tabitha saves him) and Penguin and Nygma share a touching moment back at home.

Also at the party, Bruce tells Selina about his feelings, and after kissing him—and confusing him—she walks away. Elsewhere in Gotham, Jim makes strides in his relationship with Valerie, Captain Barnes gets stronger and more ragey, and Jervis kills a surrogate Alice. (Mandy C.)

Supergirl 2x02: The Last Children of Krypton

Clark is still visiting Kara in National City, and the two crimefighting cousins couldn’t be cuter. But their happy reunion is dampened by the arrived of Metallo, whose Kryptonite heart has devastating effects on the Kryptonians. Supergirl and Superman escape to the DEO. Cadmus, the maker of Metallo, reveals itself to the world by declaring war on all aliens.

Back at work, Kara manages to get herself fired from her new reporter job on her first day. Her new boss isn’t a fan, thinking that she didn’t earn her job, so Kara turns to Cat for help. Cat tells Kara that it’s time for her to stand up for herself, and that she’s going on an indefinite leave of absence. (Nooooo!)

A second Metallo unleashes destruction in Metropolis, and Clark regrets not being there to stop him. Winn and Alex track down the culprit behind the stolen Kryptonite used to create the Metallos, and Alex learns that her father is still alive.

Winn also works on countermeasures for the Kryptonite, and Superman and Supergirl take on the Metallos with the help of Martian Manhunter and Alex. The cyborg baddies are defeated. Supergirl says goodbye to Cat Grant and Superman, finds out James Olsen is taking Cat’s job, and makes her pitch to her new boss with a detailed writeup of the attacks on Metropolis and National City. He tells her to come back tomorrow. (Kelly)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x04: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

Simmons goes to investigate an apartment for she ant Fitz to share (ADORABLE), but finds a severely wounded Daisy instead. Simmons patches her up, and then Daisy "threatens" Simmons into investigating a possible S.H.I.E.L.D leak. They find that someone's accessing S.H.I.E.L.D. intel, and notice that James is next on the Watchdogs' list. Turns out, however, that James is actually working with the Watchdogs, and is happy to see them take out Inhumans.

Coulson visits Robbie's uncle Eli in prison, and questions him about the incident at Momentum Labs. But Eli doesn't want to help, and so sends Coulson on his way. Outside of the prison, Mack and Coulson spot Robbie, and a car chase ensues. Which ends, unfortunately for his car, with a head-on collision with the Quinjet. They imprison Robbie, but Coulson takes a chance that he'll do the right thing. Robbie goes to talk with Eli, and he explains that the scientists at Momentum were creating a Quantum Particle Generator and that Ghost Lady Lucy is looking for "a book."

Radcliffe and AIDA explain to May about her death, and the hopes that doing tests on her will help Radcliffe and Fitz figure out how to save others afflicted with her issue. When Fitz arrives, he freaks out about AIDA, but Radcliffe reassures him that she's merely being tested.

Robbie, Coulson and Mack make their way to the storage building where James is threatening Simmons and Disy, and the two "fire guys" battle it out. Back at the Quinjet, Coulson scolds DAisy and Robbie, and guilts them into working together, and with S.H.I.E.L.D. to find the book, the Darkhold. They head to Radcliffe's to pick up May, and Simmons reveals to Fitz that she knows AIDA's an android ... and that she's got a lot to lie about the following day, when she takes her next mandated lie detector test.

P.S.—Did anyone else find Coulson particularly delightful this episode? So quippy! (Mandy C.)

The Flash 3x03: Magenta

Harry and Jesse are back! And Jesse is finally a speedster! The dark matter took a while to work its magic, but she's zipping around just like our Barry. Poor Wally. He wants to be in The Crew so bad! Harry doesn't want Jesse to be a superhero (shocker), and tries getting Caitlyn to convince her to take it slow. It goes about as well as you would expect, and we get to see Caitlyn put Harry in his place, telling him that if he wants to be a good dad he needs to SUPPORT Jesse, not tell her what to do. Go Caitlyn!

CCPD is dealing with a mysterious injury to a guy who definitely deserved worse. A lamp post bent itself in half, thrust through his living room window, and beat seven shades of shite out of him. (He beats his wife and foster daughter so it was pretty great to see him laid up in the hospital.) Joe West gently interrogates Frankie, the foster daughter, to see what she remembers about the incident, but she insists that she blacked out and has no recollection.

Frankie isn't lying, but she DOES have disassociative personality disorder which turned into meta-powers in Flashpoint, which means that Dr. Alchemy is ALL over that. Her alter-ego is called Magenta, and Magenta will indeed pick up a giant container ship from the harbor to try and squash her abusive foster dad while he's in the hospital. Iris West, Intrepid Girl Reporter, is at the hospital trying to get the truth out of him, so it's Team Flash to the rescue (and because there are loads of innocent people there too, obvs)! Barry needs Jesse's help; she runs in figure-8's to keep the tanker afloat while Barry tries to talk down Magenta/Frankie. Is there anything a pep talk from Team Flash CAN'T do? (Case in point - Joe's talk with Wally about staying the course with college instead of moping about not having super speed. Joe West = The Best.)

Caitlyn finds an amazing, loving foster family for Frankie, and Flash assures her that she's not a villain. Barry finally takes Iris on their very overdue first date and we all get heart-eyes for the pair of them. Jessie and Harry decide to stick around for a while (YAY!), but I'm very worried that Wally is going to seek out Dr. Alchemy to "awaken" his super speed. DON'T DO IT, WALLY! (Amanda R.)

Arrow 5x03: A Matter of Trust

Ragman, aka Rory, has joined the Arrow “b” team. But Oliver isn’t letting them out to do any real crime fighting, preferring that they train in the warehouse. Felicity’s detective boyfriend sent out a fake police call so that the Green Arrow would show up, and he could relay intel that the new hooded villain in town (Prometheus) has made it clear that he wants to take the Arrow out himself.

Rene and Evelyn sneak out for some ill-advised recon, and end up fighting with a bad guy, and knocking him into a vat of (not) acid. That always goes well. We meet the new District Attorney, Adrian Chase, who informs Mayor Queen that an idiot vigilante in a hockey mask, killed a Stardust dealer that was about to turn state’s evidence. Samson, the not dead, but newly zombified and nearly indestructible Stardust dealer, kicks Oliver’s ass. Then he decides he’s going to lead his gang to take the city back from Tobias Church. Because he’s also an idiot. Oliver assembles his team to go and defeat Samson, before he can build a zombie army of idiots.

Oliver is still slipping his security detail, and making Thea clean up his mayoral messes, including the one she created, Deputy Mayor Lance. After the mayor’s office gets some bad press for their hiring practices, Thea officers her resignation. But after spending some Russian flashbacks working out his trust issues, he calls a press conference to announce that he trusts his team, and that includes Deputy Mayor Lance.

Having Rory on the team is making Felicity feel guilty over destroying Havenrock (and everyone he knew) with a missile in the season finale. Curtis urges Felicity to tell Rory about it, as if that’s a situation that anyone could understand and forgive. Felicity confesses to Rory about redirecting the missile to Havenrock, to reduce the number of targets. He understandably finds this upsetting.

Diggle is in military prison, facing court martial, and he has Lilah looking into the charges, but after having some heart-to-hearts with an imaginary Deadshot cellmate, he decides he wants her to stop trying to get him out. He believes he belongs there for killing his terrible brother. I’m sure she’ll leave it alone then. Or, she’ll go straight to Arrow HQ to announce that she needs Oliver to break Diggle out of prison. (Kandis)

Legends of Tomorrow 2x02: The Justice Society of America

It’s a rough start for our Legends as they face off with the Justice Society of America, fairing horribly. Lucky for them, Nate Heywood is not only a great historian but of the family tree as Commander Steel’s grandson.

Ray fanboys all over the JSA and their organized crew, attempting to appoint himself as leader of the Legends before being shot down in favor of our favorite experienced half of the Firestorm duo. Their first task? Undoing their latest time screw up - Possibly getting the JSA killed. We finally get what we’ve all been waiting two seasons for: Victor Garber stands in as Hitler’s favorite singer to infiltrate a Nazi club and fills our ears with his lovely voice. This week’s artifact in question is an amulet, which the Legends/JSA recover while facing a serum enhanced, super-sized Nazi, losing Ray and Amaya in the process.

The Legend’s designated leader is struggling to designate responsibilities, handing the job over to the assassin-come-Canary who should have had the job from the beginning. After a brief fight with the super-Nazi, the team handles the situation in true WWII fashion - bombing the territory. Nate takes a hit, where we learn that being a hemophiliac and a superhero is a bad combo. Ray injects him with the super-serum; I think you guess where the enhanced grandson of Commander Steel is headed. Since we can never end an episode on a happy note, Reverse Flash swoops in and takes out Hourman, stealing the amulet the team spent the episode trying to protect and casting suspicion toward the Legends. (Christy)

Luke Cage 1x05: Just to Get a Rep

Cottonmouth sends out his lackeys to put the hurt on the people of Harlem in order to show Luke what can happen when he tries being a hero. See, he doesn't know yet that Luke is bullet-proof, so Luke just goes after all of the goons and gets everyone's stuff back. He decides to pay Cottonmouth a visit, showing him just HOW bullet-proof he is, The look on his face is PRICELESS, and Shades finally recognizes Luke as Carl Lucas from his stint in prison. He later tells Cottonmouth about a gun that could take down Cage, but in order to get the money he'll need to go to Diamondback - and Diamondback will then take Harlem from Cottonmouth, so it's a no-go...for now.

Being made of 90% ego, Cottonmouth tries to turn Harlem against Luke Cage AT POPS'S MEMORIAL SERVICE. (Seriously dude, learn to read the room.) Despite a warning from Misty to stay away, Luke takes a stand at the altar and announces his intentions: “I don’t believe in Harlem. I believe in the people who make Harlem what it is." He gets a standing ovation while Cottonmouth fumes.

Shady Detective Scarfe learns that he's being investigated by IA, and decides not to sell the weapons he stole from the evidence locker to Cottonmouth. He's ignoring his texts and is pretty much the biggest fool on this show.

Not too far away, Claire is having lunch with her mom, who tells her that it may be her calling to work with "people with abilities". She reminds her that her grandmother was a cuarandera, a healer, and that maybe she can continue that legacy. Whatever gets us more Claire is what I say! (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Martin Stein, DC's Legends of Tomorrow

It takes a lot to admit you're not the right (wo)man for the job. Martin passes the buck to Sara, a decision I think we can all agree with. (Christy)

Villain of the Week: Reverse Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow

With Rex's last words blaming a traveler for his death, the Reverse Flash has effectively started a time-crossing way between the Legends and the JSA. Sigh... (Christy)

Comic Relief


Biff! Bam! Pow!


Ray strikes out once again.


Top Titles

Archie #13 by Mark Waid, with art by Veronica Fish

The Archie reboot has been full of the characters we all grew to love, minus the redheaded Cheryl Blossom, who enters the scene in the latest Archie arc. Archie and Veronica are on the outs thanks to her father shipping her off to boarding school, where dear ol’ dad is paying off his guilt in expensive shoes and Veronica is forced to widen her social circle to include Cheryl and her posse. But is Cheryl the person she seems to be? (Christy)

Backstagers #3 by James Tynion IV, with art by Rian Sygh

Oh my gosh, Backstagers remains one of the most adorable comics out there! From the art to the storyline that any theater geek can relate to (and even those of us who can’t), Backstagers puts the right in stage right. The kids in charge behind the scene are gearing up for dress rehearsal and one of our kiddos is charged with delegating his responsibilities, much to his dismay. Chaos ensues and through a series of unfortunate events, an adventure into the unknown leaves us wondering what really happens deep within schools. (Christy)

Nightwing #7 by Tim Seeley, with art by Javier Fernandez

Fresh out of the most recent DC event, Nightwing is back in the form of Dick Grayson that we all grew to love during the New 52. This is the issue we’ve all been waiting for and it’s packed full of action and plot forwarding incidents. The Parliament of Owls has been causing trouble but that is no more, now that Raptor has taken them all out. Dick is none-too-happy about Raptor’s murder of our avian friends, demanding he turn himself in. Raptor is having none of that and we find out he’s more than what he seems… (Christy)

Pick of the Week: Mockingbird #8, written by Chelsea Cain and art by Kate Niemczyk

Bobbi Morse is in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle on a nerd cruise and things couldn’t be going worse. Clint Barton is on trial for the murder of The Hulk, and her ghostly ex-boyfriend, The Phantom Rider, has shown up, determined to win her back—but he doesn’t know that the entire boat has her back. This arc is an homage to the JoCo cruise that Cain herself is a part of, so you’ll spot The Doubleclicks, Paul and Storm, and more.

Through it all Bobbi reflects more on her relationship with Barton. Oh, and there are polite zombie pirates, mer-corgis, and shirtless dudes. This is, sadly, the last issue of the Mockingbird ongoing series, and it’s been consistently smart, funny, and brave—just like Bobbi Morse herself. (Kelly)



Supergirl boss chats on the exits, Project Cadmus, and Mon-El.

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It's safe to say the internet exploded with Donald Glover was announced as Lando Calrissian for the upcoming Han Solo stand-alone film.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sneak peek:

Official trailer for Logan:

Everything feels tense after this week. How long will the bro-mance between Nygma and Penguin last? Will the pubic accept Quentin as the Deputy Mayor? How long till the Legends royally screw up the timeline and Rip has to come back and fix it? Share your thoughts below!

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