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Procrastination Pro-Tips: The Swoony Men Edition

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: The Swoony Men Edition

Happy Fifty Shades Darker Day to all of you! I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Have y'all seen Jamie Dornan? And if that's not your thing, please see below, for some eye candy-filled links.


Book Related Things

Bookriot made a list of nine romance novels featuring plus sized heroines. Bet Me is one of my personal faves!

Yay! You can now add rereads to Goodreads.


Movie Related Things

Critics love to hate Fifty Shades Darker. RUDE.

A Walk to Remember reunion via Mandy Moore's Instagram.


TV Related Things

A primer in anticipation of the likely appearance of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Riverdale this season.

An interview with Riverdale's Archie, KJ Apa.

Shailene Woodley states the obvious: she won't be in whatever Divergent nonsense will appear on TV.

Photos from the set of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Netflix sets premiere dates for the Anne of Green Gables Adaptation and Girlboss

Speaking of Netflix revivals, Kate McKinnon will voice Miss Frizzle in Magic School Bus!

The CW's Charmed and Lost Boys reboots have been pushed back to the next development season (i.e., for the 2018-19 broadcast season, if they make it that far). Also of interest is that the Lost Boys series already has a super ambitious seven year plan, spanning different decades.

Casting for the parents in Runaways includes James Marsters (Spike)!


Miscellaneous Things

Out of Print now has enamel pins! We're all gonna be so broke.

Malaysia has a five-star cat hotel, because why not?

Domino's has a wedding registry now. Mazel tov?

Jake Gyllenhaal rehearsing for Sunday in the Park with George.

5 incredible black women from history you haven't heard of.

Dream killing researchers think they know what Mr. Darcy really looked like

The most delightful Tom Hiddleston profile in GQ, including a retrospective of him wearing suits really well.


Any men we failed to objectify this week?

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