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#YAWinterShowdown 2016: #CheersFromYA

'Tis the season to spread the YA love!

#YAWinterShowdown 2016: #CheersFromYA

Season's greetings, on behalf of the #YASummerShowdown gamemakers! If you're wondering why we're showing up six months too early -- well, let's be real: we've all been in need of some extra cheer. (I mean, this article wrote about the awfulness of 2016 in July. Little did we know!)

Being the YA swimfans that we are, what better way to cheer ourselves up than with book love, and by sharing that joy IRL? Thus, #YAWinterShowdown!

However, unlike the main #YASummerShowdown scavenger hunt competition, there's only one task. #CheersFromYA: create small bursts of cheerful, uplifting YA-inspired *anything* to drop throughout your communities.

Examples include (but are not limited to!):

•  Sketch YA hero(ines) in small acts of kindness.

•  Find your fave book in the library or local bookstore, and bookmark it with a note to future readers about why they should read it.

•  Write a great review of your library or local bookstore on Yelp.

•  Get in on the Bookcrossing game.

•  Make a soundtrack inspired by your fave character and post it in public.

•  Gift someone a YA book or movie.

•  Donate to a bookish cause.

•  Volunteer at the local library.

... basically, the sky's the limit, as long as you keep love and YA in mind.

An example from one of Gamemaker Jessi's students

And since #CheersFromYA is already a reward for ourselves, #YAWinterShowdown will be, well, chill (HAR) by having no actual showdown. That is, no points. And no team requirement as well; anyone can join in! (The holiday sched is busy enough as it is without having to coordinate a team effort. Although obvs you can work together with your book club -- or another chapter!)

#CheersFromYA submissions will be accepted and reblogged* on the Showdown Hub (@fyasummershowdown on Tumblr) until the end of 2016. Feel free to tag and post them everywhere with #CheersFromYA; maybe it'll catch on and get other YA fans to play along!

*The reblogging itself will probably take longer than that. But as long as you tag it with #CheersFromYA, we'll find it and reblog it!

If you have any further questions or #CheersFromYA suggestions, please share 'em in the comments. Let's deck the halls with YA love, y'all!

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Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.