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THE 100 4x6: We Will Rise

Let Bellamy speak, show!

THE 100 4x6: We Will Rise

Previously: Abby, Raven and Jackson discover the way to synthesize Nightblood—and that Raven’s brain was seriously injured by the EMP that killed ALIE’s chip—while Roan leads the Azgeda army toward Arkadia … only to arrive and find that Ilian’s destroyed the Arkadian ship, and with it, their only plan to survive the coming radiation storms.


In Arkadia, the remaining Arkadians struggles to put out the fires of the Ark, and take out their frustrations—en masse—on Ilian. Kane puts a stop to it before he’s killed and makes his Chancellor presence known. A little later, Clarke and Niylah chat after a night together (*record scratch*), and Clarke asks her to stay so that she can be sure to get the Nightblood cure. Clarke then heads to a war room chat with Kane, Roan, Monty and Bellamy. When the rest leave to plan for a trip to Becca’s island, Kane expresses his wish to go with them—and his concern for Abby. Before the group heads out, Monty reminds them that the mission is ridiculously dangerous, but probably the last hope for humankind. So, you know, NBD.

In Becca’s lab, Raven practices controlling the little rocket while Murphy watches (and sasses). She struggles with the re-entry yet again, and Murphy’s quips push her over the edge into a rage. Luna helps calm her with a Grounder prayer, but Raven doesn’t apologize for what she said. Luna and Murphy chat about Raven, and about Murphy’s search for acceptance. Murphy eventually figures out that Raven needs to crash into the water, and she plots a course.

On the way to the island, Bellamy and Clarke chat about Octavia before running into a group of Trikru. The Grounders tell Bellamy and Clarke that Azgeda burned their village, and get real cranky when they realize who’s hiding in the second truck. The trucks escape, but immediately run into another issue (natch). When Bellamy and Roan get to a crossing point in the river, they try to contact the other truck, but can’t. When they return to where they left them, they find that Trikru has abducted them—and the fuel. Only, it wasn’t Trikru afterall; Bellamy and Roan track the truck and the remaining Azgeda soldiers down. They battle, but the good guys prevail. They make it to the beach, but find that one of the barrels was hit by an arrow, and is completely empty. (Because very little can ever go right for these folk.)

Back at Arkadia, Octavia tells Ilian that he’s not long for this world. Niylah notices that Ilian has no protection, and goes to warn Monty. Monty tries to get Jaha to help, but Jaha seemingly would rather drink the situation away. Kane arrives, and locks down the med bay, but everyone turns on him and the mob drags Ilian outside. Octavia acts like she’s going to shoot him, but Kane reminds her of how close the whole situation is to Lincoln’s death. (And we all cry all over again.) Octavia breaks down, and then runs into the forest. Ilian, freed by Jaha, follows closely behind.

And when Clarke radio’s the island to tell them about the missing barrel, Raven has a seizure and collapses.


- Kane, being a total badass and standing up for Ilian when he’s being savagely beaten.

- Monty telling Jaha that Wells would be ashamed.

- Roan and Bellamy sharing a moment in the Rover.

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton

- Clarke and Bellamy sharing a moment about Octavia.


- Octavia letting Bellamy know that she still hasn’t forgiven him for Lincoln, and would have killed him if they weren’t siblings. BRUTAL.

- Raven clocking Murphy!

- Miller’s dad tazing Kane!


Luna’s got a way with words. She not only calmed a crazed Raven, but also she made Murphy realize (or at least start to realize) that he’s got worth. So glad she stuck around to dole out her words of wisdom.


“When it comes, it’ll be colorless.”—Jaha, being a total ray of sunshine.
“How’re we gonna know?”—Jasper
“Pain. Chaos. Death.”—Jaha
“Same old, same old.”—Jasper, showing his crazy.

“I’ll send her your love.”—Clarke, pushing Kane for his feelings.
“Yes ... please do that. And I’ll make sure there’s something left to save when you get home.”—Kane, making us all swoon at his adorableness.

“What is she doing?”—Random Arkadian to BEllamy.
“Being Clarke.”—Bellamy. YEP.

“A sword doesn’t care what you meant. It just cuts.”—Octavia, speaking the darkness in her soul. We all feel this way sometimes, girl.


- Are we EVER going to get the old Jasper back?

- Clarke’s going to break Niylah’s heart, isn’t she.


GIFs via chatnoirs-baton

Let’s take it to the comments.

Next episode: “Gimme Shelter”. For SCIENCE!


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