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Superhero Sundays Jan. 30 - Feb. 3

Gotham goes into a short break with a bang, things heat up with Mon-El and Supergirl, anti-heroes abound, and more on this week's Superhero Sundays! 

Superhero Sundays Jan. 30 - Feb. 3

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All our favorites are back this week so let's start chatting! 

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x10: We Can Be Heroes

Mon-El is embracing the life of a superhero, and training with Kara. Guardian/Jimmy is finding that same life exciting, but also dangerous, as he’s constantly exhausted and injured. Winn insists on telling Kara about their double life.

Meanwhile, M’gann is attacked by an unseen assailant, and Livewire is broken out of prison by a guard and fellow inmate. When an electric-powered villain attacks National City PD, Supergirl and Mon-El arrive and discover that it’s two different superpowered baddies—not Livewire.

Guardian comes to assist them, but when he’s injured, Kara removes his helmet and discovers his identity. Kara is angry that James puts himself at risk, and tells him that he’s not strong enough to be a hero.

J’onn enters M’gann’s memories to help her against whatever is hurting her, and when she reveals that she killed her own people to save a Green Martian, J’onn forgives her for her past.

When security footage from the prison reveals that Livewire was kidnapped, not escaped, Winn calls James to get her on their own to prove they're heroes. Her kidnapper wants to create superpowered soldiers-for-hire to the highest bidder. When Mon-El and James find them, the mad scientist unleashes his own electric powers on them.

Supergirl comes to the rescue, and lets Livewire go—for now. M’gann is on the mend, but tells J’onn that the White Martians were behind the attack, and they will be coming for her. (Kelly)

Gotham 3x14: Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

GCPD has its hands full, rounding up Jerome's followers. Jim goes to chat with Lee (who still hates him) about what Jerome wanted, and the two remember that before he died, Jerome was going to go after Bruce. Jerome and his goons head to Wayne Manor, and after a little monologuing and ransacking, Jerome kidnaps Bruce and leaves Alfred to die. Thankfully, Jim arrives, and together they turn the tables on the goons.

Jerome takes Bruce to a deranged circus and stages an elaborate show that will lead Bruce's death. Jim, Harvey, Alfred, and a GCPD strike force arrive, however, and Bruce frees himself in the nick of time. He then leads Jerome into a trap. Bruce beats the crud out of Jerome, but can't bring himself to kill him. Back at home, Alfred and Bruce have a very foreshadowy conversation about rules and justice.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Penguin goes looking for Ed, thinking he's going to save him. Instead, Ed threatens to kill him because of what Penguin did to Isabella. As Ed rages, Penguin tells Ed that he killed Isabella out of love. Ed doesn't really care, though, and leaves him under a barrel of acid. Luckily, a semi-hapless security guard finds and frees Penguin. When Penguin returns to the mayor's manor, Butch and Tabitha surprise him, then take him to Barbara. Barbara tricks Penguin into thinking she wants to betray Ed, but Penguin is finally selfless. Ed's thrown for a loop, but he still shoots Penguin and then throws his body in the river.

Additionally, members of the Court of Owls (and a cleaned-up Emo Bruce) make vague comments about the future of Gotham, and it turns out that one of them is Jim's Uncle Frank. (Mandy C.)

The Flash 3x11: Dead or Alive

Kid Flash is keeping up with Barry, and is more than happy to get in on cheerleader selfies. Barry seems to really like having a speedster partner, while Julian is having a hard time conveying that he actually enjoys being part of Team Flash. I know he's British, but most Brits pride themselves on being POLITE.

A bounty hunter from Earth-2 who calls herself Gypsy (nope) is on the hunt for H.R. Turns out that it's illegal to travel inter-dimensionally, and so he has to return and answer for his crimes, one of which is NOT the terrible fan-fic he writes about himself and the team. Death is a BIT harsh, so Cisco decides to challenge G*psy to a trial by combat. Where is Jaime Lannister when you need him?

Cisco is crushing BIG TIME on G*psy. He definitely has a thing for strong, slightly violent women. She clearly feels the same way about him, but not enough to say no to the trial. Did I mention that Cisco and G*psy have the same vibe powers? Because they do, and I'm kind of hoping that at some point they become a TEAM.

Julian figures out how to get G*psy off her feet (literally) by studying footage of her fight sequences. Cisco saves the day, and OBVS isn't going to kill her, so she returns to Earth-2 right after an almost-smooch with Cisco. H.R. is safe, but he can never return to Earth-2; G*psy will only be able to explain her current state of being alive if she reports H.R. as dead.

Meanwhile Iris is feeling all kinds of feelings about potentially being shish kabob'ed by Savitar in six months, so she convinces Wally to go  with her after weapons smugglers. She even dares the guy guarding the stash to shoot her! After Wally, Barry AND Joe lose their minds over her recklessness, she confides to Barry that she doesn't want to die without having made an impact. Oh Iris. You have no idea how much of an impact you've already made on those that love you, girl.

Barry figures out that he can't stop Savitar, but is convinced that Wally just might be the one who can save Iris..! (Amanda R.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x12: Hot Potato Soup

The Watchdogs go after the Agents Koenig, one of whom Coulson gave the Darkhold. Billy Koenig is taken to an undisclosed location, where Radcliffe tries to get him to give up the Darkhold and Captain of the Ship Anton Ivanov (a.k.a Roan from The 100) threatens to torture him. Radcliffe realizes that physical torture won't work, and so try a different route: searching through Billy's memories. Billy gave the book to his brother Sam, who gave it to the original Koening, L.T.

Coulson, May and Daisy go looking for L.T. and find her and another Koening brother, Thurston, at a comedy bar. (Side note: SO GLAD Daisy interrupted that almost moment between Fake May and Coulson.) L.T. and Thurston go back to the Quinjet, and L.T. announces to the dismay of everyone that she gave the Darkhold back to Billy. Billy hid it in the Labyrinth, a secret storage location known only to the Koenigs.

Back at base, FitzSimmons interrogate the Radcliffe LMD and find that his programming is crazy advanced. The LMD plays head games, telling Fitz that Radcliffe knew his father, who, it turns out, was a terrible excuse for a parent. Fitz shakes it off, and figures out how to get around the LMD's programming. When he opens the LMD's head, he finds a quantum brain. And Simmons figures out that he also mapped May's.

In the Labyrinth, Coulson and Fake May smooch (blech) right before she turns on him. Coulson puts two and two together, and figures out that she's an LMD, too. The Watchdogs arrive and try to take the Darkhold, and in the shuffle, Radcliffe gets the book.

Back on the boat, Ivanov chats with Radcliffe and the leader of the Watchdogs about Coulson, who Ivanov believes is at the cause of all of the world's recent problems. And Radcliffe agrees to help them take Coulson down. (Mandy C.)

Arrow 5x11: Second Chances

We open on Central City, three years ago, when the particle accelerator was going online. Two detective are being held hostage by some bad guys and about to be killed, when she gets zapped into a metahuman.

Team Arrow is providing resumés to Oliver in order to fill the Black Canary suit. None of them are quite right, of course, because they’re not Laurel. They decide to check out a vigilante metahuman, with a canary cry. Former detective, Tina, turns down their offer to join the team, repeatedly. But when they find out she’s trying to avenge her dead partner, they offer to help, hoping she’ll change her mind. She’s still not interested. They interrupt anyway, while she’s trying to take down the the psycho drug dealer who held her captive, but surprise! He’s a meta, too. Oliver tries to talk her out of it, but she kills the bad guy anyway.

In Russian bratva flashbacks, Oliver meets Talia, and I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to care about these. Although, she is eventually the one who talks him into going home, because she knows of a use for the man he’s become, and gives him his first Arrow suit.

D.A. Chase has some intel on the general that’s trying to make Diggle his scapegoat. But General Walker has his own insider that can make information disappear. Felicity has to resort to revisiting her hacktivist past, to find what they need to free John. She goes for a face-to-face meet, with someone who idolized her goth, hacktivist alter ego of the past, Ghostface Goddess. Her contact is disappointed in Felicity’s current path, and urges her to get back to her roots. She provides a cache of stolen government data, including what they need to free Diggle, and a whole lot more.

Tina shows up at Mayor Queen’s office. She’s open to Oliver’s offer of a second chance, and ready to join the team. She also tells him that Tina was her undercover name. She’s really Dinah Drake. (Kandis)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2x10: The Legion of Doom

The big bad this season is not one entity but three familiar faces: Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, and Reverse Flash and boy, are they fun! This week’s episode is villain-centered and we are here for it. Picking up where we left off, the Legion has Rip tied up and is ready to chop off a few fingers or pull out a few teeth…which they totally do, leading them to the vault holding a device with Rip’s memories. As usual with baddies, the trust is nil so Darhk and Merlyn begin to question why Reverse Flash is constantly running out of the room when things start to heat up. Indeed, we see a bit more of DC history, where we learn Reverse Flash is literally running from time in the form of a resurrected Zoom-turned-Black-Flash. In a bro-moment, Merlyn and Darhk team up to trap the Black Flash, giving Reverse Flash a bit more time to undo his un-birth.

While the villains are up to no good, the Legends are fumbling and fixing things as usual. Mick spills the beans on Lily being an aberration and Nate realizes that their missing speedster is Eobard Thawne, who technically doesn’t exist thanks to Eddie (RIP). (Christy)

Hero of the Week: Cisco Ramon, The Flash

Sure, he saved the day and also spared his rival's life, but it was his talk with H.R. about his place on Team Flash that really made him a hero this week. (Amanda R.)

Honorarable mentions: Jonn, Supergirl

Villain of the Week: Gypsy, The Flash

I'm not sure if Gypsy counts as a villain or not because she's so. Dang. Awesome. Gypsy's really just doing her job as a bounty hunter, tasked with bringing H.R. Wells back to Earth-19, but fighting Cisco puts her in the villain category this week. Gypsy has a soft spot for Cisco (DON'T WE ALL), which might have been her downfall, but she also showed him just how powerful their similar abilities can be. Here's hoping we see her again soon--as a hero. (Kelly)

Honorable mentions: Livewire, Supergirl, Legion of Doom, Legends

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Pick of the Week

Road to Riverdale by Mark Waid, with art by Fiona Staples

If you're finding yourself obsessed with Riverdale, Road to Riverdale is a worthy read, especially if you're a neophyte when it comes to the new Archie comics. It's a compilation of several of that series' #1s: Archie #1, Jughead #1, Betty and Veronica #1, Josie and the Pussycats #1 and Reggie and Me #1, each bookended with commentary from Archie Comics publisher Jon Goldwater about how that issue influenced the writing and visual style of Riverdale. It also includes a collection of Riverdale-specific covers, and a series of stills from the show next to the comic cells that inspired them. It's a great read for Riverdale fans, and did the trick of getting me hooked on this entire new run. Here's hoping for an Afterlife With Archie collection next! (Meredith)



Finally...Some casting news for Freeform's upcoming Cloak and Dagger.

Mantis is staging an appearance in Avengers: Inifinity War.

Supergirl meets Lois Lane? Teri Hatcher joins CW series as [Spoiler]. 

This year's GLAAD nominees are full of FYA recs.

Assemble! More casting news with Marvel's Runaways.


Who's watching Powerless with us? 


We still aren't over how creepy Jerome is or how awesome Cisco is. Share your favorite moments and let's dish below!

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