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ReMade 1x10: Mirror of Fate

Sometimes you just gotta take a hot bath.

ReMade 1x10: Mirror of Fate

Previously: May needs some alone time, but her rush to get away from the rest of the kids results in Gabe getting injured—and the discovery of what might be a city.

This Week on ReMade

While scouting, Seyah and Holden find a new place to camp, a place not too far from the city with hot springs to bathe in and caves to sleep in. The only problem: there’s a caretaker sitting nearby. The caretaker seems to be inactive, however, so the kids decide that the new camp is nice enough to take the risk. After a quiet night—and some smooching between Seyah and Inez—they all decide to venture into the city together. But then Seyah finds that the caretaker is gone, and the supposed safety of the area is suddenly gone.

In flashbacks, Seyah reminisces on her life, her role as Titania, and her dream career: being a Broadway star.

Moments of WHUT

- Seyah’s friends are kind of awful.

- Aw, yeah, Inez and Seyah!

Best of the 23

I wasn’t a huge fan of Seyah at first, but then I got to know her a bit better (thanks to this chapter) and sympathize with her feelings of having to live up to her parents’ expectations and be the dutiful daughter. She had huge dreams, and I feel like she could have achieved them had she not ended up wherever the kids actually are.

Burning Questions

- Are there other humans in the city?

- Where did the caretaker go? And was it simply playing dead to watch the kids the entire time? (CREEPY.)


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Cover design by Liz Casal.

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