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Teen BFF Madness: Forever Friends, Elite Eight

Thank you for being a Forever Friend -- but only one friendship will advance to the Final Four.

Teen BFF Madness: Forever Friends, Elite Eight

After three weeks of heartbreaking decisions, Forever Friends is down to one last choice: will y'all choose the Chosen One and her besties, or will Pants Power conquer all? (I mean, even if it seems like a no-brainer to you, y'all still have to do the thing and rock the vote. Stranger shizz has happened!)

Let's take a final look at the Forever Friends bracket:

This round is looking back at major challenges that each set of BFFs has faced.

(1) Buffy/Willow/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) vs. (3) Bee/Carmen/Lena/Tibby (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

The Scoobies have been through figurative and probably also literal hell together. Some problems a little more relatable than others -- crushing on your BFF (×2) vs. stopping your best friend from destroying the world -- but all ultimately no match for a formidable friendship like theirs.

As tempting as it is to cite the entirety of Sisterhood Everlasting, the biggest hardship for the Sisterhood was, like, their reason for being: they're all starting to lead very separate lives, so maintaining not one, but three long-distance friendships requires hella effort, esp. before the social media boom.

Polls close this Saturday at 11:59pm Central, with results posted on Sunday. Which friendship are you hoping will make it to the Final Four? Let us know in the comments below!

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