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Stop Everything, The GILMORE GIRLS Revival Trailer Is Here

All of Rory's exes! All of the townspeople! All entire wall.

Stop Everything, The GILMORE GIRLS Revival Trailer Is Here

The moment we've been waiting for is here! No, not the one where we binge watch the entire Gilmore Girls revival, sobbing and gnawing on turkey bones (don't judge).  No, it's just that the trailer is here, and YOU GUYS: IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD. Drop everything and watch right here:

At which point did you lose it? For me, it was the opening line, but by the time it started acknowledging Richard Gilmore's absence, that was it. It's 8:30am and I'm blubbering at my desk. Evil.

Let's discuss in the comments--did you look for signs of impending pregnancies, as per the fan theories? Wedding/engagement rings? What does Lorelai's crisis of faith mean? And: GO.

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