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Superhero Sundays: November 21-25

It's a light week for our superheroes but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of action. Supergirl faces a familiar foe, it gets a bit bloody on Luke Cage, and things are heating up on Gotham (and cooling down on The Flash), plus all your comic recaps, news, and more - check it out!

Superhero Sundays: November 21-25

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Things are getting a little crazy with sweeps right around the corner. Let's get to it! 

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x07: The Darkest Places 

Kara and the gang unwind at the alien bar at the end of a long week, and chat about National City’s new vigilante, Guardian. Winn and James are SUPER OBVIOUS about defending the guy, but no one picks up on it.

Meanwhile, Mon-El makes an escape attempt from Cadmus, but stops when he sees "J’onn" as a fellow captive. Mon-El agrees to return to his cell to save J’onn.

The real J’onn is back at the DEO, growing more worried about his shaking hand and hallucinations. Kara tells him that she also saw her family everywhere after she lost them, but J’onn thinks it might be something else. (He’s right.)

Guardian is back on the street fighting crime, and a lookalike vigilante that actually kills the bad guy puts James on the police’s radar. Kara is about to head out to intercept Guardian when Cadmus gets in touch with her and convinces her to come rescue Mon-El. It’s a trap! The real Hank Henshaw is there and he’s PISSED. He’s also a cyborg. Cyborg SUPERMAN, he tells her. Kara is captured.

Lillian Luthor convinces Kara to burn out her powers to save Mon-El (who can be shot with lead bullets). Kara agrees, and lackeys drag her away and take a blood sample.

J’onn goes to Alex about his worsening condition. When they examine his blood cells, he realizes the truth about M’gann, and confronts her. She tells him that he is slowly becoming a White Martian and it can’t be stopped.

Back at Cadmus, things are looking grim until Kara is rescued by Jeremiah, her adopted father. He gives both Mon-El and Kara the chance to escape but stays behind.

Guardian fights and finishes off the rogue vigilante with the help of Maggie and Alex. Alex, now aware that it’s James thanks to Winn coming to her for help, convinces Maggie to back off Guardian for the time being. (Kelly)

Gotham 3x10: Mad City: Time Bomb

While testing a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner, a bomb in Carmine Falcone's car blows up in Mario and Lee's faces. Jim and Harvey investigate, and find evidence that Mario is actually the target. Assassins come after Mario, and he gets real ragey when fighting back, killing one of them. Jim takes the living assassin back to GCPD, and it looks like Falcone's about to kill him, but he instead pulls out a tooth inscribed with an owl.

Barbara shows up at Penguin's place, wanting to know where Butch and Tabitha are. Penguin doesn't know, but Ed does; he's holding both of them hostage and torturing them for information about Isabella's death. Ed threatens to cut off Tabitha's hand ("Twinsies!"), but she gives it up freely after Butch confesses his love. Barbara, who charmed Olga into giving up info, shows up just as Ed realizes that it really wasn't Butch who killed Isabella. Barbara, Butch and Tabitha head to the hospital with Tabitha's hand on ice, where Barbara realizes that Penguin's the one behind Isabella's death.

Bruce and Selina continue looking into the strange key they found on the dead antiquities dealer, while Ivy uses her perfume on Alfred to escape Wayne Manor. Selina finds an owl engraved on the key, and Bruce connects it to the mysterious masked society. But before they can investigate futher, the dudes who were after the necklace last episode call and reveal that they have Ivy. When Alfred, Bruce and Selina show up to the meeting, the head of the gang lets them know they don't work for the mysterious society (The Court of Owls), they work against them. The Whisper Gang, as they're known, are smugglers who were betrayed by the Court of Owls. Luka Volk, head of the gang, explains that the owl key opens a safe. Luka's ready to join forces with Bruce, but a masked man finds him, asks about the key, and then stabs him to death.

The episode wraps up with Falcone chatting with Kathryn, the head of the Court of Owls, Jim confessing to Lee that he missed his chance, and Lee kissing him (innocently) goodbye. Of course Mario sees her leaving Jim's place, and the rage hiding under the surface comes to light. (Mandy)

The Flash 3x07: Killer Frost

Dana Panabaker finally got to unleash her inner Ice Queen, and it was GLORIOUS. Caitlyn is desperate to find Alchemy, hoping that he can show her how to turn off her powers. She lies to Joe (WHAT) so that she has access to one of Savitar's minions who's in custody. She ends up kidnapping Julian Albert so he can create an algorithm to find more minions, and she's not afraid to use her powers to get what she wants.

Her new powers come at a price though - her humanity switch is leaning more towards the "off" position. Through her own anger at Barry for creating FlashPoint, she tells Cisco that Dante wasn't dead in their alternate universe, and Cisco understandably feels some kind of way about that. Barry is determined to help Caitlyn control her abilities. He's so determined, in fact,  that he puts himself at risk, telling Caitlyn that she'll have to kill him in order to leave Star Labs. Her love for Barry is stronger than her anger at him, and Caitlyn returns to her old self.

Meanwhile Joe peels Wally out of his cocoon before he's ready, but to what end we're not shown just yet. Wally is a speedster, hurrah! HR continues to be everyone's favorite person to roll their eyes at, and oh - Julian is Alchemy. Sorry, Tom Felton, but I guess you'll always be typecast. (Amanda R.)

Luke Cage 1x11: Now You're Mine

Y'all ready for a bottle episode? Because that's pretty much what you're getting. It's a showdown at Harlem's Paradise; Diamondback thinks he has Luke right where he wants him, and Luke is protecting Misty behind the bar. The cops are outside trying to decide the best way forward since there are hostages involved (including Claire).

Luke uses his body to shield Misty from a wave of bullets from D-Back's men as they make their way to the basement via a hidden entrance in the kitchen, courtesy of Prohibition. Claire tricks her way into finding Misty and Luke, and these three together are a shining beacon of awesome. Claire tries to sew up Misty's wounds and Misty gets a chance to apologize for how she treated Claire at the station.

Shades (the real MVP, even if he did get nicked by the cops) finds their secret hiding place and the ladies take care of business - by knocking him out - while Luke is off getting arrested instead of D-Back, who slinks off into the night while the police storm the club. Honestly y'all, I miss Cottonmouth SO much. This guy was intriguing at first but the sermons and the rantings about how their daddy didn't love him? Boo-freaking-hoo.

Misty tells Ridley that Luke is innocent and that Mariah and Willis Stryker are who they need to find, and it seems that she's finally willing to believe her. (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Caitlyn Snow/Killer Frost, The Flash

Girl, I bet it felt SO good to put the hurt on Savitar's minions and smarmy Julian Albert, but you stayed your hand when you had the chance to hurt your friend. A friend whose selfish actions continue to have consequences for you and the people you love. Part of friendship is taking responsibility for the hurt we have caused, and another equally important part is forgiveness. You could never be truly cold-hearted, Caitlyn Snow. (Amanda R.)

Villain of the Week: Hank Henshaw, Supergirl

No, not that Hank Henshaw, the REAL one. Thanks to Cadmus, Henshaw is now a cyborg, and he. is. MAD. Not only is Henshaw angry at the alien that stole his life that fateful day, he's got a bone to pick with Supergirl and Superman. He takes Supergirl by surprise and captures her for Cadmus, and puts their mysterious (evil, presumably) plan into motion. (Kelly)

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Top Titles

Super Powers #1 by Franco and Art Baltazar

Batman is missing and it's up to Superman and Batgirl to stop Mr. Freeze, Penguin, and more! In this adorable all-ages comic, Batman has been captured by Brainiac to lure Superman into a trap. Will the Man of Steel save Gotham City and Batman? What will happen when he falls into Brianiac's trap? Everything you loved about superheroes as a kid is here in this new series: Bright colors, ridiculous bad guys, and NO ANGST. Pick it up for your kids or for yourself when you want to feel like a kid again. (Kelly)

White #1 by Dan Schaffer

Talk about a heart attack in 20ish pages (plus a whole bunch of fantastic art)! Sheesh. Willa is a small town girl in a LA world and she's just planewrecked into the places where great white sharks like to vacation. Trapped on a wing with a satellite phone sounds like an ideal situation, until the person on the other end tells you there are hundreds of sharks surrounding you. But it'll totally be ok. Sure. (Christy)

Grand Passion #1 by James Robinson, with art by Tom Feister

It's love at first heist as Mabel, the bank robber, lands in a shootout with Officer Doc. Fans of instalove and romance novels with a side of violence will enjoy Grand Passion for its cheap thrills and graphic scenes. From the layouts to the colors, the art in this one is fantastic and sets the tone for the story. (Christy)



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