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The Vampire Diaries 8x16: I Was Feeling Epic

So long, Vampire Diaries. Thanks for all of the feels! <3

The Vampire Diaries 8x16: I Was Feeling Epic

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Caroline got married! Katherine tried to blow up Bonnie, but the twins showed her that she still has her mojo. 

What Went Down

Bonnie dies for a hot minute and gets to see Elena. She tells Elena that she's ok with dying, that she wants to see Enzo, but Enzo appears, reassuring her that "it's not your time yet, luv". When she finally comes to, she tells Stefan and Caroline that she saw Elena. When Stefan and Damon return home to see if Elena has awoken, it appears she is. J/K, it's totally Katherine Pierce doing that Katherine Pierce-thing of making the Salvatore Brothers wriggle.

Vicky Donovan isn't trying to go back to hell, so she's ringing that bell and not even Matty can convince her to stop. She may not have to; Bonnie thinks she's figured out a way to draw the hellfire out of the clock tower, through the underground tunnels, and subsequently use its energy to get rid of Katherine once and for all. 

Katherine! Did anyone else really enjoy the comic relief of her being stabbed over and over again? I know I did. It must be hella therapeutic for Damon and Stefan. She's hidden Elena's body in the high school and spelled it so that when Stefan tries to rescue her, he can't. Damon is trying to deal with Katherine down in the tunnels, Alaric is getting the twins and Caroline to safety, and Stefan is sacrificing himself for everyone. 

I had a very strong feeling that we were going to see Stefan die, but for him to do it in spite of Damon trying to sacrifice himself INSTEAD was just TOO MUCH. I needed ALL of the Puffs Plus! Not only did Stefan trap Katherine but he also gave Damon the cure, knowing that means he himself would age rapidly and die. Caroline leaving him a voicemail telling him she understood why he was doing it was BRUTAL.


Bonnie calls up the power of ALL of her ancestors in order to keep the hellfire from consuming her, and it is EPIC.



This also has the desired side-effect of breaking the spell that ties Bonnie to Elena, meaning that Bonnie doesn't have to die for Elena to return! Hurrah! Stefan has a moment with Elena before she wakes up (and before he passes over), but that reunion was nothing compared to this:

Let Bon Jovi ring from the hilltops!

Our show did so right by us, showing us the near and far futures, ones full of hope, family, and eventual reunions:


Jenna! John, you lovable scamp, get in here!

Liz watches over Caroline as she opens up her school for gifted children, Tyler and Vicky smile on as Sheriff Matt Donovan is honored with...a bench, and Jo smiles sadly as she watches Alaric with their two girls:

Alaric really is the best dad. Here's hoping he can find love once again, for keeps.

Y'all didn't think I wasn't going to highlight THIS little morsel, did you?



Bonnie did it! She saved everyone AGAIN, just like I knew she would! And now she's off to see the world! I'm picturing her meeting up with other witches of all kinds all over this big beautiful world. Bonnie Bennett is a goddess. 

LEXI! JO! LIZ! KLAUS! Hell, I was even happy to see Jeremy!!

Vamps of the Week: The Salvatore Brothers

With this final scene, our show has cemented the fact that it's always been about family. As many 'ships as it's launched (a veritable navy of them tbh), Elena's afterlife is with her family, and Damon's is with Stefan:


BRB literally dying

Hero Hair

It's only fitting that the man that inspired this little subsection is the one to take home the final prize, the Golden Locks Award, if you will. Damon's love for Stefan is just as strong, but Stefan is always one step ahead of his big brother.

Burning Questions

When will Caroline Forbes finally visit New Orleans? OR will Klaus and Hayley enroll their little hybrid in her school, perhaps?

How many of us are either still crying or have a raging cry-headache?

What CW shows do you hope that our friends end up on next?

YOU GUYS. I can't believe it's really over! That ending was so perfect. I don't think I could have lived in a world not knowing when Stefan and Damon would see each other again. Come grieve and celebrate this amazing show with me in the comments!

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