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THE 100 4x1: Echoes

Season Four is off to a roaring start with nuclear levels of action and intensity.

THE 100 4x1: Echoes

Previously on The 100, Clarke and Raven took ALL-E down and consequently de-chipped everyone, but because we can never have a happy ending on this show, they now have to deal with rising radiation levels (from melting nuclear plants) that will kill all of humanity in six months. Good times!

You guuuuuuuys, our favorite show is FINALLY BACK. Praise be to Bekka Pramheda! I know last season had some issues, but I did a rewatch recently and you know what? Season Three was actually AWESOME. Again, I acknowledge the problematic nature of Lexa's death, and not every episode was solid gold, but those last few? DAAAAAAAYUM.

All that to say, I was way too excited about this premiere, and thankfully, the writers delivered. Let's get to it!


The episode begins immediately where the S3 finale left off, and everyone is reeling from being de-chipped... and from seeing all of the dead bodies lying around. Clarke confides in Bellamy (because of course she does) about the radiation problemo, and he wisely persuades her to keep that info on the DL, because as much as death in six months will suck, they're currently facing death in, like, now. All of the Grounders blame the carnage on Wanheda (not cool) and Jaha (totally cool), and Echo has decided that her clan (Ice Nation/Azgeda) is in charge of Polis, where Skaikru* is now trapped.

Thankfully, Roan is still alive, barely, and after a super sweet covert operation involving Octavia posing as a dead body and then busting out some lethal moves, Abby and Clarke manage to revive him. He knows that if he sides with Skaikru, his own people will kill him, but after Clarke shares about ye olde radiation and gives him the Flame as proof that She Means It, he delivers a public address supporting the Coalition and Skaikru as the 13th Clan. The Grounders appear to be less than enthusastic but I give that speech a standing O. Bellamy and Clarke head out to find a radiation solution at Arkadia...

... where Monty, Raven and Harper have been celebrating, while Jasper does the opposite, i.e. seriously contemplates suicide. Monty and Harper are a real thing now (yay!), and once Clarke radios over the bad news, it doesn't take long for Raven to validate it. The silver lining? Jasper doesn't kill himself! Hooray! But based on the last scene, in which a woman gets disintegrated in a radiation storm blowing through Egypt, maybe a gunshot to the head is a better way to go. (Wow, this show takes me to dark places.)

*With the exception of Murphy and Emori, because those cats are selfish smart and totally blew this taco stand.


- Clarke thanking Bellamy for saving her life. I love that the writers threw us a Bellarke bone right out of the gate, although that probably means we won't get another one until the finale.

- Indra hugging Kane!!!!! I don't think I've ever been this obsessed with a platonic ship.

- Octavia slicing and dicing two guards at the same time, THEN spearing the healer IN THE FACE, then grinning like the SUPREME KWEEN that she is. I need this gif like yesterday.

- Roan pressing a hot poker to his bullet wound while shirtless after Echo implies that he's weak. I'm gonna need this gif as well, KTHX.


- Echo silencing that ambassador... with a sword... to the throat!

- Jasper putting the gun to his head. SHOW, NEVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN.

- Roan waking up right right as Echo brought her blade down on Clarke's throat. That was a close one, girl.


Clarke's plea with Roan was all well and good, but the offer of the Flame was the real kicker. Clearly, she's still torn up over Lexa's loss, and handing over her spirit was a huge sacrifice for the good of her people. Nice work, Wanheda.


"Besides, I could use a break, keeping you alive." - Bellamy to Clarke. And then the people of Bellarkru collectively melted.

"Can I plead the chip?" - Jasper apologizing to Harper for the injuries he inflicted. Thankfully, she's not so hurt that she can't have sex with Monty again.

"What have I done?" - Jaha, surveying the piles of bodies. The answer is ALL OF THE TERRIBLE THINGS, YOU STUPID ASSHOLE.

"Get dressed and meet me in Engineering." - Raven
"Why, what's wrong?" - Harper
"We're all gonna die." - Raven, tactful as always.

"I'm gonna watch the sunrise." - Jasper, after realizing that suicide is unnecessary. Thanks, radiation!

"It's always something with you." - Roan to Clarke, who, let's be honest, really needs to bang that dude.

"The youth have inherited the earth." - Kane
"And they have six months to save it." - Abby, making that S4 plot summary real easy.


Will Roan be able to effectively lead the Grounders? And when does he get to kill Echo by stabbing her in the face with his crown?

ALL-E upgraded Raven's brain with coding ability, but her knee still hurts. What does this mean for her storyline this season because WE NEED TO MOVE ON FROM THE KNEE AND LET RAVEN BE THE GODDESS THAT SHE IS.

Are the writers trying to make Bellamy and Echo a thing? If so, I admire the planning since they did seem to have some chemistry when they were trapped together in Mount Weather but NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Where will Murphy and Emori end up?

How long do Clarke and Bellamy actually get to be within the same square mile of each other? Let us pray that this lasts for at least four episodes.

Head to the comments with your thoughts/predictions/freak-outs because it's been WAY too long since we got to over-analyze this show.

Next week: I'm not sure what's happening, actually, because I got too distracted by the weird structure of the teaser. What is this, a Powerpoint presentation?

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