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THE 100 4x7: Gimme Shelter

Blame it on the rain, yeah yeeeeah.

THE 100 4x7: Gimme Shelter

Previously: Roan, Clarke and Bellamy travel on an ill-fated mission to deliver fuel for the spacecraft (and lose a barrel in the process); Octavia almost executes Ilian but flees Arkadia instead; Raven has a real nasty seizure.


Welp, that black rain is finally falling (and burning the crap out of people), but it's not the only dark shizz our heroes are grappling with.

Forced to wait out the storm, Octavia ends up stuck in a cave with Ilian, who tries to break through her Skairippa facade. They end up connecting, but not in the way Ilian intended, i.e. ONE NIGHT STAND Y'ALL. In the morning, she agrees to take him home rather than making him do a walk of shame.

Over at Arkadia, Bellamy and Kane, huddled inside after an intense stampede of people seeking safety, receive a radio call for help from a father and his son, Peter (one of the original 100!), who are stranded outside and in desperate need of rescuing. Bellamy, distraught over his inability to save Octavia, races out to the Rover in a duct-taped suit (which does NOT hold up, surprisingly. I thought duct tape was magic?!) and speeds through the forest, only to get stuck in the mud before he can reach the two men. Kane convinces him over the radio that he has to stay inside the vehicle, and while we know Kane is right, it's heartbreaking to watch Bellamy feel completely helpless while a father cries over his dying son. After the rain passes, Bellamy returns to Arkadia, and I fear that dude is headed straight into Jasper territory (instead of into Clarke's arms, where he obviously belongs).

Clarke and Roan arrive at Becca's lab, where Clarke finds Abby on the verge of a possible solution: since they can't make it to space to create actual Nightblood, Luna's bone marrow might be the next best thing. The only problem? They have to test it on someone, meaning they have to throw an unfortunate soul into a radiation chamber and set it to Fry. Emori overhears the conversation and is convinced that she'll be the unwitting subject of that experiment. But when a Grounder named Baylis breaks into ALL-E's mansion and tries to kill Emori, whom he tortured in the past, the solution is clear. Abby injects him with the bone marrow and begins the test, while Emori admits to Murphy that Baylis isn't the monster from her past, just a way for her to avoid being the experiment. DAMN, GIRL!


- Finding out that black rain means everyone has to strip down to their skivvies (only on the CW). Turns out, Ilian is CUT, and now I'm suddenly more interested in his character. But most importantly, SHIRTLESS BELLAMY. Maybe black rain isn't so bad after all...

GIF via stydixa

- Murphy clearly living the life (and cooking up a storm) in the mansion.

- Kane comforting Bellamy and telling his mom she'd be proud as the two of them listen to Peter's father's pleas over the radio. MY HEART. MY HEART.



- Octavia kissing Ilian after basically trying to commit suicide by running out into the rain. Ilian, what's the Grounder word for "rebound"?

- Emori totally playing that situation like a stone cold bitch and lying about Baylis. I am in AWE.


I originally wanted to give this to Bellamy because he tried SO HARD but Kane was the true hero this week, from comforting Harper about the dying guy whom she pushed away in the stampede to serving as a sounding board and support for Abby to, most crucially, convincing Bellamy not to be reckless and end his own life in the pursuit of saving others. THANK YOU, KANE.


"You can cook?" - Clarke
"Mm-hmm." - Murphy
"You can read?" - Clarke
"Yeah, I know what you're thinking, Clarke. Why are all the good ones taken, right?" - Murphy, 100% winning.

"Today, I am the Commander of Death." - Emori, who is actually way more ruthless than Wanheda.

"If I take a life, to find a cure... does that make me a murderer?" - Abby, speaking The 100 version of that tree falling in a forest question.

"You floated my mother." - Bellamy to Kane, after Kane tells him that his mom would be proud. OUCH.

"Now that's a survivor's move!" - Murphy congratulating Emori on that whole Baylis set-up. They're a match made in heaven.


- Seriously, though, when is this season gonna stop with the slo-mo? Stop stop stop stop.

- Clarke and Abby shared another great mother daughter moment in this episode...  which means Abby's definitely going to die this season, isn't she? ISN'T SHE?!

- Any time someone gives Murphy a gun, will I ever not enjoy it?

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