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YA Onscreen: Beauty and the Box Office

Beauty and the Beast debuts to great success, Rob Lowe has his family join him on the small screen, and we look ahead to Spring TV.

YA Onscreen: Beauty and the Box Office

Welcome back to YA Onscreen. Happy second day of Spring! Here's your news for the week:

Robert Downey, Jr. has reportedly just agreed to be the new face of Doctor Dolittle

Don't get too excited to see a live-action "I'll Make A Man Out of You". The director of the upcoming Mulan remake has informed us it will be a "girly martial arts extravaganza", but not a musical. 

Did everyone see Beauty and the Beast? The numbers would say a resounding yes. I must say I enjoyed it more than I expected, with only some small nitpicks here and there.

With countries like Malaysia banning the movie completely, one topic of focus is (sadly) still about the homosexual undertones of certain characters. Luke Evans (who has his own in and out of the closet story) has his own take on Gaston and LeFou's relationship

The secret to Beauty and the Beast's success? Female power.

A thinkpiece about how black actresses in Hollywood have to do twice the work to get the same recognition as white actresses.

Your Spring TV preview, because this is now a thing (are we now complaining about TOO MUCH TV? I'm sorry, readers. I'll stop.). 

This sounds so fun: Rob Lowe is creating a show called The Lowe Files to air this summer on A&E. In it, he and his sons will explore "a mysterious story or spooky legend" and try to solve the unsolvable. 

Sesame Street will soon be debuting a new puppet character named Julia, notable because she will be the first on the show with autism

A CW show about beauty queens that also just cast Alyssa Milano? We are so there.

All the ways TV has tackled time travel.

A tribute to a "Colossal Woman"Legally Blonde's Elle Woods. 

The makers of Rogue One on their original alternate ending for the movie.

Dragons the size of 747sGame of Thrones is trying one up itself.

Most people aren't loving Marvel's newest series, Iron Fist

Why "PG" has become the go-to rating for movie studios.

Sneak peek of the musicial crossover for The Flash and Supergirl:

That's it for us this week! What did you guys think of Beauty and the Beast? Did Emma Watson's singing do it for you? Was The Beast's CGI face all you thought it would be? How awesome was Luke Evans as Gaston?

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