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Jane the Virgin 3x10: Chapter Fifty-Four


Jane the Virgin 3x10: Chapter Fifty-Four

Okay, y'all. I will update this with a longer…something tomorrow, but oh man. 

Oh man oh man OH MAN.

I am not being hyperbolic: I'm like, one degree away from the physical devastation I felt on election night, barely able to move or breathe. The only difference is that I know this is fiction, and so I have both a sense of a relief mixed in with that devastation, and a thread of excitement woven through over JtV's ability to just tell the most consistently compelling story week after week, even two and a half years on our screens.


I can't believe this was just last week.


Michael died.

Wake in the comments.



Petra and Rafael, for overcoming their worst demons.


The obvious is just too much to handle right now, so I'll go with the second obvious: Rose is back. Of course she is! OF COURSE SHE IS.


Lupita N'yongo???


Your own unreliable narrator missed a week (apologies!), during which Jane, Michael, Rafael and Petra all eventually discovered the joys (and necessity!) of a solid self-care routine. Michael really dove into his LSAT prep; Jane finished a draft of her manuscript that Alba loved; Rafael had an ayahuasca revelation that he doesn't want to be his not-dad (because reminder! he's adopted!); Petra's spy game was discovered and she admitted to Raf that she destroyed the probate will that would take everything from Raf because after her three months in a forced coma, money and creature comfort was all the care she could give her babies. In the satellite worlds, Anezka married Scott and recieved a gift of said destroyed probated will as a gift; Rogelio and Darci decided to try a real De la Vega Factor relationship; and Xo and Bruce continued to make strides as a real couple, in spite of his resentful teen daughter; Catalina (finally) left.



Every flashback just served to remind us of how perfect for Jane Michael as always been. Let's not talk about it.


(I will try to talk about it tomorrow)


Devestation, depression, and a three-year time jump.


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