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ReMade Extras: Character Reveals

Meet Hyrum and Sunita.

ReMade Extras: Character Reveals

With only five episodes left in the first season of ReMade, we’ve learned a lot about the kids who’ve found themselves stuck, uh, wherever they’re stuck. (Earth? Another planet? The future? We might never know. Come join the discussion in the recaps!) The authors have been good at describing the kids’ personalities, but what do they look like?

Typically, when reading books, we (the readers) are asked to use our imaginations to cobble together images of the characters, but the team behind ReMade has gone a step further and created character cards. Today, we’re revealing the character cards for Hyrum—the boy scout—and Sunita—the parkour star (?).

Illustrations by Chris of Ask the Star Gazers.

Do they look like you had imagined?


Learn more about ReMade and subscribe to the series here, and check out additional behind the scenes info, images of the characters, and more at the ReMade Tumblr.

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