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Teen BFF Madness: Champion Chums, Round One

Everyone’s a winner in this bracket. Except for the losers.

Teen BFF Madness: Champion Chums, Round One

Voting for the 2017 Teen BFF Madness only kicked off in earnest yesterday, and things are already heating up. It’s no real surprise, however, considering how intense these competitions have been in years past.

This year, more than ever, however, it seems like there are seriously hard choices from the get-go. (I know filling out my bracket caused some major soul searching.)

Before we head to the polls, here’s a look at the Champion Chums bracket:

Now that you’re good and worked up over these pairings, cast your votes!

(1) Harry/Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter) vs. (16) Clarissa/Sam (Clarissa Explains It All)

You might be able to explain it all, Clarissa, and have an adorable neighbor whom many of us wished would prop a ladder on our windowsill,* but I’m pretty sure the fact that the Golden Trio literally saved the world from a noseless mad man means that you’re likely not going to make it into the next round. No offense.

*That sounds way innuendo-like than I meant it to?

(2) Anne/Diana (Anne of Green Gables) vs. (15) Dill/Lydia/Travis (The Serpent King)

I won’t kid myself into thinking that The Serpent King Three have a chance against Anne and Diana. I mean, little can hold a candle to a “bosom friends” ceremony.

(3) Ryan/Seth (The O.C.) vs. (14) Brenda/Kelly (Beverly Hills, 90210)

Ryan and Seth are like the YA TV’s Odd Couple—the former being a reformed bad boy and the latter being a ridiculously attractive nerd. I feel like Brenda and Kelly’s relationship (mostly thanks to Dylan) comes with air quotes around best friends.

(4) Veronica/Wallace (Veronica Mars) vs. (13) Lisa/Jessie/Kelly (Saved by the Bell)

This matchup was surprisingly hard for me. Both sets of friends had their ups and downs, and neither are perfect, but both have some serious nostalgia factor. I’M SO SCARED to make this choice.

(5) Damian/Janis (Mean Girls) vs. (12) Cath/Reagan (Fangirl)

The sass in this matchup is OFF THE CHARTS. And as much as I adored Cath and Reagan’s relationship by the end of Fangirl, Damian and Janis were practically too perfect to function for the entirety of Mean Girls.

(6) Merlin/Arthur (Merlin) vs. (11) Monty/Jasper (The 100)

On the one hand, we have the Once and Future King and his adorable, but bumbling, best frizard (friend+wizard). On the other, the self-five.

(7) Liz/Maria (Roswell) vs. (10) Rose/Lyssa (Vampire Academy)

I’ve never read, nor seen, Vampire Academy, so I can’t really say if Rose and Lyssa are deserving of moving forward in this competition. But Roswell is one of my favorite TV shows EVER, and Liz and Maria are total friendship goals, so I think you know where my allegiances lie.

(8) Jess/Jules (Bend It Like Beckham) vs. (9) Daria/Jane (Daria)

I’m on the wrong side of this matchup, but y’all, hear me out: Jess and Jules’ relationship overcame sexism, stereotypes, and falling for the same guy—and they were stronger for it in the end! Daria and Jane were just sarcastic, scathing, brilliant young women who spoke to and for an entire generation. It’s an easy choice.

Did you make it through OK? Take a breather, you deserve it.

After you recover, make sure to cast your votes in yesterday’s polls, and check back tomorrow and Thursday for the rest of the round one brackets.

Polls close at 11:59 p.m. CST this Saturday (March 18); we’ll post the results Sunday. Head down to the comments to let us know where your allegiances lie!

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