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Between Two Lockers With Heather Demetrios

Heather Demetrios dishes on her YA self, burlesque, and the final installment of the Dark Caravan Cycle.

Between Two Lockers With Heather Demetrios

It's no secret that FYA loves Heather Demetrios, and we're pleased as punch to have her here in celebration of Freedom's Slave, the final book in the Dark Caravan Cycle (available tomorrow!).


For newcomers to the series, can you give us a Twitter pitch for the Dark Caravan Cycle?

A jinni trapped by her master fights to save herself, only to discover that freedom is half the battle. Romance, magic, exotic locales abound.

Now that the series is coming to an end...

What's been your favourite part of this experience?

Such a hard question! I think what I've loved most has been discovering what this story is. I came into the trilogy with so many ideas, but it's been fascinating to see how the story has morphed into this whole other beast because I pretty much gave my characters the reins. I've loved writing magic and action scenes and lush description. Book 3 has been especially close to my heart because it takes place in Arjinna, the jinn land, with a landscape, language, and culture I created myself. Pretty cool!

What's been the most difficult or challenging part?

I had to be really careful not to fall into a lot of traps that are part of trilogies. Like, I didn't want Book 3 to be all about a huge battle. Aren't we all a little bit tired of that? My desire to go to unexpected places really paid off: this book is totally different than I imagined it would be, and I'm so proud of the end result. It was extremely hard to write -- there are so many things at play -- but, man, was it worth the effort.

What will you miss the most?

I'll miss my characters. I've grown really attached to them. It's weird to think that they're just going to be on their own now, doing their thing. I'll miss the world of the jinn, the magic system, the culture of it all. I had such fun traveling to Morocco to do research and writing to sitar music and burning amber oil. So much of what I love is in these books.

What's next for you after this? (This is the part where I pretend that I'm not already so excited for Bad Romance!) And do you have any plans to write another fantasy novel yet?

Well, of course there's Bad Romance, which was a terrifying book to write. I think I might be a little nauseous on pub day. My next fantasy series is well underway and will be out next year (details are still secret, but not for long). It's set in an archipelago with 1920's fashion and music and features magical speakeasies, burlesque performers, bohemian rebels, pirates, and gangsters. It's more of a crossover book, which means I get to make it dark and sexy. I traveled to Hong Kong to do research for this one, but I also got a lot of inspiration from my favorite club in here in NYC -- Sleep No More's The Heath in Chelsea.


If your real life adolescence was a YA book...

What would you, the main character, be like?

I was trying to think of a YA book with a proto similar to how I was, but I was kind of a weirdo in that I was a drama geek, super serious about school, but also very religious (I'm not anymore, but I was raised in a fundamentalist home and it took the debauchery of college to finally free me from that insanity). I wouldn't be the "cool" girl. Maybe a Sara Zarr kind of character.

Omggggg, young Heather Demetrios as a Sara Zarr character sounds like my favourite YA novel waiting to happen. 

Who is your secret crush?

The hot jock who's super smart and shy. There was this boy I was crazy about. I was also into the cute boys who had their own band and kind of exuded that Cali cool.

What is your number #1 source of angst?

My horrible abusive boyfriend. (True story -- re: Bad Romance).


At what point would the reader pump his/her fist in victory?

When I tell my evil step-father that if he touches me or my sister again, I'm calling the police. (The look on his face - priceless).

And who would play you in the film adaptation?

Some girl no one's ever heard of. OR I would really love to see Sophie Turner (Sansa on Game of Thrones) have a shot at that. I like that she can be a wallflower when she needs to be. People are constantly underestimating her.

Heather's YA self with her besties. "Yes, we are totally lip synching while using wooden spoons as mics." (And YAAAAAAAS, SANSA.)


What is your secret power?

I somehow manage to piss off everyone in my family at least once every four years.

I have a feeling a lot of people have been using this power lately...

What is your #1 favorite food?

Chips and salsa from a legit Mexican restaurant.

Tell me about your area of expertise.

I'm good at organizing things, whether it be my closet or an event. In a former life, I'm pretty sure I was someone's campaign manager. I'm good at starting new projects and thinking of new ideas: I love writing, but it's only part of what I'm all about. When I'm not writing, I'm a creativity coach, which is pretty much the coolest job in the world. I'm a huge traveler and like to think I'm pretty good at getting myself around the world without any major disasters, though it's totally true I can't read a map for shit.

If you could assemble your own Ocean's 11 of fictional characters, who would you pick and why?

Whoa now. This is an AMAZING question.

1. Frankie Landau-Banks - Because she's got some serious mastermind cred.
2. Daenerys Targaryen - Because DRAGONS.
3. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius - Badassery and magic.
4. Cher Horowitz - You need someone to keep things light with the group. She cracks me up - and is surprisingly resourceful!
5. Nalia Taifyeh'Aisouri - A jinni. 'Nuff said.
6. Hermione Granger - Don't underestimate the need for smarts and stubbornness.
7. Lady Macbeth - She's sneaky and doesn't gaf.
8. Nancy Drew - Because you always need some good old-fashioned sleuthing.
9. Buffy - Kickass lady warriors rock.
10. Claire Fraser - Because someone needs to know first aid.
11. Bella Swan - just in case we have to throw someone to the wolves. wink

What is your best karaoke song?

Gaga's "Telephone".

Tell me something scandalous!

I used to perform in, direct, and produce a burlesque show in Hollywood. I have serious love for classily taking it off.

Whoa, scandalous indeed!

What is your favorite adult beverage?

Margaritas - the real ones, no shitty mixers!

What book have you read (or movie you’ve watched) the most number of times?

Love, Actually and White Christmas are tied.

Who is your "freebie"?

Jamie Fraser.

YA authors are so cool. Who would you give a BFF charm to?

Sarah J. Maas.

Out of all of the characters you’ve written, which one do you most wish you could be?

Nalia, no question. She's a hot jinni! I mean, yeah, she's been through a lot, but she's pretty resourceful - also, she has Raif to keep her warm at night.

If you were invited to the FYA slumber party (and obvs, you ARE), what is the most crucial snack food and/or movie/or anything you'd bring?

Wine. All the wine.


Heather provided the first three options, and the fourth option was chosen for her. The magic number was 9.


Sam Heughan
Prince Harry
Gael García Bernal
David Gandy

Italian Riviera


Broadway director
Travel show host
Owner of a fabulous chain of international guesthouses
Burlesque performer

A Kennedy with a trust fund
Whatever Tom Cruise makes
J.K. Rowling's revenue stream
Scrooge McDuck's money vault

Hong Kong

My dog, Shadow
A retired Ringling Bros tiger
A coyote that hates everyone but me
A maned wolf that's super condescending

Nalia's Maserati in Book 1
A tricked out VW bus
A Rolls circa 1935
An old-timey motorcycle with a sidecar

Shack and 12 kids aside, this is a pretty sweet life!

Thanks for stopping by, Heather! Check out Heather's website, or find her on Twitter (@HDemetrios), Pinterest, or Facebook.

Exquisite Captive and Blood Passage are available now, and Freedom's Slave will be available on February 28th (aka tomorrow!). 

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