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THE 100 4x5: The Tinder Box

This episode is brought to you by the letter F for F*ck Fire.

THE 100 4x5: The Tinder Box

Previously: Abby, Raven, Luna and Co. barely make it to ALL-E's lab to start working on the creation of Nightblood, while Roan declares war on Skaikru and Echo nearly kills Octavia.


Inside ALL-E's lab, Abby and Jackson discover that Nightblood was designed to help the human body not reject the A.I. and to protect it from radiation emitted from the device, which is why it saved Luna. I'll buy it! Raven gets a massive headache then suddenly finds herself floating in zero gravity, but in reality, she's having a seizure. After she recovers, Abby and Jackson monitor her brain only to discover that she's using much more of it than a normal human. There's still part of ALL-E's code inside her mind thanks to the effects of the EMP (that the gang used to free her from ALL-E in the first place). The upside is that she's like a super genius, so she figures things out like the fact that they can only create Nightblood in Zero G and oh yeah, there's a SPACESHIP IN THE LAB. The downside is that she's basically had a stroke and might die. Cool cool cool.

Outside of Arkadia, a barely conscious Octavia falls off her horse but is quickly rescued by... Ilian?! Clarke revives her enough to receive the warning about the incoming Azgeda army and decides to surprise Roan by showing up on the road to Arkadia. Thanks to a whoooole lotta rifles pointed at his head, Roan agrees to talk to Clarke, and they eventually avoid war by agreeing to go halfsies on the spots in the Ark. But Riley, one of the Arkadian snipers, goes rogue and is on the brink of shooting Roan until Bellamy talks him down. (Seriously, who gave this kid a gun? And why didn't they bring Murphy back in just to ask that exact question?)

Meanwhile, we find out exactly why Ilian helped Octavia--he wanted to gain admission into Arkadia to destroy its tech. And he does it, in a spectacularly fiery fashion. So much for the back-up plan, because the ship is TOAST. Like, super, duper burnt toast. 

The episode ends with Abby, who *also* got the EMP to rid her of the chip, hallucinating that Clarke is in the lab. The latter turns to her mother, her face covered in radiation burns, and says, "You're running out of time, Mom."


- Bellamy realizing that Octavia is alive! THAT SWEET FACE.

- Clarke getting to feel important again thanks to a dozen laser rifle scopes on Roan while Bellamy and Kane's lives hang in the balance.


- There's a ship in the lab!!! SPACE OR BUST.

- Raven has crazy mental powers! But they might kill her! And Abby might be in the same boat! FUHHHHH.

- That moment when Ilian dropped the flaming torch into the gasoline in the server room... and then Arkadia went POOF.


Monty! FINALLY! Dude really stepped up in this episode and showed extreme courage by walking into a valley of hostile Azgeda warriors in order to warn them about Riley and thereby prevent the start of a war. And if that wasn't enough, he then had to take Bellamy's place as a hostage. You know he scored major points with Harper, though the poor guy didn't get to cash them in thanks to every bed in Arkadia being literally ON FIRE.


"You're citing Pike?" - Harper, who can't believe Monty would use that asshole as inspiration.
"As awful as that sounds, yes." - Monty, earning that episode MVP award.

"You think you can shake my resolve? I was willing to sacrifice my own mother to stop ALL-E." - Clarke to Roan.
"And I was willing to sacrifice mine to help you." - Roan. TOUCHE.

"War made me a murderer. Don't let it happen to you." - Bellamy, successfully talking Riley out of killing Roan. Bells, honey, everyone on this show is a murderer. WE STILL LOVE YOU.


- I know it was just a one night stand but is it realistic for things to be 100% not awkward for Clarke and Niylah? I guess the everyday threat of death really cuts down on personal drama.

- Is it just me, or did the costume designer for Azgeda watch Fury Road too many times?

- Raven's going to die this season, isn't she? ISN'T SHE? GAHHHHHHH I CAN'T.

- Why is Bellamy even talking to Echo? Sure, Octavia is alive, but Echo TRIED TO KILL HER DEAD. That was supposed to stamp out ANY AND ALL romantic sparks between her and Bellamy.

- If the blast knocked out O and Niylah, how is Ilian not even injured? Also, how much do we hate him right now?

Next episode (on March 15th): "We Will Rise." Road trip!


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