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THE ORIGINALS 4x4: Keepers Of The House

The season’s Big Bad is introduced, and it’s... a blue light special?

THE ORIGINALS 4x4: Keepers Of The House

Previously on The Originals: Freya made a deal with her werewolf hostage. Some witch kids went missing, and the kidnapper was possessed by some creepy ritual magic. Hope was also affected. Detective Kinney done lost his mind.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Vincent interrupts Marcel’s booty call, with news that the ambulance full of witch kids is missing. Kinney delivered it to a coven of witches, and they gift him with a protection charm. Vincent tells the Mikaelsons they have to leave town, once he heals Hope. His spell works, but then birds start dropping dead in the already ruined compound courtyard. Then she starts hearing whispers in what Vincent identifies as a forgotten Creole dialect saying “The Hollow is coming.” Kids are the creepiest, am I right? Then her fever comes back, and she warns Klaus not to look at the blue light.

Freya gifts Keelin with a spelled ring that allows her to control her werewolf nature (with some caveats), in exchange for help with their little biology project. They sneak into Marcel’s place to search for his venom. But when it takes too long, Keelin sends Freya off to her family, promising to continue trying to break into the safe. Later, Freya rewards her for keeping her word by taking the magical conditions off the ring, trusting Keelin to help of her own free will.

Marcel addresses the witches of the city, but they don’t trust him. And Hayley is the one who’s able to appeal to another mom and get the name of someone they can talk to. But it turns out that person isn’t a witch, she’s a wolf. Laura, the Crescent wolf is very sorry, but tells them the kids are as good as dead. And then she kills herself. Vincent and Elijah work together to find out where the missing children might be. Vincent confronts Kinney, who’s now full of crazy, and pulls a gun on Vincent. Elijah intercepts the bullets and they tie him up. Vincent tries to get through to Kinney, but he’s able to break the restraints, and escape, thanks to his witch’s charm. Luckily, Vincent put magical lojack on him. Hayley, Marcel, Elijah, Klaus, and Vincent all meet up in the bayou to follow Kinney to the witch hideout. Klaus immediately kills the leader. They try to rescue the kids, while Vincent tries again to reason with possessed Kinney. But Klaus has zero chill, and snaps Kinney’s neck, which results in trapping him and Marcel in a charmed circle. Vincent realizes this was the intention all along, to channel vampire power through The Hollow. They effectively go on a blue light acid trip. Vincent comes up with the idea to temporarily stake Elijah, in order to break the spell. That part was all kind of a confusing mess.

The kids are all safely returned to their families. My precious Elijah is fine. The Mikaelsons are allowed to stay in the city, until Hope is well enough to leave. Hope has a creepy dream, showing her that Klaus has been infected by the blue lights of The Hollow, and we see that Marcel has as well.

Holy Fang

Papa Klaus promising his sick baby plates of beignets, and travels to wherever she wishes. No, you’re crying. And then sitting out this vendetta, to sit by his daughter’s sickbed? This is character growth, y’all!

WHAT. Kinney is really dead?! You cannot tell me that’s all the Jason Dohring we get!

“Tell your daughter she doesn’t need to fear me. She never did.” Aww, deep down, Marcel loves his “sister”.

Elijah admitting that he was going to sacrifice the other kids, if it meant saving Hope, and Hayley’s “we have to do better.” Hayley is going to fix these Mikaelsons yet.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Ain’t nobody catching a break this week.

Loser: Kinney. He was Vincent’s “best friend” and now he’s worm food? NOLA is rough, you guys. Kinney, we hardly knew ya. We even just found out your name was Will!

Original Snark

“Out of the the three of us, I win Most Likely to Not Be Killed On Arrival.” This does make Hayley the most popular Mikaelson.

“Well, regardless of her excuses, or your loyalties, I expect you to show this stray to the error of her ways.” Why isn’t Klaus still in charge of a pack, I forget.

“That’s quite a monster you’ve got lurking in there. You wanna see mine?” That should NOT be sexy. Damn it, Elijah.

“It’s a bit late for you to suddenly care about my child, given you left her fatherless for five years.”
“Well, speaking from experience, I figured I was doing her a favor.” Aw, the daddy issues did not skip a generation.

“And since I’m on the most wanted list of every psycho who wants your family dead, then I guess I’m Team Mikaelson whether I like it or not.” Welcome, Keelin!

Haunting Questions

- As far as Big Bads go, how scary can a blue light be?

- What’s up with Hope’s magic-inhibiting bracelet?

- When exactly are Freya and Keelin going to make out? That ring whispering was hot, y’all.

- "Nothing ever stays buried?" Then New Orleans is about to get CRAZY CROWDED.

Have a theory? Want to tell me I'm way off base? Join us in the comments!

Next week: As Marcel and Klaus become aware of The Hollow’s affect, Klaus is tormented by visions of his dead father.

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