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THE ORIGINALS 4x1: Gather Up The Killers

A lot can change in five years. Unless you’re a vampire.

THE ORIGINALS 4x1: Gather Up The Killers

Previously on The Originals: The season three finale. 

Welcome back! I’ve missed our vampires, witches, and werewolves (oh my)! Haven’t you? Luckily, our favorite bar is right where we left it.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Hello five year time jump! Like Vincent, I recommend the Vampire Walking Tour of New Orleans! Ask for Lord Chaz. Vincent preaches (in the old church fight club) to the witches to provide some exposition about how they backed Marcel to win their independence in the city. There’s apparently now an annual vampire pilgrimage for everyone who wants to witness the suffering of Klaus Mikaelson. His family compound sits in disrepair (which is a terrible way to treat valuable New Orleans real estate). Marcel’s informant, Sofya, doesn’t think he can trust the witches, and suspects the visiting vampires would steal Marcel’s Klaus trophy. Alistair Duquesne, one of Klaus’ most bitter sirelings, is trying to hunt down Hayley, and the remaining Mikaelsons.

Hayley and Hope live in a cool old farmhouse, where they keep Elijah’s hot corpse in a coffin in the attic, so Hayley can gaze at him longingly on the regular. Grandma Mary comes to visit and is disappointed that Hayley is still working to wake Mikaelsons from their various hexes and comas. Hayley leaves Hope with Mary, while she heads off on a quest, with a truck full of coffins. Hayley tracks a lead to Austin (girl, call me next time!), but Alistair gets a tip on hers and Hope’s whereabouts. Hayley needs venom from Keelin, the last werewolf of a dying line. Hayley is able to wake Freya, and she immediately gets to work on a cure for the remaining siblings. Hayley has to take out the supernatural baddies that tracked her down, while does her thing. Elijah wakes up just in time to take out the last of Hayley’s trouble. Freya informs Keelin that she’s keeping her, should they need anymore blood cures.

Marcel tries to butter up Alistair with old Scotch, but it doesn’t do any good, because what he really wants is to witness Klaus’ suffering, and score a drop of his blood, to track down Elijah. Meanwhile, Klaus bargains with Marcel to let him take out Alistair, to protect Hope. Marcel asks Vincent for a boundary spell so that he can let Klaus out, but only in a specific location. Alistair and all the visiting vamps arrive at the Mikaelson ruins to kill Klaus. But thanks to his deal with Marcel and Vincent, he kills Alistair instead. Marcel plans to continue using Klaus as a cautionary tale, to keep the other vampires in line.

Holy Fang

OMG, precious magical little Hope!

Damn, Freya gets to work fast! Don’t you wish you had enough energy to go straight from a five-year coma to chemistry experiments?

ELIJAHHH. He’s been dead for five years, and he doesn’t even need a shave.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Marcel. He remains king of the city. Unfortunately, he can’t just do away with his predecessor, without killing his lady love, Rebekah.

Loser: Klaus. He remains chained in the basement like a forgotten dog. But something tells me he won’t stay down for long.

Original Snark

“We’re like Switzerland, right in the heart of the city. Everything Cami wanted.” OUCH, my heart.

“What I would most enjoy is for you to rot in hell.” Aw, Klaus. We missed you, too.

“Yeah, just until the Eurotrash vampires are done Eurotrashing the city.” The weird thing is Josh wasn’t even talking about Mardi Gras.

“Oh well, heavy head, heavy crown, etc, etc.” You’d think Marcel would have learned that lesson at Klaus’ knee.

“You just waved your hand and his brain melted?”
“That’s what happens when people annoy me.” Freya has the best talent.

Haunting Questions

- What on Earth has Hope been told about her missing father?

- Why on earth would little Adam, who’s scared of JOSH, go wandering into a creepy old house at night?

- Who’s in charge of the rebellious covens? And what do they want?

Next: Klaus talks to dead people. Elijah and Marcel face off!

I missed chatting vampires with y’all, so let’s gossip in the comments!

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