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THE 100 4x3: The Four Horsemen

This week, Clarke does her best Santa impression by making a list, and checking it twice.

THE 100 4x3: The Four Horsemen

Previously: The Ark is chosen as the radiation oasis, but when Bellamy & Co. go to Farm Station to recover a water system they need, they decide to blow it up to save some enslaved old friends. Meanwhile at Polis, Roan is fighting off a challenge from Trishanakru, so Octavia takes matters in her own hands... and kills the ambassador. Damn, girl!


As Raven rushes to prep Arkadia as a radiation shelter and Clarke is faced with making the worst invite list in history (i.e. who gets to RSVP for living?), Luna shows up with what's left (not much) of her people, all of whom are sporting some gnarly blisters thanks to ARS (Acute Radiation Sickness) from eating radiated fish. Yikes. Looks like our kru only has about two months of survival to go. Raven doesn't want to waste any meds on Luna's group, because they might not be effective, but Murphy, who's back for a little visit, steals them and hands them over to Abby, who administers them to a young girl. Unfortunately, they don't work on her, but Luna mysteriously begins to heal on her own... thanks to her Nightblood.

Meanwhile, Jaha's been doing some light reading on the Cult of the Second Dawn, a group from "before" founded by a dude named Bill Cadogan with a penchant for the hashtag #fourhorsemen. Jaha has a hunch that Cadogan built a fall-out shelter that could save thousands, so he takes Bellamy and Clarke on a road trip to find out. While they do make some cool discoveries (a skeleton sporting a medallion that reads, "From the ashes we will rise," and a door marked as the Eleventh Seal), ultimately the search ends on a real bummer note: the shelter is full of more skeletons. Guess none of those numbskulls managed to reach that 12th level of salvation. Defeated and desperate, Clarke steels herself to make the list, which includes a spot for Bellamy, who in turn adds her name as the very last entry.

Over at Polis, the Flame has been stolen, and Roan asks Octavia to find this so-called new Flame Keeper, who turns out to be Kenza, Indra's DAUGHTER WHAT. They had a falling out a few years ago when Indra wanted Kenza to lead her people, and Kenza wanted to get her Flame religion on. You know, typical mom and teenage daughter stuff. Ilian and an angry mob bent on destroying all technology show up to destroy the Flame, but Octavia, smartie that she is, uses a replica from Kenza's necklace as a decoy. In order to save Indra's daughter from being hunted by Roan, Octavia returns the fake Flame, now crushed to bits, to the King.


- Roan referring to Octavia by her sweet new nickname: Sky Ripper, which means "Death From Above." BAD. ASS.

- When Murphy steals the meds to help Luna and the other Grounders, and Jackson says, "His father got floated for stealing medicine to save him. Who knew he had it in him?" Then Abby responds, "I did." FEELS.

- Clarke writing Bellamy's name into the 99th slot on the list while he sleeps on the couch.

- AND THEN Bellamy waking up and saying, "If I'm on that list, you're on that list," and writing her name in the last spot.


GIF via chatnoirs-baton.

HOLY SH*T x 100

- Indra has a daughter!!!!

- Abby and Raven DUKING IT OUT over this season's theme: is it better to save a handful of lives now, even if it means putting hundreds of lives at risk in the future? (Abby to Raven: "But the radiation isn't killing that child. You are." OUCH.)


Y'all, her nickname is the SKY RIPPER. But while Octavia is a BAMF, her actions to protect Kenza (and thereby help Indra) show that girlfriend still has a heart.


"One kill to prevent thousands? That's good politics." - Roan, who is clearly on the same wavelength as Raven.

"Choosing who gets to live or die is your specialty." - Raven, giving a major (radiation) burn to Clarke.

"You keep her centered." - Jaha, talking to Bellamy about Clarke.
"You got it backwards." - Bellamy, giving Bellarkru a reason to hold on for one more day.


- So did I spot Nyla at Arkadia? Is she shaping up to be a recurring character? Looks like the writers are trying to fill in some gaps caused by ALL OF THE DEATH by bringing back Luna and introducing Kenza.

- Who else is digging Octavia's new look?

- What's up with Murphy and Ontari? He just leaves her in the cave for a day while he goes to Arkadia? Dude, not cool.

- I have the feeling we're not quite done with the Cult of the Second Dawn. Or Jaha, for that matter (dammit). Any theories on what the writers have planned for this storyline?

Join me in the comments with your answers and your reactions (and all of the Bellarke gifs, KTHX).


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