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Teen BFF Madness: Champion Chums, Sweet Sixteen

They are sixteen, going on Elite Eight.

Teen BFF Madness: Champion Chums, Sweet Sixteen

The choices in this competition are only getting harder, y’all, and I’m #sorrynotsorry for what I’m about to put you through.

But before we jump into the voting, here’s a look at the updated Champion Chums bracket:

In this round, we’re looking at these besties’ finest moments, giving you examples that should prove their worthiness for the Teen BFF title—or help you decide who’s more worthy.

(1) Harry/Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter) vs. (4) Veronica/Wallace (Veronica Mars)

With seven books and eight movies worth of classic BFF moments, both light-hearted and heavy, it was hard to narrow down one moment shared between Harry, Hermione and Ron that rose above the rest. But then I thought about the time the three went to Hogsmeade in the movie version of Prisoner of Azkaban.

GIFs via arthurpendragonns

This is one of those silly, small moments that doesn’t mean much in the grander scheme of the plot, but it’s such a perfect moment between the three friends. Although things aren’t great at this point in the timeline (because really, are they ever in Harry Potter?) and the real shizz has yet to hit the fan, these kids are still just that—kids. They deserve more than most a time to just be silly together.

Veronica and Wallace, on the other hand, only had a three seasons and a movie to prove their undying platonic love for each other, but we all knew from the moment Veronica cut Wallace down from that flagpole that they were meant to be.

GIFs via beingfacetious

Wallace was even the first to call Veronica a marshmallow (in the show’s pilot) while thanking her for her help in investigating the PCH motorcycle gang, paving the way for fans everywhere. Right from the start, he proved that he understood her and saw through her often prickly exterior. And who doesn’t want a friend who will call you on your crap?

(2) Anne/Diana (Anne of Green Gables) vs. (3) Ryan/Seth (The O.C.)

Anne and Diana were fast friends from a young age, which means that they experienced many moments of growth and helped each other learn the ways of the world.

Like what happens when you get drunk for the first time.

“Now, please help yourself, Diana, “[Anne] said politely. “I don’t believe I’ll have any just now. I don’t feel as if I wanted any after all those apples.”

Diana poured herself out a tumblerful, looked at its bright-red hue admiringly, and then sipped it daintily.

“That’s awfully nice raspberry cordial, Anne,” she said. “I didn’t know raspberry cordial was so nice.”

Of course, it wasn’t raspberry cordial—it was currant wine—and the aftermath of Diana’s drunkenness in Anne of Green Gables led to many problems among the adults in Anne and Diana’s lives, but Anne’s heart was in the right place, for sure.

I mentioned this in an earlier round, but Seth and Ryan have one of the most adorable Odd Couple bromances ever. On the surface, it seems like these two young men would have nothing in common, and never hit it off. Thankfully, opposites attract, and we’re treated to four seasons of their endearing antics. Like this one in particular, which comes from the fourteenth episode of The OC's second season, “The Rainy Day Woman”:

GIFs via lukesdane

They don’t even need words, y’all.

I know it’s been a rough round so far, but be sure to cast your votes in yesterday’s polls, then check back tomorrow and Thursday for the rest of the Sweet Sixteen matchups.

Polls close at 11:59 p.m. CST this Saturday (March 25); we’ll post the results Sunday. Head to the comments if you need to talk these votes through!

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