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Superhero Sundays: February 20-24

Double dose of Legion this week in addition to our regular roster, including...GIANT SENTIENT GORILLAS. (Joe West should be fine.) Plus news, trailers and all the gifs - join us!

Superhero Sundays: February 20-24

Hey hey everyone! Amanda R. here with all of your recaps, news and more! WOOT!

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Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x13: Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

Just as Mon-El and Kara share their first kiss, a flash of light reveals Mr. Mxyzptlk! He declares his undying love for Kara and proposes on the spot. A self-described “inter-dimensional man about town,”  Mxyzptlk says he’s been watching Kara across the dimensions and fell in love with her strength and charm.

It just so happens to be Valentine’s Day, so Winn is spending the day drinking his misery away at the alien bar. He meets Lyra, from the planet Starhaven, and the two have a connection that leads to a date (and more) that evening.

Kara, meanwhile, stops a bank robbery, but Mxyzptlk interferes and almost kills the robbers. Kara wants him gone, and so does Mon-El, who might be a little bit jealous.

Alex confides to Kara that Maggie hates Valentine’s Day when a rampaging Parasite interrupts their talk. A man in a red cape swoops in to help Kara fight him, but it’s not Superman—it’s Mxy, trying to impress her. Mon-El steps in to help, too, but only succeeds in annoying Kara.

Mon-El steals an alien artifact from the DEO that nulls Mxy’s powers, and challenges him to a duel. Mxy destroys the artifact in the fight, however, and just as he’s about to kill Mon-El, Kara arrives and agrees to marry Mxy at the Fortress of Solitude the next day.

At the Fortress, Kara admits she doesn’t plan on marrying Mxyzptlk, and initiates a self-destruct—she’d rather die than marry him. Frantic, Mxy enters the code to stop the explosion. It’s his name backward. He disappears back to the 5th dimension. (Kelly)

The Flash 3x13: Attack on Gorilla City

"Gorilla vs Speedster - World’s worst video game." Cisco bringing the TRUTH, as always! Team Flash visits Earth-2 in an attempt to rescue Harry, who has been kidnapped by the sentient gorillas of Gorilla City . (You know, the place where Gorilla Grodd retired after his previous attack, which has undergone an impressive CGI upgrade). Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian venture into Africa (which hasn’t been impacted by global warming like on Earth-1) and are immediately captured by the gorillas. They’re not too happy about the way humans treat them, plus this whole trespassing deal so what does Barry do? Challenge them to a duel to the death. With Solovar, the head gorilla. When Barry inevitably wins in the most Flash way (sparing his life but asking for peace), the hope is he’s cured the future of Iris’ death (remember, the paper referenced a gorilla attack on Central City). Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, Wally and Jesse are keeping the crooks in line and working out the “Will she stay” conversation that has been in the back of all the comic fan’s minds. This episode plays to all the heart strings of DC comic fans. (Christy)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x15: Self Control

At HQ, FitzSimmons discuss what they're going to do about the LMD infestation right before LMD!Coulson and LMD!Mace announce that they're planning to bring all Inhumans to the base (where they'll all be executed). FitzSimmons try to keep their cool, but things get dicey when one of them sets off the LMD sensor. Simmons turns a gun on Fitz, thinking he's the LMD, but he denies it, slitting his wrist to prove that he's real ... only, it's fake blood—surprise! He tries to map Simmons' brain, but she fights back.

Meanwhile, Daisy goes to check the Inhuman quarters, and runs into a whole slew of LMD versions of herself. She gets away from Mack, and watches on a tablet as Coulson and Mace discover Fitz' "corpse" and reveal themselves as fake. She then finds Simmons, and the two form a plan.

On the submarine, AIDA  "fixes" Ivanov (i.e., makes him a new, LMD body) while the real members of S.H.I.E.L.D. chill out in The Framework nearby. And because Radcliffe is a paradox, AIDA solves it by killing him and uploading his consciousness into the Framework.

Coulson announces to everyone at HQ that Daisy and Simmons are the LMDs, and the two women try to figure a way to escape with their lives and find their friends. They release gas into HQ, knocking out everyone who aren't LMDs. Daisy and Mace fight and she gains the upper hand, but Mack and Coulson shoot her to take her down. She uses her powers on the bots, and Simmons wakes up some of the other agents to help. As they make their way toward the Zephyr, they find May blocking their way, sitting on a bomb. But May isn't like the other LMDs, and lets the women make their way to the Zephyr. As the plane takes off, May sets off the explosions.

Daisy and Simmons pick up YoYo, and then plug themselves into the Framework with the hopes of finding their people and waking them up. Before the episode ends, we see glimpses of each person's dream life: Daisy's dating Ward (EFFING A), Coulson's a teacher, Mack has a family, Fitz is someone famous (?), Jemma's dead (?!) and May apparently works for Hydra (!!). (Mandy C.)

Arrow 5x14: The Sin-Eater

Mayor Queen visits Prometheus’ mother, in Opal City. She claims to not have spoken to her son in years, but refuses to help Oliver catch him, or to even give up his name. Shady Susan shows up in his office to outright ask Oliver if he’s the Green Arrow. He admits it immediately, but then plays it off as a joke. Oliver tells Thea, but he naively assumes he threw Susan off the trail, but Thea takes her suspicions to Felicity. It takes half a second for Felicity to hack into Susan’s computer files, and confirm that she’s definitely onto Oliver as the Green Arrow. Then Susan gets fired for plagiarizing her work, the evidence having mysteriously shown up on her laptop. She confronts Oliver about the convenient timing, since she’s now been discredited, and can’t go public about her story on Oliver. He gets in Felicity’s face over it, but is even madder, when he finds out Thea was the one responsible. When he yells at Thea, she says she feels bad that Susan got fired, but  knows that Oliver would have continued to be oblivious to her using him. He tells Thea he’s worried about her, because this was such a Moira Queen thing to do.

In the super secondary baddie of the week plot, three of Star City’s former villains, Liza Warren, Cupid, and China White, overpower their prison drivers, and head back to town, in a stolen Corrections Department bus. The felons are after Tobias Church’s buried treasure. Quentin and Oliver track them to a warehouse (where else?), when the SCPD SWAT team shows up to arrest the Green Arrow for Billy Malone’s murder. He gets away, and is eventually able to convince Police Captain Pike of the circumstances that led to the Arrow killing Billy Malone, and that Adrian covered it up, to avoid a citywide Prometheus panic. When Team Arrow goes to take down the escaped felons, the ladies are backed by an army of hired guns. The team is barely fighting them off, when the SCPD shows up to finish it up, with the captain not arresting the Green Arrow, since the mayor vouched for him.

Flashback Oliver brainstorms with Anatoli, to take down the Bratva. And Anatoli tells a charming folk tale, explaining that Oliver is the village sin-eater. In present day, Thea gives Quentin some good advice about not being responsible for other people’s sins. Which comes in handy, when he needs to use it later, because Oliver is beating himself up over the Malone incident.

Dana is sworn into the SCPD and Felicity presents her with the Black Canary mask, to ease her into filling Laurel’s shoes. Quentin later tells Dinah that Laurel wanted someone to carry on in her place. The press has gotten wind of the Malone cover-up in the Mayor’s office, and the television reporters are breathless over the possible impeachment scandal. (Kandis)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2x12: Camelot/3000

If you’re looking for a super serious superhero show, you should definitely stop watching Legends and pick up something else. This week’s episode was straight up silly and we are all totally okay with this. Starting in the year 3000 and ending up in Camelot (hence the name), the Legends are off on an Arthurian adventure to locate the next sliver of the spear…Which is, of course, attached to Excalibur. Craziness ensues between the Legends and the Legion of Doom, and a little bit of the JSA. We finally find out that they were tossed across time after hanging out with (old school) Rip. Speaking of Rip, the Legends regain him at the end of the episode when he’s saved by Sara. Why do I suddenly have such a feeling of dread? (Christy)

Legion 1x02: Chapter 2

David and his rescuers head to Summerland, a safe place for mutants, but they're tracked by Division 3 soldiers and The Eye (the Interrogator's partner from Chapter 1). Dr. Bird explains to him that he's telepathic, and likely telekinetic, too. She also helps him begin to control his powers, with the help of Ptonomy and "memory work."

In a dream, David chats with his therapist about his ex-girlfriend and the troubles they had. Then Ptonomy wakes him up, and the two chat briefly about Ptonomy's background. Later, David and Syd talk about what happened the day they switched bodies and their "romance of the mind." After an MRI, David revisits another memory, one in which his sister tells him that her boyfriend is going to propose and Lenny sells a stove in exchange for drugs. He, Ptonomy and Bird then jump around in other memories; Ptonomy struggles to control their path because of David's mental strength.

While in another MRI, David uses his powers to check in on his sister, Amy, who's at Clockworks looking for him. The secretary there tells her that they have no record of David, nor David's doctor. David calls out to her, but can do nothing as The Eye comes up behind her. When David's brain activity starts doing some interesting things, Cary runs to alert someone; David panics when he sees the Devil with the Yellow Eyes and sends the MRI chamber outside. Feeling like he has to do something to rescue Amy from Division 3, David tries to leave Summerland, but Syd talks him into staying, at least for a while. (Mandy C.)

Legion 1x03: Chapter 3

At Summerland, David continues to work on honing his powers. Ptonomy and Bird help him revisit the incident in which David caused his kitchen to explode. When David sees the Devil with the Yellow Eyes, his fear takes control, and Ptonomy can't rewind. They leave his memory and find themselves teleported 600 feet away from the memory cube.

David and Syd talk about their past and their parents, and how David peed while in Syd's body. Syd tells him about the many people she's been. Cary then hooks David up to more machinery and asks him to think about a stressful event. David thinks about a time when he was little and his dog ran into a super creepy yard. He then imagines talking to Lenny, who riles him up about Amy (who's being interrogated by Division 3). David's agitation leads to him levitating himself and projecting both Syd and himself into the room where Amy's being held. Amy doesn't see them, but The Eye does.

David and Syd come to in the Summerland lake, and tell Bird about who they saw in the room with Amy. Bird tells them about how her husband and Cary built Summerland, and how The Eye—Walter—was an early member of the group, but was more eager to do harm, not good. David tells them all that nothing except Amy matters, so Bird comes up with a new, more extreme plan. Syd wants to help, but David worries that she'll think less of him when she sees what he was like before Clockworks (i.e., a junkie and a thief).

Bird sedates him slightly to dull his power, and they dive back into his memory. But something goes wrong, and Ptonomy can't pull them out. Syd helps little David hide from the creepy doll person and the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. Syd and Ptonomy wake up, but Bird stays in David's memories. She investigates, and her hand's injured while the Devil looms behind her. David remains stuck inside his own head, surrounded by yelling figures. (Mandy C.)

Hero of the Week: Ray Palmer (aka, Sir Ray of The Palms), Legends of Tomorrow

Ray is a hero in the truest sense of the word. He fights on the side of right, no matter the cost. He was so happy when Guinevere knighted him that I couldn't help but grin. (Amanda R.)

Honorable Mentions: Jefferson/Legends of Tomorrow, Kara/Supergirl

Villain of the Week: Gorilla Grodd, The Flash

If you thought Grodd went off into the sunset with his fellow gorillas, you were sorely mistaken. We see a taste of his fury in the epilogue of this week's episode, with the next episode surely being the big face-off. (Christy)

Honorable Mention: Damian Darhk/Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter/Legends of Tomorrow

Comic Relief

I feel this. 


Shoutout to Chris Wood, for quenching our thirst.

Biff! Bam! Pow!

Not today, Solovar. Not today.


Pick of the Week: Supergirl Being Super #2, written by Mariko Tamaki, with art by Joelle Jones

Oh my goodness, Mariko - you have taken us by the heartstrings and completely enamored us to you. Wow! This miniseries is not just Supergirl’s story, but the story of any teenage girl growing up. Kara is awkward. She has zits. There’s insecurity! And in this issue, she’s experiencing a deep loss and some very real trauma associated with it. This is raw and real, told through story and art. Can’t wait to see what the next issue unlocks for us. (Christy)



Everyone's favorite mayor, Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams), is going to play the lead in Black Lightning!

We're getting a Nightwing movie! PLS FANCAST IN COMMENTS

New Spider-Man and Wonder Woman POPS are coming, natch. And who's going to buy me this DC Super Hero Girls Lego Wonder Woman DORM ROOM?

Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsey Snow, to star in Inhumans.

Superstar author Mariko Tamaki (see our Pick of the Week above) is writing four middle grade novels based on The Lumberjanes!


God bless whoever put this together: Every laugh from Luke Cage's Cottonmouth:

Mahershala Ali is a GIFT, people.
Tuesday's The Flash continues to gift us with giant sentient gorillas:
Joe West is NOT going to be pleased.
So what did you all think about Guinevere and Sara Lance(OLOT)?? I hope that's not the last we see of the Queen of Camelot! Is anyone else out there watching Legion? Come chat with us!


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