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ReMade 1x12: Modern History

With answers come more questions.

ReMade 1x12: Modern History

Previously: The kids investigate the abandoned city and find supplies, and Loki reveals more about his death, bonding with Holden in the process.

This Week on ReMade

Cole, chafing at the kid gloves that the rest of the kids are treating him with, tries to go with the others on their scouting adventures in the city, but they talk him into staying with Nevaeh at the medical center—nicknamed Red Cross thanks to the markings on the building—and guard their supplies. Stuck, Cole tries to make himself as useful as possible and whittle up some spears, but the urge to explore is too great. So he and Nevaeh head to a different, closer area of town, and discover a museum that might explain some of what happened to the planet they’re on, if only they can figure out the holographic displays.

Cole spends much of the walk thinking about his former life and how much he misses his girlfriend Bethany and their son Colton. While searching the museum, Cole discovers a room in which he can access his records—including his date of death—his heart is broken all over again when he looks at the records of Bethany and Colton and sees that they both lived and died while he was wherever he was before waking up on the space station.

When two bring the rest of the kids back to the museum and show them the displays, May figures out that Wesley was right—they are on Earth, in the future, after a global climate change crisis. But the answers they find only bring up more questions.

Moments of WHUT

- Although I was leaning toward the future Earth idea from the start, it’s still pretty jarring to get confirmation.

Best of the Bunch

Cole is a total sweetheart, and means well, even if his views about ladies seem a little old fashioned. My heart broke for him as he realized that the people he loved most were long dead.

Burning Questions

- Why was Cole’s information so easily accessible?

- What happened to Earth, and where is everyone?

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Cover design by Liz Casal.

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