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ReMade 1x09: Whiteout

A snowstorm can bring with it a whole new perspective on life.

ReMade 1x09: Whiteout

Previously: Inez thinks back on her life and family, and the kids bring the train—which was speeding up dangerously—to a stop in the nick of time.

This Week on ReMade

May reaches a breaking point and wants to head off for a little alone time, but the buddy system reigns and so Gabe tags along. While on their walkabout, May silently reminisces about how that day (if their calendar is correct) was the day she was supposed to take the SAT, and worries that she’s gotten so far off track, education-wise, were they able to return to their previous lives, all of her dreams and goals would be for naught.

When she runs off to get away from Gabe, she soon finds herself in the middle of a storm with little in the way of shelter. Then Gabe gets conked on the head with some giant hail, and May realizes that it’s not all about her anymore. She drags him to safety, warms them up, and eventually goes to get help. And when she returns to Gabe with said help, it’s dark enough for her to see a very electrical glow on the horizon.

Moments of WHUT

- A plantation of glass tables?

- A DALMATIAN THE SIZE OF A TEAPOT. The animals on this planet/in this time are amazing. (You know, minus the murdery fanged rabbits the size of terriers …)

- A city!

Best of the 23

Yet again, Inez is the voice of reason (and sass) and I love her for it. I totally get May’s need to just be alone for a bit, too, however.

Burning Questions

- The glass tables are some sort of advance solar panels, yes?

- Who—or what—is in that city of light? (We all know how dangerous such things can be.)


Next on ReMade: Mirror of Fate.

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Cover design by Liz Casal.

Mandy Curtis's photo About the Author: Mandy is a small town girl living in a nerdy world, or—if you want to get literal—an editor/writer living in Austin, TX. In addition to yearning for YA books—the more dystopian or fantastical, the better—she can also be found swooning over superheroes, dreaming of The Doctor and grinning at GIFs.