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Superhero Sundays: February 13-17

Supergirl is full of Luthor family drama, Arrow tackles a tough issue, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. flashes back. And this is a SLOW week for our heroes!

Superhero Sundays: February 13-17

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It's a quiet week for our super shows, but that doesn't mean there's any less awesome action. Let's get to it!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x12: Luthors

Lillian Luthor is about to go on trial for her crimes. Kara goes to visit Lena to offer moral support, and suggests she should visit her mother in prison. Lillian tells Lena that Lionel Luthor had an affair with Lena’s biological mother, and took Lena in when she died. Lena actually is a Luthor.

Meanwhile, John Corben (Metallo) gets a surprise delivery of Kryptonite in prison, which he uses in court to unleash an attack and set Lillian free. They escape.

National City PD finds footage that shows Lena sending the Kryptonite to Corben, and arrest her despite her protests that it wasn’t her. Metallo goes to the prison to break her out, but Guardian is ready for him. Metallo is too much for Guardian to take on his own, though, and Lena leaves the prison.

Lillian needs Lena’s DNA to open a biometric lock holding a weapon Lex stashed away, which is why she faked the footage and broke her out. Inside they find an arsenal for taking out Kryptonians. The DEO locates them, and Supergirl and Martian Manhunter goes to help Lena. Corben’s Kryptonite heart explodes and the good guys escape in time.

Kara has a heart-to-heart with Mon-El, and she realizes she has feelings for him after all. Just as she’s about to kiss him, they get a strange visitor in her apartment: Mr. Mxyzptlk!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x13: BOOM

In Spain, Coulson and Mack find Agnes, the real live woman Radcliffe modeled AIDA's looks on. They chat with her about her time with Radcliffe, and she reveals that he left her because she has an inoperable brain tumor. Coulson pleads with her to help them save May, and she eventually agrees, but then turns on them with Radcliffe promises to help her live. Radcliffe puts her in The Framework (where they've also put May), but they can't sustain her body.

On Ivanov's boat, Radcliffe, Ivanov and the head Watchdog goon (Shockley, apparently), discuss their plans to rid the world of Inhumans; Racliffe reveals that he has pure Terragen crystals, which they'll use to create Inhumans to lure S.H.I.E.L.D. Shockley heads to Sen. Nadeer's office to try to turn her, but he's the one who's affected. An explosion right after supposedly takes Nadeer, Shockley, and two aides out. Shockley's not dead, though, and he returns to Ivanov ... leading Daisy there, too. Daisy takes Shockley back to HQ, where they realize—nearly too late that he's the Inhuman, and can blow himself up and put himself back together. Daisy tracks him to the desert, where she battles him, but the Russians also show up and the team realizes that it's all a trap. Director Mace uses the super serum (which he was told earlier would kill him) to give FitzSimmons more time to take Shockley down. (Mandy C.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x14: The Man Behind the Shield

S.H.I.E.L.D. tracks the GPS in Director Mace's suit to Alaska. When they arrive, they don't find Mace, but they do find a super stalkery wall of info dedicated to Coulson. A picture of a Russian mining camp leads Coulson to reminisce about a mission with May from many years ago. The team heads to the camp, where they find dead bodies that Coulson—according to Ivanov—had killed. Ivanov takes time out from torturing Mace to call Coulson to gloat that he'll be killing Coulson's men much like Coulson did with his.

Meanwhile, FitzSimmons share The Framework with the rest of the team, explaining that it was built as a training tool for S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees. They track the origin of Radcliffe's version, which they realize is much, much larger than expected.

The team heads to Ivanov's base, where Coulson pulls a Mean Girl by telling Ivanov he's not worth his time or effort, then sics Daisy on him. Coulson and Mack find Mace, but Radcliffe and AIDA escape with May in Ivanov's submarine. Back on the Quinjet, Simmons questions the timing of the mission, and find that Coulson, Mack, Daisy and Mace have all been replaced with LMDs. (Dun, dun, DUUUUNNNN!) (Mandy C.)

Arrow 5x13: Spectre of the Gun

Felicity takes credit for tracking down Prometheus’ mother, though she had help from her hacker data cache. Thea is finally back from the longest business trip ever, and disapproves of Oliver getting serious about Shady Susan. And Rene has been promoted to Assistant to the Deputy Mayor. D.A. Chase is trying to talk Oliver into having Susan drop the coverage of Billy Malone’s murder, when a dude with an assault rifle walks in and opens fire on City Hall. Rene busts out his pistol and fires back, but it doesn’t help, and the D.A. gets shot. Multiple people are killed, and even more are wounded. In the aftermath, nobody is thrilled that Rene was carrying in City Hall, especially Quentin, who knows about Rene’s dishonorable discharge from the army.

Rene flashbacks! WHAT? We have a Wild Dog origin story! Which one of you jerks asked for this? Past!Rene got his wife and kid out of The Glades, only to have her go back to her junkie ways. He gives her an ultimatum, but she ends up getting killed in front of their kid, when a dealer comes to collect, despite Rene’s home “protection”. And he lost custody of his daughter. But seeing the Green Arrow on TV during the Damien Darhk attack on the city, is what spurred Rene to go vigilante.

Oliver visits Adrian in the hospital, and the D.A. thinks it was a hit by the Bertinelli crime family. When Oliver hits the streets for more info, he gets into a sparring match - and a gun control debate, with the Vigilante. In fact, all of Team Arrow cannot stop discussing this week’s Very Special Episode topic (all except for Felicity, who, you know, was shot and paralyzed). Oliver has a crisis of conscience, wondering if they’re just feeding the cycle of violence. Thea and Quentin urge him to deal with the issue as Mayor, not as the Green Arrow. Oliver starts preaching his new gun control agenda to other members of city government. And it’s Mayor Queen who ends up talking down the shooter (which ends up being some random dude who’s family was killed by gun violence, and is punishing the city for not creating a gun registry) by promising to make some changes. Oliver and Rene work together to create a magical city gun ordinance that improves safety, but without making it harder to buy, sell, or carry guns.

Dinah starts putting down roots, and with Diggle’s encouragement, gets an apartment, and a job with the S.C.P.D. Curtis vows to help Rene get custody of his daughter. (Kandis)

Legion 1x01: Chapter 1

David had a pretty normal childhood ... until around the time he hit puberty, and things all went to crap. He started hearing voices, which led him to take part in teenage shenanigans like drinking to dull the experiences. He was able to live a somewhat normal life, however, until he had an episode in which his kitchen exploded, he saw a strange creature (the Devil with the Yellow Eyes), and then tried to kill himself. Shortly after, he was institutionalized at Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.

There, David goes through routines, taking drugs, hanging out with fellow patients like Lenny, and trying not to pay attention to his supposed hallucinations. He takes an interest in a new patient, Sydney Barrett, who has a serious aversion to touch. The two start "dating," and things are good ... until it turns out that Syd might not have existed.

In the "present," two strange men interrogate David, asking him about his time at Clockworks and Syd. During a break in the discussion, the interrogator leaves and reveals that they're in an old school crawling with military-looking soldiers. The interrogator chats with an older guy, and they discuss how David's likely the most powerful mutant they've ever seen.

When the interrogator returns to David, they discuss an incident that happened at Clockworks: The day Syd left, David kissed her—touching skin for the first time—and something passed between them; David tells the interrogator that he and Syd somehow switched bodies. When the doctor and David!Syd return to the main floor, they find the patients "magically" sealed inside their rooms, and Lenny dead, somehow stuck in a wall. When the interrogator tries to downplay David's memories, David flips out, but they gas him unconscious.

Back in the past, David!Syd somehow transforms back into just David (?) and heads to his sister's house to crash. There, he imagines he's talking to Lenny, and she tells him that people will be coming for him.

Back in the present, David wakes to find himself in a pool surrounded by power cables. The Interrogator asks him what happened to Syd, and David explains that looked, but couldn't find her. While thinking about the day, Syd breaks into his memory and tells him how she's going to get him out. David sinks to the bottom of the pool while all the men above are burned to a crisp. When he surfaces, he finds Syd waiting, and a war zone outside. Syd and some other mutants lead him to a boat, where a woman named Mrs. Bird is waiting with open arms. (Mandy C.)

Hero of the Week: Kara Danvers, Supergirl

She may be the Girl of Steel, but she's also the Best Friend You Can Have. Kara Danvers is willing to do just about anything for her friends, and she trusts them without fail. Kara was the only one who stood up for Lena Luthor, even when everyone else told her she was wrong, and she was willing to die to save her. Kara is someone you always want on your side.

Honorable mention: Oliver Queen, Arrow

Villain of the Week: Lillian Luthor, Supergirl

Worst. Mom. Ever.

Honorable mention: Aida, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Pick of the Week

The Deep #2, written by Tom Taylor, with art by James Brouwer

This all-ages title from Kaboom! follows the adventures of the Nekton Family. You know, just your average family of deep underwater explorers that live and work in a submarine that would make Richard Branson jealous. Besides parents William and Kaiko, we have Ant and his big sister, Fontaine.

The family arrives in Greenland after reports of a large sea monster have hit the news. They head down to a trench so deep that prehistoric fish formerly thought extinct are swimming by, totally casual-like. Ant is sulking back on the sub while the rest of his family go deep in the mini-sub for clues, but what is that large object bleeping on his screen and heading faster towards his family? The Deep is fun for anyone who ever dreamed of exploring the unknown as a kid, or as an adult! (Amanda R.)



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Supergirl has her hands full with Mxyzptlk next week:

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