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THE ORIGINALS 4x2: No Quarter

The Mikaelsons have returned to New Orleans. And they’re taking back Marcel’s favorite trophy.

THE ORIGINALS 4x2: No Quarter

Previously on The Originals: Vincent rallied the Quarter witches, to stand strong against the visiting vampires who come to gloat over the imprisoned Klaus. Hayley woke the cursed Mikaelsons to help her rescue Klaus. Hope drew creepy witch stuff. 

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

The reunited Mikaelson siblings chow down on a bus load full of correctional inmates, while arguing over whether to rescue Klaus immediately, or wait until Freya makes more cure. Now wins out. Marcel gets an update from Sofya on Hayley’s cure scavenger hunt, and realizes the Mikaelsons could already be headed his way. Josh has a cute new human boyfriend! It’s Danny from Teen Wolf! Have they been reading my tweets? But Josh has to get rid of him fast, when he senses Mikaelson visitors.

They’ve arrived to make him assist them in their Klaus tunnel rescue mission. Klaus is now busy conversing with Ghost Cami. She’s still psychoanalyzing him about his dark existential angst. Rebekah and Marcel meet up in the cemetery, and she begs him to release Klaus. He refuses, they argue, but I think she’s just a distraction while her siblings look for Marcel’s dungeon. Then Sofya and the troops show up and shoot Rebekah full of arrows, while Marcel speeds off to stop Elijah. Kol babysits Josh while his siblings are off rescuing Klaus and Josh tries to commiserate with Kol over Davina, but then Kol realizes Josh may be a distraction, and snaps his neck, telling him “you’re lucky Davina liked you”, and heads off to rescue Rebekah.

Marcel arrives in the midst of Freya’s ritual, so Elijah tries to keep him busy while Freya breaks the spell. Hayley comes between Elijah and Marcel to try to appeal to Marcel’s better nature. But he’s still pretty raw about his family trying to kill him off. A freed Klaus offers Marcel the chance to end the cycle of violence, if he lets the Mikaelsons leave. They both pretend to be offering the other mercy. The family heads to Hayley’s farmhouse, where Klaus gets his first glimpse of Hope in five years.

Young Adam, is still missing, and the witches can’t track him, but Vincent gets a tip from his “police buddy”. Where you at, Hot Detective Kinney? Adam’s mother, Maxine, gives Vincent a good luck talisman. Vincent goes to some creepy house, looking for Adam, and gets attacked by a spirit. The spirit beats him down, then draws him the bloody snake-eating symbol on the wall. Vincent goes back to the church, and urges Maxine to stay away, while he tries to figure this out. He leaves Marcel a voicemail saying they’re all in danger, and it’s probably all his fault.

Holy Fang

I ship Elijah and his pocket squares 4-ever.

Ha! Josh uses the old Mystic Falls “gas leak” excuse to empty out Rousseau’s.

Kol drinking over Davina’s photo. And then calling Eddie the boyfriend to come for Josh? Stop trying to make me like Kol, show!

Winners and Losers

Winner: The Mikaelsons. They’re all finally free and together. But now that they’re effectively banished from New Orleans. What comes next?

Loser: Vincent. Dude is obviously creeped out, and in over his head. And unless he saves Adam, he doesn’t have a chance with cute witch, Maxine.

Original Snark

“Death rattles are distracting, and I’m trying to break a cloaking spell.” It’s rough being the big sister.

“Yes, I still do have a murderous hunger.” That should not sound as hot as it does.

“Why do you guys even need me, huh? I mean, I know I’m adorable, but I’m extremely small potatoes.” Never to me, Josh.

“Hope needs her father, Marcel.”
“Yeah, I had Klaus as a father. It didn’t turn out so well, did it?” Eh. 150 years later, and you’re still alive, Marcel.

“Thank you for not abandoning me.”
“Well, we did consider it. The vote was rather close.” She wasn’t joking, Klaus.

Haunting Questions

- Do we think Klaus and Hayley are going to be able to make this co-parenting thing work this time around?

- There’s no way the Mikaelsons are leaving New Orleans for good, right?

- Vincent, WHAT DID YOU DO?

Next: Klaus wants one perfect day with his daughter, damn it.

Bring your pocket square love to the comments!

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