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Teen BFF Madness: Perfect Pals, Elite Eight

Which trio will you send on to the Final Four?

Teen BFF Madness: Perfect Pals, Elite Eight

Holy cow, you guys, knocking Maddie and Queenie out of the running was a pretty big surprise to me--I love the Geeks, sure, but KISS ME, HARDY. 

So now we're down to two friend groups. Here's how the Perfect Pals bracket stands:

This week, we're looking at the challenges that each friend group has had to overcome. 

(5) Angela/Rayanne/Rickie (My So-Called Life) vs. (3) Sam/Neal/Bill (Freaks and Geeks)

We've touched on this before, but one of the biggest challenges to the friendship between Angela, Rayanne, and Rickie is when Rayanne sleeps with Jordan Catalano. That's huge--and I'm not even sure their friendship really did survive that. Rayanne has always wanted to be Angela, and it's never been more clear than when she auditions for Our Town by impersonating her friend. Meanwhile, Rickie is dealing with being gay in the 90s, which is not exactly a warm and welcoming environment, and although the girls love him, they often don't understand. 

Sam, Neal, and Bill's greatest challenge to their friendship is adolescence itself--they've got bullies after them, girls distracting them, and parents embarrassing them. (You have a beautiful body, Sam.) It's hard enough to get through high school with your friendships intact, even when you're not a geek. Throw in some outside pressure (and some truly awful Neal jokes) and, well, you tell me--were the Geeks still friends at the end of senior year?

Time for you to rock the vote! Who will go on to the Final Four? Polls close at 11:59pm Saturday, CST.

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