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ReMade 1x11: We’re Dead in This Ghost Town

Let’s go to the mall!

ReMade 1x11: We’re Dead in This Ghost Town

Previously: While reminiscing about her life and dream career, Seyah stumbles upon an idyllic glade where the kids pause on their way toward the (possible) city.

This Week on ReMade

The kids finally make it to the city, and Loki sets off to explore. Shortly after discovering a strange dragon-like creature, the rest of the kids catch up with him. Although he would have preferred to investigate the city on his own while the others stayed safe and out of sight, he’s overruled, and they break off into groups to explore further.

Loki and Holden end up finding a mall, where they load up on supplies while discussing their last moments of their former lives. Holden tells Loki about the jumper cables and subsequent car crash and Loki reveals that he did take a gun to school, but used it only to shoot himself.

No one finds signs of human life in the city, but they do find food, clothes, makeshift weapons, a hotel, and a medical center, so they decide to stay a while.

Moments of WHUT


- Those mannequins are real creepy.

- Whoa. What a heartbreaking way to go, Loki.

Best of the Bunch 23

I really connected with Loki this episode, and not solely because he named the dragons “cumberbatches.” Reading about his death, and the helplessness he felt, was terrible. But it was so heartening to read about how much better he was feeling, and how much he wanted to be a part of a team with the rest of the remaining survivors.

Burning Questions

- I think I’ve asked this before, but there were less than 23 kids total, even before the caretaker massacre? Where are the others? Or did they really lose half of their numbers in that incident? (Regardless, I changed the category to better reflect the current state of affairs.)

- What is up with those much too life-like mannequins?

- And, to echo Loki, who is maintaining the city?


Next on ReMade: Modern History

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