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Superhero Sundays: November 14-18

Alex comes out to Kara, Jim proves he's still the best cop in Gotham, Wally West fights the call of Dr. Alchemy, Team Arrow try to lure out Prometheus by posing as crooks, Team Legends return to the Wild West, and Luke Cage discovers a family secret; plus recs, news, gifs & more - join us!

Superhero Sundays: November 14-18

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Does everyone have the elasticized-waist'ed garment of their choice picked out for Thursday? EXCELLENT. Let's talk superheroes:

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x06: Changing

Kara and Mon-El are finally understanding each other, and go out for drinks at the alien bar. M'gann concocts a drink that can actually affect them, and for the first time ever Kara gets drunk. She’s in no shape to investigate a call for help, so the DEO heads out to find a survivor of an alien attack at a remote science station.

It turns out the alien is a small parasite that was frozen for thousands of years, and it’s now inside Dr. Rudy Jones. That’s right, it’s actually PARASITE, a now-classic Superman baddie. Jones heads out on a personal mission of vengeance, sapping the energy of anyone who gets in his way—including Supergirl.

Meanwhile, Alex is still struggling with her feelings about Maggie, and has a long talk with Kara. Alex tells Kara that she’s falling for Maggie, and Kara asks if she’s coming out. Alex reluctantly says yes.

Parasite is still on the rampage. After attacking Kara and J'onn at the same time, it mutates into the weird purple creature we've seen in the comics, but kind of even more gross. (Eww.) With those two out of commission, Mon-El and James Olsen, dressed in a supersuit designed by Winn, try to stop Parasite.

Supergirl arrives and finishes him off with SCIENCE. Going by the name Guardian, James keeps his identity a secret from her, and rides off into the dark. Mon-El, meanwhile, is taken by surprise and kidnapped by Cadmus. (Kelly)

Gotham 3x09: Mad City: The Executioner

Jim and Harvey discuss Doctor Simon’s last words, and the chance that Captain Barnes is guilty of the recent horrific crimes. Harvey doesn’t believe it, but goes along with the investigation anyway. (In a shady warehouse elsewhere in Gotham, Barnes has three criminals strung up by their necks and hangs them.) When Barnes catches Jim snooping in his office, he makes Jim go with him on an investigation into a guy named Sugar. On the way, Barnes makes Jim even more suspicious, but they both play it off. Until, that is, Barnes shoots Sugar for “not being innocent” and then turns the gun on Jim. Barnes confesses to his crimes, and tries to get Jim to join him, but Jim declines. Barnes is about to take him out, too, but is interrupted and Jim gets away. Barnes calls the GCPD and sicks them on Jim, but Harvey and Lee team up to clear Jim’s name. Barnes won’t stand down, however, and Jim’s forced to shoot him. Barnes ends up, where he belongs, in Arkham.

Ivy uses her newfound assets and some custom perfume to access an antiquity dealer’s vault and steals a giant emerald necklace. She then shows up at Selina’s place and reveals who she really is. Selina is understandably wary, but calls Bruce to come as backup. The three have to run when dudes in creepy masks track them down, and Bruce buys the necklace to get the men off her back. When they return to the antiquity dealers’ house, however, they find him dead, holding a strange key.

Edward stresses over Isabella’s lack of contact, and then receives a call from GCPD to come identify Isabella’s body. Penguin plays the sympathetic friend, but can’t really deal when Ed slips into a depression. Ed returns to the scene of Isabella’s death to find closure, and learns that she wasn’t asleep at the wheel. He also finds that her brake lines were cut, and assumes that Butch was behind it all. (Mandy)

The Flash 3x06: Shade

There's a new meta in town, and it's a giant shadow that can kill people. Team Flash also has their hands full trying to save Wally from Alchemy's clutches, and dealing with the revelation of Caitlyn's (awesome) frosty powers after she confesses to stealing Cisco's power-dampening handcuffs. She asks Cisco to vibe her future, and he sees himself in battle against her. It takes him a while to reveal this truth to Caitlyn, and you can feel how devastated she is at thinking she is going to become enemies with those she loves the most.

Wells has figured out how to leave Star Labs undetected (since Wells, ya know, was a murderous, face-stealing psychopath) by using a gadget from his Earth developed by his former business partner; everyone except Team Flash will see HR as someone other than HR. Yay for science!

Joe West has finally asked the pretty D.A. on a date, and they decide to go see a movie in the park, inviting along Cisco and Caitlyn...and HR, who ends up very close to getting punched out by Joe. Is it his fault that he's so darn charming, Joe? Shade (the shadow creature) turns up and the team blasts him with light, taking away his shadow-y powers, and arresting him.

Wally is in an intense amount of pain, and Iris wants to help him so she lets him out of his Star Labs cell. Big mistake. Wally turns on Iris but Iris West is the daughter of a cop and she knocks Wally flat on his ass. Later on the team decide that they need to draw Alchemy out, and the only way they can do that is with Wally as bait. Joe gets back-up from CCPD (um, not sure how they're going to be able to help tbh), and everything turns to shit when another speedster, protecting Alchemy, enters the fray. (It better not be the unreachable Julian.) Wally gives in and grabs Alchemy's Magical Stone...and ends up in a chrysalis. Did y'all know there's a god of speed that only speedsters can see? Well his name is Savitar, he's pretty frightening, and he's also the speedster protecting Alchemy..! (Amanda R.)

Arrow 5x07: Vigilante

A young girl is saved from a trafficking ring, and two of her captors’ bodies are dramatically left for the SCPD. The team deduces this new vigilante in town must be on their side. But Oliver is of the mind that they already have one psycho on the loose, and don’t need another. Evelyn is justifiably curious about the difference between a psycho and a vigilante.

Shady reporter Susan visits Oliver’s office about the bodies and he asks her not to freak out the city again. She insists on taking him out for a drink, because he could use one. They meet later for drinks. It’s boring. Also boring? Oliver is still hanging out with Dolph Lundgren in his Russian flashbacks. It's not that Konstantin Kovar isn't an interesting villain. It's just that they tend to take too long tying these flashbacks to the present.

Quentin gives Thea his resignation. When she goes to talk him out of it, he confesses to blacking out and waking up with blood on his hands, next to a throwing star. Quentin tells her he resigned because he’s been lying to them about quitting drinking, not because he actually thinks he’s Prometheus. He realizes his blackouts have made him easy for Prometheus to mess with, which makes him a liability for the Queens.

Some dudes in creepy masks rob a bank. The B Team heads out to handle it. By the time they arrive, the newly dubbed Vigilante has already laid waste to the place, but one of the robbers got away. When the team finally tangles with the new Vigilante, Oliver makes an enemy of him in record time. Later, Oliver seems to be having a little existential crisis over the Vigilante pointing out that the Arrow hasn’t been getting the job done, and the city is still in chaos. They have two more run-ins with the Vigilante, to no avail. Oliver does come to the conclusion that Prometheus knows he’s the Green Arrow, which I thought was established last week, but okay. I think he’s having trouble keeping all the masked dudes straight, too.

After losing it on an informant. Diggle confesses to Curtis and Rene that he’s missing his son’s second birthday, and is afraid he’ll always be a fugitive. Rene arranges to have Lyla bring JJ to the lair, so Diggle can spend his birthday with him.

Evelyn meets up with Prometheus on a rooftop, promising that no one suspects a thing. Now that is interesting. (Kandis)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2x06: Outlaw Country

The team has finally put together that Darhk + Reverse Flash = all bad. With the latest time aberration, the Legends are headed back to the wild west which means JONAH HEX IS BACK! Nate gets his shootout on by going full steel and catching a bullet with his teeth. Guess he can stop lamenting about not being a real superhero.

Quentin Turnbull, an antagonist comic enthusiasts will appreciate, is in charge of the western United States (Turnbull Country - keeping the wild west WILD) and has received some insider knowledge of the same metal that Ray used to build the Atom suit. A shootout ensues, and this time Nate doesn’t fair so well.

The solution to today’s mass destruction? Blow up the mine, which Mick is giddy over. Explosions! Outlaws! Mayhem! In the end, Jonah gets to choose how Turnbull will pay for his crimes. Back on the ship, Vixen continues her mission of repairing our broken Legends and tells Mick to control the beast. Oh, and Ray being the bright light he is, creates a suit for Nate, rendering him a real superhero. (Christy)

Luke Cage 1x10: Take It Personal

After an incredibly painful and harrowing experiment, Luke Cage is finally healed of the alien metal shrapnel in his stomach. He’s ready to look into his past, including the files on Reva’s drive that Dr. Burnstein unlocked. To Luke’s dismay, they learn that Reva was heavily involved in the experiments at Seagate. He destroys all of Burnstein’s equipment and leaves in a rage. But the hard drive with Reva’s files is salvageable, so who knows what the future might hold.

Luke takes Claire to his father’s old church in Savannah and we get a glimpse of Luke’s childhood. Luke realizes that Diamondback’s mother was overly attached to his father, and his memories confirm that the two are half-brothers.

Speaking of Diamondback, the unhinged criminal is intent on framing Luke for more police violence. (This dude is CRAZY, y’all.) Disguised as Luke, he murders a policeman in broad daylight. Misty Knight knows it doesn’t make sense, so she investigates and uncovers Diamondback’s real identity, Willis Stryker. Misty goes to a rally at Harlem’s Paradise to confront him.

Luke and Claire, who must have driven all day, also decide to go to the rally. All hell breaks loose when Misty is shot in the arm and Diamondback traps Luke and hostages inside. (Kelly)

Hero of the Week: Vixen, Legends of Tomorrow

Amaya has put real effort into becoming a member of this new team, all while grieving the loss of colleagues and her love. Her compassion for Mick, and its subsequent calming effect, were pretty heroic considering that most people can't stand to be around him for more than five minutes. 

Honorable mention: Thea Queen/Arrow, Iris West/The Flash

Villain of the Week: Poison Ivy, Gotham

I'm ready for Ivy to take ALL of the money and glittery baubles from rich, lecherous old men. 

Honorable mention: Artemis/Arrow

Comic Relief


Biff! Bam! Pow!



Once again, John Diggle has come to our rescue. (via)


Top Titles

Archie #14 by Mark Waid, with art by Joe Eisma

With Veronica shipped off to Switzerland, Archie is trying to figure out who he is in the wake of being single. But first he tries to convince Jughead to be less Jughead, a move Jughead quickly subverts. This gives Archie an idea: what if he could become more like Jughead? Jughead totally calls him on his fakeness, as well as the fact that he leads girls on. Go-go Jughead for being the friend we all need, even if we don't want to listen. This issue is clearly set up to lead people to Jughead's own comic, which has a new creative team. Across the world, Veronica is besting Cheryl Blossom at her own game and we can only assume it's going to get ugly in upcoming issues. (Christy)

The Backstagers #4 by James Tynion IV, with art by Rian Sygh

Last we checked in with our Backstagers, they were about to embark on a dangerous journey to the deep to rescue Sasha. Beckett is still feeling pretty guilty about coming down hard on Sasha and he's willing to risk life and limb to bring him back. Lucky for both, everyone is on board to ensure their friend is safe. The creative team's art is especially on point this issue, with the vivid colors displayed in the deep and the incredible page layouts. Tynion has created a unique bond between all the characters that you don't want to miss! (Christy)

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #14 by Ryan North and Erica Henderson

It’s all come down to the final showdown with Enigmo! With a little help from… Enigmo! Wait, what? Oh, and Ant-Man is there to help, too, in this hilarious (as usual) issue. The multiplying man Enigmo has taken over just about everything. If he’s punched or hurt, he just makes another Enigmo, so Squirrel Girl and Ant-Man have to use their brains to defeat him. And with those two teaming up, you just know there’s going to be SCIENCE involved.

Why haven’t you subscribed to Squirrel Girl for guaranteed monthly laughs yet? Just do it! (Kelly)

Pick of the Week: Slam! #1 by Pamela Ribon and Veronica Fish

Roller. Derby. Comic..! It's almost like Boom! Studios know and care about what women are interested in reading. New BFF's Jen and Maise tried out for roller derby for different reasons, but their newfound love for the sport and the lifestyle of a derby girl has taken their fledgling BFF'dom to new heights! So what happens when they each get drafted for different teams? Will it put their friendship to the test? I've been dying to read Slam! ever since it was announced, and it does not disappoint! You get to know the ins and outs of derby culture, and by the end of the issue it will have you contemplating whether or not you're too old to try out for derby yourself! (Amanda)



Looks like we're getting The Inhumans after all, but as a show on ABC instead of a movie.

Chip Zdarsky passed the Jughead torch to Ryan North, and now he's writing the new run of Star-Lord! #1 is out on 12/21, and you can check out a preview here.

America Chavez is getting her own Marvel title next year, and you can get the lowdown on the creative team here!


How DC Bombshells gets it right by managing to be sexy without being exploitative.

Green Lantern has been rumored for Justice League.

Comics Alliance has put together a list of comics for Trans/Non-Binary youth, check it out!


Justice League Dark, out in earlly 2017:


It's going to be a light week next week with the holidays, but we'll still be here, getting you amped up for the epic DC crossover event! Let's discuss ALL the possibiities in the comments!

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