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FYA Book Club: Now on Litsy!

Can't make it to your chapter's monthly meeting, don't have a chapter yet, or just want to discuss the FYA BC book all month long? Join us on Litsy!

FYA Book Club: Now on Litsy!

Did you know that FYA is on Litsy? We are (add us: @foreveryoungadult), and we're getting ready to launch a new way to interact with our monthly book club picks! If you're not familiar with Litsy, it's a social media app for book nerds like us, and it just recently came to Android as well as iOS. Like a cross between Instagram and Goodreads, launched by the folks who brought you Out of Print clothing, it's a fun app that facilitates book discussion in a more visual way.

Like Goodreads, you can mark books as read, currently reading, or to-read, as well as a "pick," "so-so," "pan," or "bail." You're encouraged to share photos, quotes, and small blurbs, and whichever books you tag in your post are searchable throughout the app, so you can see who else loved/hated/bailed on any given book.

Thanks to a suggestion from SFFYA member Britt, starting in November, we'll be bringing our monthly book club discussion questions to Litsy. Here's how it works:

- Every few days, we'll post a book club discussion question on our FYA Litsy account, and mark it as containing spoilers. This will hide the question AND the comments, so make sure you've read the book before you click on it.

- You can reply to that post to discuss with your fellow FYA readers.

- If you want to post anything from the book on your own account, tag the book, and use the tags #fyabookclub and #novfyabc (where "nov" is the 3-letter abbreviation for any given month) to find your fellow FYA members.

You might recognize me (@skullsinthesea) and Mandy C. (@mandyannecurtis) commenting from our personal accounts, as well as the official FYA account. And, of course, all the credit goes to Britt (@BookNerdBritt) for suggesting it.

Whether you couldn't make it to your chapter's meeting, you loved/hated the book and want to discuss it all month long, or you don't have an FYA BC chapter, we hope you'll join us for some fun discussion and drool-worthy book photos!

Are you on Litsy? Introduce yourself to your fellow YA-lovers in the comments, and we'll see you in November!

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