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Superhero Sundays: March 6-10

Super heroes mean super drama, and there was a lot of it this week! Plus, did you hear about a little trailer for a Wonder-ful movie coming out soon?

Superhero Sundays: March 6-10

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Family drama, dinosaurs, and whatever the heck is going on in Legion: It's just another week on Superhero Sundays. Let's get to it!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x15: Exodus

Aliens are being abducted from National City, and it seems like Cadmus and the alien registry list that Jeremiah stole are behind it. Kara wants CatCo to publish a warning to all aliens, but without credible sources, Snapper Carr won’t let her report it.

Meanwhile, Alex, Maggie, Winn, and James (oh, is he still around?) are taking some much needed time off at the alien bar. Suddenly, Cadmus goons burst in the door and kidnap all of the aliens they can get their hands on—including Lyra, Winn’s girlfriend.

Kara is so distracted by Snapper’s continued refusal to publish her article she forgets her lunch plans with Lena Luthor until she arrives at the office. Lena suggests publishing the article herself on a blog.

Meanwhile, Alex finds Cadmus’ hidden headquarters, and finds Jeremiah. He tells her that they are preparing to put all the aliens on a ship to deport them, rather than kill them, and Alex argues that many of them don’t have anywhere to go. Jeremiah tells her it was the only way to protect both them and his daughters from Cadmus.

Lena calls Kara with Cadmus’ location just as she publishes the warning to all aliens on her own blog. The post forces Cadmus to launch the ship early. Jeremiah makes the right choice and helps Alex stop the launch, and Alex runs into the ship to stop it from the inside. It takes off, and it takes all of Kara’s strength to stop it.

Snapper informs Kara that she broke her CatCo contract by publishing her work, and she’s fired. (Kelly)

The Flash 3x15: The Wrath of Savitar

Team Flash is in a kerfuffle as to what to make of Wally's hallucinations of Savitar. Barry remembers that they still have a link to Savitar - Julian, who is not at all thrilled about being a "human ouija board", but takes one for the team. TWICE. Savitar taunts them in that way that only megalomaniacal supervillains can, and Caitlyn finally confesses to keeping a small part of the Philosopher's Stone so that she can try and get rid of her powers. Yikes. Julian is disappointed; he managed to get a kiss earlier, but now he's feeling like Caitlyn only asked him to be part of the team so that he could help her lose Killer Frost for good.

Wally and Barry are on the outs. Wally is getting faster, but Savitar being in his head is causing him to slow down. He asks Cisco to vibe them to the moment where Iris is killed, noticing that Iris isn't wearing a wedding ring. He lashes out at Barry in front of Iris, accusing him of only proposing to her because he's trying to change the timeline. (Speaking of proposals, why are The Wests acting like this is the 19th century? Iris is a grown woman for crying out loud!) Iris is a bit upset, and we see her later without her ring.

Barry's chat with Iris about his misguided attempt to save her by marrying her leads him to understand just WHERE Savitar is: IN the Speed Force! Jessie shows up, telling the team that Wally is hallucinating again and has left to find Savitar on his own. Oh Wally, WHY? Barry is too late; Wally has thrown Caitlyn's part of the stone into the Speed Force, and the Speed Force accepts Wally in place of Savitar. "A fate worse than death", indeed. Turns out that Savitar turned Wally into a speedster just for this very purpose. NEFARIOUS.

Barry is stabbed by one of Savitar's spikes, and Cisco holds onto it for research purposes (after saving Barry, obvs). I don't think the morale for Team Flash has ever been so low. Someone get Jay Garrick on the phone! (Amanda R.)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: 2x13: Land of the Lost

Strap in because this week the Legends are headed to the Cretaceous period, which for those of us more than a few years past third grade means they’re headed to the OG Jurassic Park. Thanks to Rip’s undying ability to screw things up, he sets the team on the course, landing them where Ray has been trapped (and making the most of his situation - typical Ray!) and losing the time jump mechanism along the way.

While Amaya and Nate roam the woods with Ray the dino-whisperer, Mick shares that the way to get Rip out of his funk is by entering his broken mind and trying to fix him from the inside out. Rip's mind is a pretty scary place, full of evil versions of his teammates created by none other than Eobard Thawne. Also present is the very human - and very attractive - embodiment of Gideon.

All is well in the end as Vixen tames the T-Rex who is holding the missing piece of the Waverider and Rip becomes Captain Hunter with the addition of an (ugly) coat. Oh, and did I mention Thawne is hanging out with Grandpa Steel in 1970 and it doesn’t look good? Uh oh. (Christy)

Legion 1x05: Chapter 5

David, Syd and Ptonomy bring a seriously hurt Kerry back to Summerland, where Cary administers first aid. And David lets Dr. Bird know—through mental communication—that he met Oliver, in the astral plane.

Leaving Cary to his work, David, who is acting somewhat strange, creates a dream world in which he and Syd can be together, physically. The two then go to chat with Dr. Bird, and tell her that they're planning a mission to D3 to save Amy. They also discuss Oliver, and Dr. Bird asks for David's help in bringing Oliver home.

David and Syd take their relationship to the next level (in the dream world). When Syd falls asleep, David has a chat with Lenny, and when Syd returns to the real world, David's missing. Syd alerts the rest of the team, and Dr. Bird questions Syd about David's behavioral change, but Syd doesn't think it's an issue. The team (minus Cary and Kerry) head to D3, where they find a war zone, but no David. While looking for David, Dr. Bird and Rudy watch video of David taking down all of the D3 guards. In one view, however, the Devil with the Yellow Eyes shows up, rather than David.

Syd and Ptonomy find the head of D3, who warns them that someone or something is in control of David. Cary backs up the idea, and proposes a hypothesis that the Devil's consciousness has been hiding in David's mind. Suddenly, David pulls Syd into the dream world, where he shows Syd that he's gone back to his childhood home. Unfortunately, as the team leaves, the Eye follows.

At the house, David, in the guise of Lenny/the Devil, interrogates Amy, and she tells them that David was adopted. When Syd, Ptonomy, Dr. Bird and Rudy arrive at the house, the Devil does something to take away all sound. Cary and Kerry show up shortly after, and the team works to help David. But the Eye, who has disguised himself as Rudy, tries to kill David. Syd gets him to jump into the dream world, but the Devil is there, too. Suddenly, everyone's back at Clockworks, and Lenny's in charge? (Mandy C.)

Hero of the Week: Alex Danvers, Supergirl

If we had to pick a Hero of the Year, Alex Danvers would definitely be a contender. This week, she doesn't give up on her father, and goes against the DEO's wishes to find him and get to the bottom of what's really going on. Alex doesn't need superpowers to be a bad ass---she just is one, all for the sake of family.

Honorable mention: Vixen, Legends of Tomorrow

Villain of the Week: Savitar, The Flash

What a jerk.

Honorable mention: Eobard Thawne, Legends of Tomorrow

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Pick of the Week

Josie and the Pussycats #5 by Marguerite Bennett and Cameron DeOrdio, with art by Audrey Mok, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jack Morelli

It's the State Fair! Josie and the Pussycats are hoping that the headliner (imagine if Beyonce was a C&W singer and you're damn close) will see their talent and ask them to record a song with her. Too bad the young ingenue that's opening for Josie has already caught her eye, so of course Josie decides that revenge is the best option. Valerie is kinda done being Josie's pseudo-therapist and has to decide if her future is with the Pussycats or elsewhere. Bennett continues to make this classic series fresh, fun, and relevant. (Amanda R.)



- Who else is jazzed about the first photos from the musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl?

- Lockjaw was spotted on set (no, really) during Inhumans filming.

- Mark Hamill continues to delight (and scare) America with his Joker-as-Trump tweets.

- Finn Jones had a bit of a strop when Twitter tried to talk to him about Iron Fist...

- ...Aaaand early reviews are NOT good.

- I am going to need a make-up consultation so that I can look EXACTLY like Cate Blanchett's death goddess in Thor: Ragnarok (plus: Jeff Goldblum!).

- Turner and Warner Brothers don't want me to ever leave my house, apparently.





... Sorry, still speechless after watching that Wonder Woman trailer. What did you think? Let's chat!

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