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Superhero Sundays - March 20-25

Get your tap dancing shoes, it's musical crossover time! Plus more Arrow, Iron FistLegends of Tomorrow, and the craziness that is Legion.

Superhero Sundays - March 20-25

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With the long awaited Flash musical crossover, AND the first Justice League trailer, this is a big week for superhero fans. Let's get to it!

Small Screen Supes

Speedy Synopses

Supergirl 2x16: Star-Crossed

Kara has a lot of free time since getting fired from CatCo, and she’s spending it binging TV with Mon-El. Their cozy night in is interrupted by a broadcast asking for Mon-El of Daxam to be returned to a spacecraft in the atmosphere.

Supergirl goes to the ship to investigate, and she’s nearly taken out by its defense systems. Mon-El broadcasts his own message, and the ship stands down. They transport him aboard the ship, and Kara tags along. On board they find Lois Lane and Hercules, er, Mon-El’s mother and father.

Mon-El reveals that he’s actually the prince of Daxam. While his parents are overjoyed to see him, Kara obviously feels betrayed by Mon-El’s lies. They want him to return to Daxam, but he’s reluctant. His mother wonders if the Kryptonian has been a bad influence.

Meanwhile, the National City PD suspects Winn of breaking in and entering the art museum and stealing priceless pieces. Lyra, his girlfriend, was with him when they snuck into the museum for fun, and it looks like she was using him the entire time just for the robbery. Winn finds her, and captures her with Alex and James’s help.

Lyra tells him that she and her brother were smuggled to Earth as refugees, and she stole the painting to help clear his debt with a criminal gang. Winn wants to help her… And so he sets her free. He goes with Lyra to the drop, and stops the criminal boss with the help of Guardian and the DEO.

Mon-El goes to see Kara. He tells her that he loves her, and apologizes for lying. She tells him that it’s over. He goes back to his parents and says that he can’t go back with them to Daxam, because he wants to start a new life on Earth.

At the DEO, a new prisoner is brought in and he puts the whammy on Supergirl before escaping to another dimension to find… a certain speedster. CROSSOVER START!

The Flash 3x17: Duet

I'm just going to answer the question that we were all asking ourselves before watching this episode: Will it live up to the musical episode of Buffy? The answer is...not really. But that doesn't mean that it wasn't fun to see Cisco, Winn, Joe, Martin Stein, and Merlyn play back-up to Kara and Barry.

The long and short of it is that the Music Meister wants to teach Barry and Kara a lesson. That is correct: this is A Very Special Episode of The Flash, and it mostly works because ZOMG the costumes! The glamour! Grant Gustin tap dancing! Joe West and Martin Stein as a LITERAL COUPLE of gangsters! It brought Kara and Mon-El back together, and when Barry sang for real to Iris at the end of the episode and she accepted his proposal I may have gotten a bit misty. Someone find out if Grant Gustin narrates anything because I will buy ALL of those audiobooks! (Amanda R.)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x15: Fellowship of the Spear

We knew at some point this season the entire Spear of Destiny would be put together and that would likely heighten the tension felt within the team, especially as many of them have had troubling pasts (and seen their futures!). This episode is the one that tests loyalties - and ultimately breaks them.

With the spear in its final form, the team learns that the blood of Jesus (yes, remember this is Legends) created the spear and can also be its undoing. And who is the key to finding Jesus’ blood? Who other than JRR Tolkien (again, Legends). Of to WWI they go for the finest in trench warfare. While on the hunt to find Tolkien, Mick runs into another ghosty Snart and shares the team’s plan. But oops, in a turn of events, it appears Snart is not an apparition but in the flesh and hanging with the baddies of this season. Needless to say, the Legends aren’t thrilled.

Back on the battlefield, Tolkien and Rip negotiate a ceasefire to grab the sacred blood while the team puts their precious cargo in the hands of their least trusted member (did y’all forget the last scene?). Damian Darhk and Snart appear to convince Mick to join their team. No amount of yelling DON’T DO IT at your TV was ever going to stop that from happening. The vial of Jesus’ blood is destroyed, along with the Legends’ spirit as they’ve lost Mick. Their last hope is that the Legion isn’t smart enough to figure out how to use the spear but um, they’re wrong. (Christy)

Arrow 5x17: Kapiushon

MANY Bratva flashbacks show us that Gregor survived the coup. Oliver tortured him, as Oliver was wont to do. Gregor threatened that everyone they loved would die if he died. Then he promptly died. Anatoly had the seniority to be his successor. Oliver tried to meet with Diana’s mother, Galina, on Bratva business, because she works for Konstantin Kovar. Malcolm Merlyn was meeting with Konstantin around the same time. Anatoly urges Oliver to go home, to avoid becoming a monster. He refuses, and brings arrows to a Russian gang fight - that includes chemical warfare. They manage to catch one of Konstantin’s men, and Oliver dresses as the Arrow to brutally torture intel out of him.

Galina ends up getting killed for betraying Konstantin. Then Konstantin and his men try to gas everyone in a casino (including Anatoly). The Arrow shows up to stop it, and brawls with Konstantin, who sees under the hood. Anatoly tries to talk Oliver out of killing Konstantin, but he does it anyway. But saving Anatoly that night is how Oliver got his Bratva captain tattoo. And that’s when Anatoly told Oliver that he lies to himself about the hood, and that he enjoys killing. We learn Merlyn was responsible for bringing Konstantin back from the dead.

Adrian tortures Oliver in ways inspired by Oliver’s treatment of Adrian’s father. Although, I feel certain Oliver did it with less monologuing. Adrian wants Oliver to confess to his big secret? Or risk putting his son in danger. Adrian comes back with a beaten down and dead-eyed Evelyn, that he expects Oliver to kill. They scuffle, but he won’t do it, and Adrian snaps her neck.

Adrian forces Oliver to confess that he doesn’t kill because he has to, but because he wants to, and he likes it. It’s DARK, y’all. It turns out Evelyn isn’t really dead. Adrian tells him that everyone who loves him has paid a price for his using his father’s memory to go on a killing spree. Oliver apologizes to Adrian, but then Adrian burns off Oliver’s Bratva tattoo. Olivers wakes up and is allowed to walk out of his prison cell, and back to the lair (after six days). And he announces to the team that he’s ready to hang up his hood. (Kandis)

Legion 1x07: Chapter 7

The Eye chases Kerry down the fake Clockworks' hallways, where things have gotten rough. Elsewhere, Lenny asks Amy about the day David came to live with her family (and we get a glimpse of a familiar wheelchair wheel). She's looking for something, but Amy's not sure what. Before she can continues, however, Lenny realizes that someone's escaped, and we watch as Cary chats with Oliver—who's scattered as all heck, but reveals that the Devil/Lenny is Amahl Farouk, a.k.a. The Shadow King. Cary realizes that he knows how to help David, but only if they can affect what's happening in the real world, for which they're going to need all hands on deck.

Cary rescues Syd's consciousness and explains the plan, giving her a set of glasses that Oliver created that will help her see through Lenny's vicious creations. She heads back into the fantasy while Dr. Bird, Cary and Oliver's consciousnesses try to figure out a way to save their bodies.

David, who thinks he's trapped in a coffin, has a conversation with his rational mind (who, hilariously, happens to be British). The two think themselves out of the coffin, then think through David's situation, and he decides that it's time to fight back.

As David fights to return to his body, Syd, Kerry and Rudy try to escape Clockworks (and The Eye) and Oliver helps Dr. Bird and Cary try to protect their physical bodies. Lenny kills the Eye, then stops Oliver from building his shield. She heads back to kill Syd and Kerry, but Rudy breaks out of his comatose state long enough to grab Lenny and stop her. Everyone's consciousnesses all snap back into their bodies, and David catches the bullets before he radiates purple light (uh?).

The group heads back to Summerland, where Dr. Bird finds Oliver's back among the conscious, too. David, Cary, Syd, Ptonomy and Kerry head to Cary's lab to exorcise Farouk from David's brain, but they're stopped by Division 3. And in David's head, Farouk breaks a crack through his prison. (Mandy C.)

Iron Fist 1x02: Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

Danny wakes up in a psychiatric hospital, strapped to a bed. His fellow patient Simon, who is actually quite likable for a guy who will try to make you kill yourself on a bad day, plays the part of doctor until the orderlies arrive. Danny has to convince his doctor that he's not John Anderson, the man whose stolen passport he used to gain entry into the U.S. (I mean, I definitely wondered how the hell he got in, especially with no shoes. #whiteprivilege) His doctor gets some details from Joy about a commercial she filmed with Danny as a kid, and her comments finally have him believing that he's Danny, but he still believes that Danny needs treatment. That's what happens when you talk about being rescued by warrior monks from another plane of existence, kid.

Dead-JK-Not-Dead Harold Meachum spies on Danny through his doctor's office. He's intrigued enough to leave his penthouse in the dead of night and slither into Danny's room, and pump him for info while he's in a drugged-up stupor. It hurts me that Faramir is being such a total creeper.

Ward is trying to get Colleen to sign some paperwork saying that she feels threatened by Danny in return for a substantial donation to her dojo. Uh, I don't think Colleen Wing feels threatened by ANYBODY, including you, rich boy. Harold and Ward know that Danny called Colleen, but they don't know why and she doesn't give Shady Ward any deets. Later on she meets with Joy, tells him about Ward's offer/bribe, and Joy asks her to take a bag of M&M's to Danny. Danny removes all the brown ones, convincing Joy that he really IS Danny Rand.

By the end of the episode Danny gets his Iron Fist-mojo back (something to do have to do with the trauma of remembering the plane crash? Who knows), and he smashes his way out of the hospital. (Amanda R.)

Hero of the Week: Barry Allen, The Flash

Not only can Barry run, the man can DANCE. And SING. Seriously, is there anything Barry Allen can't do? Barry embraced his love of musicals and well, love, to come through his musical experience a little bit happier.

Honorable mention: Cisco Ramon, The Flash

Villain of the Week: Music Meister, The Flash

Is he actually a villain? Music Meister put a little love in a lot of hearts, helped Wally get some of his confidence back, and put on the best musical number of the episode. 

Honorable mentions: Legion of Doom, Legends of Tomorrow

Comic Relief


Biff! Bam! Pow!



Pick of the Week

Hulk #4 by Mariko Tamaki, with art by Nico Leon

First off, we just want to live in Jen’s closet. Her organization is top notch.

This issue starts off with the ominous prediction that today will not be a very good day. Jen can just feel that something big is brewing and she’s wearing that fear on her face through the entire issue. Her super-instincts are correct, as we watch her simultaneous journey through the trauma process parallel to the assault and traumatic after effects for Maise, the young woman she’s helped throughout the story arc. Jen is trying to keep her Hulk side tucked away after her experience, just as Maise has tucked herself firmly inside her apartment after her public assault. It’s a very bad day, indeed. (Christy)



- Black Panther hitches a ride in these set photos.

- Doctor Strange helped an Iron Fist actor land his role.

- These Iron Fist re-designs are AMAZING.

Next season's villain on The Flash WON'T be a speedster (finally).

- Sony's working on a Black Cat/Silver Sable film.

- Katie McGrath has been bumped to a Supergirl series regular.

- A new Justice League poster debuted this week.

- Not to be outdone, Marvel also released a new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster....

- ...AND 10 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 character posters.


More Wonder Woman on the big screen is never a bad thing... But Aquaman might steal the Justice League movie:


Put a little love in your heart! Are you still dancing to the musical crossover? Let's chat!

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