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Superhero Sundays Jan. 23 - 27

Our favorite shows are back! Gotham is creepier than ever, Supergirl loses her powers, The Flash fights the future, and more, all this week on Superhero Sundays.

Superhero Sundays Jan. 23 - 27

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After a long winter's break, our favorite superheroes are back in action! We've got a full slate of shows, so let's get to it.

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x09: Supergirl Lives

Supergirl foils a jewel robbery with a little help on the side from the Guardian, whom she still doesn’t quite trust. Meanwhile, Alex can’t believe her luck to wake up next to Maggie Sawyer, and has a glow about her thanks to her newfound happiness.

A rash of missing person reports has been noticed by the National City PD, and when a mom comes to CatCo asking for help looking for her daughter, Kara promises to find her. Winn gives her a lead: All of the missing people had bloodwork done at a research firm before disappearing.

It turns out to be the work of Roulette, who has been helping the lab recruit test subjects. When Kara and Mon-El investigate, they discover the lab is run by an alien. He opens a portal to a planet with a red sun, and when Kara and Mon-El follow, they are suddenly without their powers.

Alex and her team investigate when they can’t find Kara, and discover the portal. Back on the planet, Kara and Mon-El meet “Joe,” an alien who tells them that the missing people are being sold as slaves. They allow themselves to be captured and find the missing girl—and all of the others who were reported gone.

Together they stand up to their captors, and escape. They find Alex and her team, and with the help of Winn, they all return to Earth through the portal. On their way out, the aliens run into Mon-El, and they reveal that he is not to be harmed. Is Mon-El actually the prince of Daxam? Twist!

Gotham 3x13: Smile Like You Mean It

Dwight Pollard leads a gang of Joker-faced goons to steal Jerome's frozen corpse. He then works to reanimate Jerome while Jim, Harvey and Lucius rush to find their location. When the reanimation doesn't work, Dwight cuts Jerome's face off and uses it as a creepy AF mask, announcing to Jerome's followers that all of them "are Jerome."

After realizing that someone told Dwight that they were coming, Jim and Harvey find a mole in the GCPD, who tells them that Dwight's headed to a news station to "make an announcement." Lee—who's still SUPER pissed at Jim—goes to her lab to check on Jerome's body, and unexpectedly finds that the reanimation worked after all. At the news station, Jim and Harvey work to talk Dwight down and save the people who work at the news station. As they're cleaning up the mess, Jerome kidnaps Dwight to get his face back ... and punish Dwight for pretending to be him.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Barbara visits Penguin to light a fire under his bum, telling him that many of Gotham's crime bosses are getting antsy. But really, it's Tabitha and her (working with Ed) pushing them in the direction of mutiny; they force Tommy Bones to call Penguin and threaten Ed's life.

And a guy arrives at Wayne Manor looking for Maria and/or wanting the money she owes him. However, Maria's actually working with the guy to pull a scam. Selina finds out, and confronts Bruce about it. Turns out, Bruce knew, but thought it best to go along with Maria's plan for Selina's sake.

The episode ends with Jerome killing Dwight using explosives at a power plant, causing the city's power to go completely out. Seriously bad news, considering the fact that Dwight's earlier message of anarchy resonated with certain citizens of Gotham and they began causing havoc all over town. (Mandy C.)

The Flash 3x10: Borrowing Problems From The Future

Barry and Iris are all loved up in their new loft, but he's still being haunted by nightmares of seeing her murdered by Savitar in a few months' time. Iris knows that something's wrong, but Barry waits longer than he should before telling her the truth, and telling Team Flash so that they can use their collective noggin to prevent this from happening.

Wally is enjoying his time shadowing Barry, and has finally embraced Kid Flash as his official hero name. Wally is an adorable cheese puff who is too precious for this earthly realm. Barry is annoyed when Wally saves him from a Z-list villain named Plunder. Hey Barry - don't yell at the kid if you're not going to tell him WHY you don't want Plunder arrested.

H.R. is trying to get the STAR Labs Museum off the ground, and is met with zero enthusiasm from the rest of the team. I guess these guys are fine not getting paid. Also, did no one tell H.R. about this Earth-1 concept called Groupon? I guess not because NO ONE is visiting the new museum.

When Barry finally tells Team Flash about his time jump, they get to work trying to prevent Iris's death. Cisco vibes himself and Barry forward to that moment so that they can gather headlines, headlines that they can try and prevent from happening. Killer Frost Still at Large? Oh boy. But they come back realizing that they CAN alter the future...but will altering the future actually cement Iris's untimely death? Time travel - you so crazy!

Caitlin seeks out Julian and apologizes for kidnapping him. She also senses (recognizes) his isolation and offers him a spot on Team Flash while also helping him recognize the survivor's guilt that he's feeling from his time as an unwitting minion of Savitar. It takes a while for the rest of the team to warm to the idea, but Barry is nothing if not a soft, forgiving cinnamon roll, Welcome to Team Flash, Julian!

Cisco takes pity on H.R. and helps him complete his Cisco-tour guide hologram. Class trips have been booked, and the museum looks like it might not fail after all! I need H.R. on a Segway on my screen every week, people.

Our final scene gives us a visitor from another Earth (or time, or both) arriving in Central City, looking for H.R. This should be fine. (Amanda R.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x11: Wake Up

A flashback shows how AIDA captured the real May and how May's consciousness fought against the fake reality Radcliffe tried to get her to buy into. As the story catches up to the present, Radcliffe reveals that there's a second LMD at S.H.I.E.L.D. May soon escapes her restraints, and she and AIDA fight it out. But as May's about to beat her, May finds out that it's another simulation.

While Mac takes some "personal time," Coulson and Yo-Yo head to Washington to snoop on Senator Nadeer while Mace takes Daisy to sign the Sokovia Accords, and face grilling by a panel of politicians including Nadeer. Nadeer catches Coulson and Yo-Yo in the act.

Fake May goes to confront Radcliffe about what she is, and he reveals to her that she has a larger mission. Simmons confronts Fitz about his obsession with AIDA, but he's actually been investigating Radcliffe; S.H.I.E.L.D. heads to his house and takes him into custody. Coulson questions why Fake May is there, but she can't tell him what she really is, thanks to her programming. Back at HQ, Fitz talks to Radcliffe ... then shoots him in the head, revealing that Radcliffe is the other LMD. Cut to the real Radcliffe making a deal with Nadeer and Radcliffe torturing May with a simulation of her traumatic mission in Bahrain.

And when Yo-Yo confronts—lots of that in this episode—Mac about his shady behavior, he tells her about Hope, his daughter that died at only four days old 11 years prior. (Mandy C.)

Arrow 5x10: Who Are You?

Laurel Lance really does appear to be back from the dead, courtesy of the Legends of Tomorrow and their time-traveling spaceship. Don’t ask how, it apparently doesn’t matter. Detective Malone is still dead, Diggle is in jail, Thea is out of town, and Quentin is in rehab, but Felicity decides to throw a Welcome Back From the Dead party with the rando new B team. Felicity steals Laurel’s beer glass from the party to run a DNA test. (Isn't Laurel supposed to be a recovering addict?) The DNA matches, but then they realize that it’s actually Laurel’s sort-of evil twin, Earth 2 metahuman, Black Siren.

Oliver talks D.A. Chase into helping defend Diggle on his many military charges. Chase really does go to bat for him, and jumps through some legal hoops to delay Diggle being remanded into military custody, where he’ll likely meet with a fatal “accident.” Chase also tells Oliver that the Malone crime scene evidence looks like he was set up to look like Prometheus and thus murdered by the Green Arrow.

Curtis is feeling pretty demoralized over his frequent injuries, and his husband leaving him, and takes it out on Rene, and I can’t even blame him. Maybe Curtis needs to spend some time with Felicity’s punching bag.

Oliver naively meets with the Black Siren to hear her side about being forced into the charade by Prometheus, but Felicity gives the rest of the team the nod to take her out. They fail, obviously, but Ollie hits her with a tranq dart. Felicity has a heart-to-heart with mean girl, Black Siren, but it’s really just a ruse to let her get away so they can track her. But she had to do it behind Oliver’s back, because he only sees Black Siren as his chance to save Laurel. The team pursues Black Siren and Prometheus (another day, another empty warehouse), and Oliver saves Felicity (why was she even there?), while Curtis takes down the Black Siren with a new invention. They send Black Siren to an A.R.G.U.S. prison, where Oliver can keep an eye on her. But he decides it’s time to make good on his promise to Laurel, and find a new Black Canary. (Kandis)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2x09: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Things are getting real on Legends when Nate learns that the Legion of Doom (yes) intends to use the medallion to locate an item that can change reality. Cue the sherpa jean jacket and bell bottom pants because the Legends are headed to 1967 to track down the spear of destiny.

Upon arrival, we see Rip - or at least his outer shel l-  along with a pre-Star Wars George Lucas. Oh yes, just when you thought Legends couldn’t get any crazier THEY GO THERE. When Lucas rage quits the film industry, suddenly Ray and Nate lose their powers, all thanks to their newly found lack of nerdness. Without Luke, Leia, and Indiana Jones, Ray and Nate fade into boring lives as surgeons and yoga instructors. All ends up well in the end, as Lucas is convinced to go forth with the Force. Rip, on the other hand, is still pretty broken, without his full memory, and ends up in the hands of the Doom-sters. Yikes! (Christy)

Hero of the Week: George Lucas, Legends of Tomorrow

You can't say that this show doesn't know who its fans are, that's for sure. They were even kind enough to not mention Lucas's LATER works that collectively destroyed the hearts of nerds everywhere. Ray and Nate wanting to share the films that inspired them to be the men that they are was just delightful. Vixen indulging them with a Lucas movie marathon is what true friendships are made of. (Amanda R.)

Honorarable mentions: Vixen, Legends of Tomorrow, Wild Dog, Arrow, Kara, Supergirl, Caitlin Snow, The Flash

Villain of the Week: Roulette, Supergirl

There's evil villains, and then there's just plain EVIL villains. Roulette makes her return to Supergirl this week, and she's motivated by pure greed. Unapologetic and merciless, Roulette teams up with aliens to turn humans into slaves to sell for a profit. She's the epitome of a villain.

Honorable mentions: Maria Kyle, Gotham, Black Siren, Arrow

Comic Relief


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Pick of the Week

Hulk #2 by Mariko Tamaki and Nico Leon

Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, is struggling to find her new normal in a world without her cousin. After the disastrous events of Civil War II left Jennifer in a coma, she's recovered physically, but the trauma isn't as easy to overcome. Jennifer has a new job at a law firm, where she's representing an Inhuman who desperately needs her assistance, but when the out-of-control monster within Jennifer threatens to get out, she's no help to anyone.

Hulk is a series less about superheroics and more about recovering from trauma to find a way to normal life again, a story that almost any reader can connect with. This is an intriguing, captivating book with a She-Hulk we've never seen before.



Darren Criss is Music Meister in the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. 

- Gotham Knights—DC's "formal line"—is now at Hot Topic and Torrid.

- Daredevil season 2, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones POPs are coming.

- Bryan Singer is going to direct the X-Men TV series for FOX.

- Female heroes represented at the Women's March last Saturday.

- Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits are both ending this spring, BUT writer Kelly Thompson promises better things ahead.


What does the future hold for Team Arrow?


Is anyone else starting to worry about Caitlin Snow and Iris West? And how much creepier can Gotham get? Let's chat!

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