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Teen BFF Madness: Best Buds, Round Two

Make new friends, but keep the ooooold. One is silver (i.e. the loser) and the other gold!

Teen BFF Madness: Best Buds, Round Two

Hey there, sports YA fans! We've made it to the second round of Teen BFF Madness, and having made some pretty tough decisions already (forgive me, Jessica Darling), I'm steeling myself for the brutality ahead. It's time to get that game face on, y'all!

Here's the Best Buds bracket, updated with the results of last week's carnage:

For this round, we're focusing on the seeds of these friendships, i.e. how our fair comrades first met.


(1) Gansey/Ronan/Adam/Noah/Blue (The Raven Cycle) vs. (8) Cory/Shawn (Boy Meets World)

Blue had *quite* the meet cute with the Raven Boys, when Gansey sauntered over and asked if she was interested in his pal Adam. (She was not... yet.) The boys themselves have a more complicated history that I don't have time to get into here, but it all started at Aglionby and if I really need to explain this to you, you're obviously going to vote for Cory and Shawn, whose buddy origins I'm not even gonna to bother to research because they beat Ophelia and Jules in the last round and I KNOW HOW TO HOLD A GRUDGE.


(2) Cher/Dionne (Clueless) vs. (7) Macy/Kristy (The Truth About Forever)

Cher and Dionne became besties because they know what's like to have people be jealous of them, and coincidentally, they're both named after famous singers of the past who now do infomercials.

Fate brought Macy and Kristy together when Macy's mom hired Wish Catering, where Kristy worked, for a party. Kristy immediately saw a girl in desperate need of a friend (and a makeover), while Macy quickly fell under the spell of this fierce female. 


(3) Rory/Lane (Gilmore Girls) vs. (11) Taylor/Raffy (Jellicoe Road)

I'm not sure if the show every specified the exact moment when Rory and Lane met (I know, I'm a horrible fan) but it's easy to see why these two nerdy residents of Stars Hollow were drawn into each other's orbit.

As students at the Jellicoe School, Raffy (a Townie) and Taylor (a girl abandoned by her mother) bonded over their shared status as outsiders, and dammit, now I just want to quit writing this post and re-read Jellicoe Road instead because IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD.


(4) Matt/Landry (Friday Night Lights) vs. (5) Will/Tiny (Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

If you're new to the site, this may come as a surprise, but FYA isn't really about "research" as much as it is about "opinions." I say that to excuse my lack of detailed insight on the history behind these two bromances. Assuming they met at their respective schools, I wish we had a Crucifictorious rock opera to compare to Tiny Cooper's musical in order to fill in the blanks (and also, because that would be AWESOME).

Polls close this Saturday at midnight Central, with results posted on Sunday. Beat the drum for your fave friendship in the comments!

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