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Superhero Sundays: March 13-17

Iron Fist has arrived! And of course we've got your other super recaps, links, and gifs, as well as a review of Batwoman #1 by Marguerite Bennett - join us!

Superhero Sundays: March 13-17

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Hello all! Amanda R. here, and I've got this week's round-up of superhero FLAVA':

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

The Flash 3x16: Into the Speed Force

Barry is going into the Speed Foce to try and find Wally. Cisco whips up a device that will allow them to track and retrieve Barry if needed. He then vibes open the breach and Barry heads in. The Speed Force is upset with Barry; they returned his speed to him because he promised he would learn to grieve his mother instead of change the past, and then he created Flashpoint by going back in time and saving his mother. Yeah, Speed Force. We were all pretty annoyed with Barry for that. The Speed Force taunts Barry by taking the shape of Eddie Thawne, Captain Cold, and Ronnie Raymond; all people who sacrificed their lives for the greater good. Thankfully, Jay Garrick was contacted by the team and enters the Speed Force to take Wally's place so that Barry can take him home. Poor Wally, forced to live through his mother's death over and over again. They'll be back for you, Jay! I swear!

Wally's return is bittersweet; now that Jay is indisposed, Jessie realizes she needs to go to Earth-3 to be their sole Flash. Oh, and Jessie went after Savitar, which is a very silly thing to do but at least she's figured out for the team that he's not infallible. Does anyone writing for this show know what to do with Jessie? It appears not.

Barry is all weird with Iris, telling her that he's going to move out to give them some space. Uh, ok? I mean, I think that would be HER move, bro, but keep acting like your utter lack of taking what Iris wants into account is selfless. COME ON, BAR. But hey, at least next week he'll be singing and dancing with Supergirl! (Amanda R.)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: 2x14: Moonshot

This week's Legends was peak Legends. Campy. Changing history. Science! Redemption. You name it, this ep has it all! Last episode we saw Eobard Thawne mucking up Apollo 13 and this week we find that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction - Rip has inadvertently installed Commander Steel (and the Spear of Destiny) in NASA so the Legends are hanging out in 1970.

Henry shares that Apollo 13 has gone up without any concerns; for anyone hiding under a rock in the 90s, there was a malfunction in the unaltered timeline. Cut to one of the astronauts transforming into Eobard, on his way to liberate the Spear of Destiny from the American flag on the moon. The Legends fly the Waverider into space where Ray sneaks into the shuttle, battling with Eobard and forcing them to land on the moon. Back on earth, Stein distracts mission control in what is arguably the best part of the episode - by breaking out in song. Bad news though, they don't have enough fuel to get off the moon and the Waverider is unrepairable.  What they do have is a super genius villain who is suddenly motivated to assist (Eobard) and a hero who is willing to sacrifice himself to save the team (Commander Steel). A bittersweet moment, indeed. (Christy)

Arrow 5x16: Checkmate

Oliver climbs a mountain to a remote stronghold to track down Talia, to find out what she knows about Prometheus. She admits to having trained Prometheus for his vengeance quest, because Oliver killed both of their fathers. Somehow, Oliver didn’t realize she was Talia Al Ghul, despite the fact that it’s been listed on IMDb for weeks. Felicity gets an impressive tour of Helix HQ, which appears suspiciously well-funded for a secret hacker organization.

Adrian Chase has gotten super taunting with Team Arrow, now that they’re finally on to him. Oliver comes at him in the parking garage, which is where he finds out that if anything happens to Adrian, Shady Susan dies in whatever secret location she’s being held. Oliver updates the team, but continues to storm around half-cocked. They break into Adrian’s house, looking for Susan, but only end up terrifying his wife, and getting chased off by the police.

Oliver is unable to get Felicity to confess what she’s been up to in her spare time, but she’s able to distract him with having obtained Adrian’s real identity from Helix. But her Helix contact is now demanding quid pro quo, if Felicity plans to keep using them for information. She agrees to some sketchy stuff, in exchange for help locating the kidnapped Susan. Curtis disapproves of Felicity’s deal with the hackers. Basically, all of the violent vigilantes disapprove of Felicity breaking internet security laws. Oliver holds a press conference demanding the Green Arrow turn himself in within 24 hours. Uhhh…. And Oliver gives Captain Pike a lead to expose Adrian as the throwing star killer, which leads to Pike getting stabbed in an alley.

The Russian Bratva flashbacks continue to reveal very little that seems useful. Anatoli helped a fledgling Green Arrow take down Gregor, and warned him not to trust Talia.

The team goes to yet another abandoned building to rescue Susan. Shockingly, it’s booby-trapped like crazy. John brings in Adrian’s wife, Doris, in an effort to make him vulnerable. Adrian promptly stabs her, and gets to fighting Oliver. Then Talia shows up and shoots Oliver with a tranquilizer dart. When the rest of the team arrives, Oliver is gone. Felicity goes to Helix and promises she’ll do anything they want, in order to find Oliver. Meanwhile, Adrian is going to torture the hell out of him. (Kandis)

Legion 1x06: Chapter 6

In Lenny's alternate reality—a version of Clockworks in which everyone from Summerland's a patient—Lenny leads therapy sessions: Dr. Bird discuss Dr. Bird's "obsession" with her supposed dead husband. Ptonomy talks about his mother's death, when he was five. Cary and Kerry discuss their need to be together. With The Eye (yep, he's there, too), Lenny talks with him about his being a late bloomer. Syd talks about her dislike of being touched and her belief that something's amiss in their world. David talks about how well he's doing, how secure he feels now (particularly thanks to his relationship with Syd).

On her way back to the common area, Syd notices a door that seems out of place. After a run in with a handsy Amy, acting a nurse, Syd asks David and Ptonomy about the door, but neither seem to know what she's talking about. At dinner, Amy denies David pie. When Syd starts to eat hers, it's covered in bugs (or so she sees). In her office, Lenny celebrates the whole situation with a very James Bond opener-esque dance routine, and travels through a lot of David's memories in the process.

After lights out, David sneaks out of his room to visit Syd in hers, and the two discuss trying to get better and leaving Clockworks. David's not a fan of the idea, but there's something itching at Syd's psyche. Syd asks Cary and Kerry about the door, but they've never seen it either. Cary dreams about a figure in a diving suit, and follows them.

Syd and David talk more about the door, and then Syd realizes that she and David remember two very different sets of diagnoses. Syd runs, and stumbles upon a real memory in the hall. Lenny shows up and distracts her, however, with music. Kerry wakes from a dream, and goes looking for Cary, but he's not in his room. The Eye shows up and acts all sorts of creepy, and Kerry runs from him.

David spots Syd's door, and is about to investigate when Amy verbally attacks him. Dr. Bird sees a vision of the figure in the diving suit, and follows them, too. With their help, she slips back into the real world, which is moving in very slow motion. Dr. Bird attempts to move Syd and David out of harm's way, but Lenny spots her. Back at Clockworks, David goes to Lenny, looking for Syd, and gets a lecture about power instead—and the knowledge that Lenny knew David's real father, and she's been using David's powers to make herself more powerful. She sends David back into his own mind, but the man in the diving suit finds him. Only, it's Cary, not Oliver? (Mandy C.)

Iron Fist 1x01: Snow Gives Way

A dirty, scruffy man walks into the lobby of a skyscraper in New York City. He claims to be Danny Rand, son of the original owner of the company, but Danny was presumed dead in an airplane crash 15 years before. Ward and Joy Meachum, Danny’s childhood friends and now the current executives at the company, don’t believe him, and toss him back into the street.

Danny walks to his childhood home, where he lets himself in through a window (…dude). It’s now Joy’s house. Later that night, he befriends a homeless man, who offers to Google Danny’s past on a stolen phone. The next day he again tries to talk to Joy (dude) at her front door.

As he’s on the street meditating later, a kind soul drops money in his cup. He follows her (DUDE) as she puts up flyers for her dojo. It’s Colleen Wing!

Danny finds Ward in the parking garage later and steals his car (DUUUUDE, come on, you wonder why people don’t trust you). Ward hops in and pulls a gun on him, while Danny just wants to talk. He continues to insist he’s Danny but has no proof to back it up.

Danny goes to visit Colleen in her dojo to challenge her master. She’s the master of her own dojo, and declines, asking him to leave—but gives him a pair of shoes on his way out. He’s attacked on the sidewalk and the attackers give chase. The men were sent by Ward, who goes to inform his faked-death-but-actually-alive father that Danny may be alive.

Danny goes back to Joy, and she agrees to sit with him over a cup of tea. She drugs the tea, and when Danny awakes, he’s in a mental hospital. (Kelly)

Hero of the Week: Jay Garrick, The Flash

Not many would do what Jay did for Wally and Barry. I hope Team Flash can get him out of the Speed Force soon!

Honorable mention: Ray Palmer and Commander Steel/Legends of Tomorrow

Villain of the Week: Ward Meachum, Iron Fist

Childhood bully grows up to be a sociopath with daddy issues. Hmm...where have I heard this before? Presidential shade aside, this guy is AWFUL. Who puts dead frogs in people's sandwiches for fun??

Honorary mention: Joy Meachum/Iron Fist, The Speed Force/The Flash

Comic Relief


Biff! Bam! Pow!



Pick of the Week: Batwoman #1 by Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV, with art by Steve Epting and Jeremy Cox

Kate Kane is back! This time she's in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar to be exact, on the trail of a man who has obtained Monster-venom on the black market. In her ear is Julia Pennyworth (Alfred's granddaughter? Niece?), giving Kate instructions and sending in her Bat-cycle for back-up. Before she can get the name of the dealer from her target, a woman plants a blade in his skull. The blade tells Team Batwoman that they need to go to Coryana, an island where Kate has a past she'd rather forget. Kate's story is safe in Bennett's hands, and I'm ready to learn more about this iconic hero. (Amanda R.)



Legion will get a second season.

Black Panther and The Crew #1 is out soon, and Comics Alliance has a preview! (YASSSS for Misty Knight and Storm!!)

Stockholm Syndrome aside, I've always been a sucker for Beauty and The Beast stories. Here are twenty comics inspired by that tale as old as time.

Chris Evans may be finishing his run as Steve Rogers, but he'll always be Captain of our hearts

Clueless is getting its very own comic! And Amber Benson (aka Tara from Buffy) is writing it!


ONE DAY Kamala Khan will have her own movie/TV show, but this fan film is too good not to watch:


That's all for this week! Who else is SO excited to see Kara and Barry tap dance their way across our small screens this week? Anyone out there watching Iron Fist yet? Come convo with us below!


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