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YA Onscreen: MTV’s DARIA Turns Almost Legal

La la la la la. Love Actually and lots more.

YA Onscreen: MTV’s DARIA Turns Almost Legal

Welcome back to YA Onscreen! Let's go to the links.

An oral history of the fabulous MTV show, Daria, in which you'll learn cool tibits like how Tracy Grandstaff, the voice of Daria, used people like Janeane Garafalo as inspiration for how Daria should sound (because of course).

We're in the final news push before the U.S. release of Beauty and the Beast in less than two weeks, so lots of little updates: 

Watch a snippet of Josh Gad singing as LeFou.

Hear Josh Groban sing a new Beast-centric song, "Evermore".

Check out the new music video for "Beauty and the Beast" as Ariana and John Legend attempt to fill Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson's shoes.

Emma Watson stages a Harry Potter reunion at the L.A. premiere. 

The Freeform network has released its summer schedule, including a June 5 premiere date for both Shadowhunters and Stitchers

Ryan Reynolds treats us to a Deadpool 2 teaser:

This review for the recently released movie adaptation of Before I Fall worries it doesn't have the same bite as the book (in other news, the sky is blue).

Heather Matarazzo is gathering funds on Patreon to make the radio show, "Shut Up and Listen"--something her Princess Diaries character, Lilly Moscotivz, hosted in the movie--a real-life venture. No word on why, exactly, but I am intrigued. 

A think-piece about racebending and its timely inclusion in Trump's America for the movie adaptation of The Girl With All The Gifts.

Mary Poppins is back? Call me a casual Mary Poppins fan, because I had no idea there was an entire series of books based on her adventures with the Banks children.

Sir Patrick Stewart reserves the right to change his mind about no longer appearing as Professor X, because he is awesome and we all sometimes make mistakes.

Netflix is in very preliminary talks about more Gilmore Girls. Are you excited? Concerned? Feeling impossibly confused on the subject? *waves hand*

Prime Minister Hugh Grant and the adorably potty-mouthed intern, Natalie, are still together and quite married in Red Nose Day's Love Actually short film (premiering March 24 on BBC One). 

Liv is back in our lives on April 4! And wearing a very interesting accessory:

Amandla Stenberg is apparently the new YA adaptation darling (move over, Chloe Grace Moretz). She's been tapped to play the lead in the newly announced movie version of the just released novel, The Hate U Give

That's it for us this week! Did you watch Daria when you were younger? Whenever I'm in one of those moments where I don't care about the world and feel the very "ugh" of it all, the vision that always goes through my mind is of Daria playing volleyball and slowly sticking her hand out to stop the ball long after it flies past her. 

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