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Teen BFF Madness: Champion Chums, Round Two

Best friends forever! (Or at least until they lose this round …)

Teen BFF Madness: Champion Chums, Round Two

A lot of great friends were beat out by slightly worthier besties last week, but the carnage has only just begun. Gird your loins for the votes below.

Here’s a look at the updated Champion Chums bracket, taking into account last week’s results:

This week, we’re taking a look at BFF origin stories, the classic meet-platonic-cute.


(1) Harry/Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter) vs. (9) Daria/Jane (Daria)

The Golden Trio met on their way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, on the Hogwarts Express. The boys didn’t think much of Hermione’s know-it-all attitude, but little did they know how much it would come in handy in the future!

I don’t think it was expressly mentioned in Daria when Daria and Jane first met, but I’m assuming it was when they were both young. In the first official Daria book, The Daria Diaries, Daria “wrote” about immediately liking Jane thanks to her cynical attitude, and Jane being the first person Daria could ever see as being a friend.


(2) Anne/Diana (Anne of Green Gables) vs. (7) Liz/Maria (Roswell)

Anne and Diana became friends when Anne moved to Green Gables, and Marilla Cuthbert suggested that the two would get along. Anne worried that Diana’s mother might not find her a “fit” friend, what with being an orphan and all, but—thankfully—Mrs. Barry approved.

Liz and Maria met in elementary school, and have been friends practically their entire lives, thanks to both of them living in Roswell since birth.


(3) Ryan/Seth (The O.C.) vs. (6) Merlin/Arthur (Merlin)

When Sandy Cohen gave in to his soft heart and took juvenile delinquent Ryan Atwood home for the weekend, little did he know that he was bringing home a best friend for his son, Seth. Although their first meeting was somewhat terse, they immediately bonded over cereal and video games.

Merlin and Arthur met on Merlin’s first day in Camelot, when Arthur was tormenting a servant boy and being a total ass. When Merlin stands up for the boy, and calls Arthur “friend,” Arthur’s not a fan of the endearment. LITTLE DID HE KNOW.


(4) Veronica/Wallace (Veronica Mars) vs. (5) Damian/Janis (Mean Girls)

Thanks to Veronica’s inability to stand by when someone’s being done wrong, Wallace was saved from (some) embarrassment when Veronica cut him down from the Neptune High School flagpole. And, if you think about it, considering who taped him up there, Veronica and Wallace owe their entire relationship to Weevil. (Good thing he turned out to be a good guy!)

Damian and Janis also came together from a moment of embarrassment. In this case, it was a proto-Regina George—former bestie of Janis—asserting the personality that was to come, and telling everyone that Janis was a lesbian. Had she not been such a shrew, who knows if Damian and Janis would have ever become the great friends they did?

Make sure to cast your votes in yesterday’s polls, and check back tomorrow and Thursday for the rest of the round one brackets.

Polls close at 11:59 p.m. CST this Saturday (March 25); we’ll post the results Sunday. Head to the comments to rally the fans of your fave BFFs!

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