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RIVERDALE Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show

Geraldine Grundy is not who she appears to be. Color us shocked.

RIVERDALE Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show

Previously on RiverdaleBettty and Veronica team up with Ethel (BARB!) and a reluctant Cheryl to find the football team's "playbook" (gross), which gets a bunch of boys kicked off the team. Josie and the Pussycats make beautiful music out of Archie's lyrics, and Alice Cooper gets a long overdue punch in the face courtesy of Penelope Blossom.

The Rundown

The Twilight Drive-In is being closed down and Jughead is devastated. He pleas with the mayor AND Fred Andrews to give him some time to find out who this anonymous buyer is; he's convinced something shady is going on. Betty and Veronica also know about Grundy and Archie, and Betty sets up a fake interview to try and catch Grundy out. Veronica is concerned that she keeps seeing her mom with a Southside Serpent (actual gang name, people), Kevin may finally be lucky in love, Alice Cooper exposes Grundy and Archie to Fred Andrews courtesy of Betty's diary, but the BIG reveals is that Jughead is A - homeless and living at the drive-in, B - has/had a younger sister, and C - is the head Serpent's SON. WHAT.

The Teens

Betty and Veronica do some questionably legal sleuthing to get to the bottom of Miss Grundy's story, because you can't trust anyone who's only had a Facebook account for a year. They break into her VW Bug and find a whole box of evidence including a gun AND a driver's license of a Ms. Jennifer Gibson.

The closing night of the Twilight Drive-In is bittersweet. It was truly awesome to see Veronica verbally take on a whole gang of rabblerousers, as well as Cheryl try to squeeze into the squad, but who am I kidding, the highlight of closing night was KEVIN AND HIS SERPENT:

Star-crossed lovers: a sheriff's son and a gang member = SWOON

Archie is torn between his loins feelings for Miss Grundy and the knowledge that their relationship really isn't going to go anywhere. When Betty tells him what she finds in Grundy's car, he confronts her and she sells him a tale of being an abused wife who had to leave her entire life behind. Am I cynical? After seeing her leer at other teenage boys as she's leaving Riverdale, yes. Yes I am. #ByeGerald-fer

Betty pulls through for Archie in a big way, threatening to expose her own B&E in order to get her crazy mother to back down from trying to smear Archie and Gerald-fer all over the news. She also acted out of genuine concern and not jealousy when it came to Archie and Gerald-fer, reminding him that a relationship that isolates you from everyone else in your life isn't one worth having. Betty is my homegirl, y'all. <3

Hints have been dropped all along that Jughead's home situation isn't great, and when he brings up how Fred fired his dad for stealing materials from a job site it's pretty much confirmed, but Jughead is homeless. HOMELESS. My heart broke for him as he walked away from his current digs, right past his own father, determined to make it on his own:

So much said in just one shot...

The Grown-Ups

Alice doesn't care whose life she ruins as long as she can control Betty's life. What kind of mother blames a child for statutory rape, which is essentially what she did to Archie. All of that was more important than, say, telling the sheriff that Gerald-fer had a GUN in her car. 

Speaking of sheriff, we get the first extended scene between Kevin and his dad this week. His dad is awesome and supportive and protective of Kevin. This makes my heart happy. 

Hermione Lodge is still living that Mildred Pierce life, but is doing her husband's work on the side. Hiram Lodge hired the Southside Serpents (headed by SKEET ULRICH) to vandalize the Twilight, making its property value go way down, and then he bought said property with the help of Mayor McCoy (and a large donation to her re-election fund). Hermione tells Veronica all of this, refusing to apologize for her husband's business ventures and reminding Veronica that her lifestyle is what it is because of how her dad does business. Hermione is a very complex character. I appreciate that she's got some grey to her instead of being a Put-Upon Prison Widow. 

Fred Andrews found out that his son's teacher was having a sexual relationship with him, and instead of going full Hulk on Gerald-fer his primary concern is for his son. "None of this is your fault," he says to a crying Archie. Those are complicated parental waters to navigate - a kid with a broken heart with the added trauma of an abusive relationship. I'm ready to see how this show continues to address it.

The Clues

They found a gun in Gerald-fer's car which they didn't report to the sheriff, and so it hasn't been checked against the bullet found in Jason's body. Dang.

At the Chock'lit Shoppe

It all kicked off at Pop's this week when Fred and Archie arrived with Gerald-fer:

A Fine Line


What's Coming

Burning Questions

Is Jughead's sister alive or dead? Where is Juggie's mom? Why isn't he living with his father? Even low-level thugs can provide basic needs for their kids, so what else happened there?

WHY does Alice hate Archie so much?? Is it because he has red hair like Jason Blossom? RLY??

How will her dad's slow gentrification of Riverdale affect Veronica's relationship with her parents?

Will Fred have enough foresight to get Archie some counseling?

How hot is Joaquin? GO KEVIN. Everyone needs their own Bad Boy experience in high school.

Are y'all still REELING from that Jughead reveal? Ugh, my poor heart. Come convo with me below!

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