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Teen BFF Madness: Best Buds, Elite Eight

Will Blue and her Raven Boys take down Rory and Lane? Only in their dreams (which can be reality, so...).

Teen BFF Madness: Best Buds, Elite Eight

The race for ultimate BFF-dom is getting tiiiiiiiiight, y'all. Last week, the Raven posse beat out Matt and Landry by only 3% of the vote (!!), which means a whole lot of clear eyes and full hearts discovered that they can, in fact, lose.

Here's the Best Buds bracket as it currently stands:

The good news is that, with this week's Elite Eight, you only have to make one tough decision a day as opposed to voting for multiple match-ups. The bad news is, you have to make one tough decision.

(1) Gansey/Ronan/Adam/Noah/Blue (The Raven Cycle) vs. (3) Rory/Lane (Gilmore Girls)

In this round, we're focusing on the pain and gain rule. What challenges did these friendship endure to become so strong? What obstacles did they overcome that drew them closer?

Via squidwithelbows

Um, is there anything that Blue and her Raven Boys didn't have to deal with? First, there was the social divide between Blue, who despised the snobby assholes of Aglionby, and the boys, who were pretty high on their superiority. Then there was the whole Adam crushing on Blue thing, and Ronan crushing on Adam, and Blue and Gansey crushing on each other, and yeah, it's safe to say that romance made things a REAL mess. Also, when one of your friends turns out to be a ghost, that really does put a dent in the camaraderie.

I could also file Cabeswater and numerous near-death experiences under "challenges" but you know what? It's precisely those moments, when they had no one but each other, that really brought them together and put all of their differences in perspective. Break-ups and emotional tension are a lot easier to get over in the face of a demon destroying the very fabric of reality.

While Lane and Rory never had to face off with a demon, they did have to deal with Mrs. Kim, who often presented a formidable barrier to their friendship. Then there's the fact that they never attended the same school, a divide that grew when Rory went off to college and Lane stayed behind. Weaker bonds would have faded with that kind of separation, but Rory and Lane remained steadfast in their affection for each other, even as their lives took ever-diverging paths.

This might be revealing too much of my own cattiness, but above all other challenges they faced, I'm most impressed by the fact that Lane never seemed envious of Rory. She's gorgeous! She's smart! Her mom lets her do stuff! All the boys like her! (Except for Dave, you sweet, sweet treasure.) Yet jealously rarely, if ever, entered the picture. Now THAT is true friendship.

Have I made this sufficiently hard for you? Good! Now agonize vote!

Polls close this Saturday at midnight Central, with results posted on Sunday. Feel free to share other examples of the badass strength of these besties in the comments (or just whine about how March Madness was supposed to be fun but this isn't fun anymore).

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